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Immigration in America: A (short) History and Some Guiding Principles

Immigration is perhaps the most divisive issue facing America today.  It has dominated the political discourse over the past year, and will do so again in 2018. 1,217 more words


Migration echoes

Paradoxically, the refugee crisis didn’t exacerbate the EU-skepticism in those countries which received the most refugees, but in those areas which are struggling with massive emigration.

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U.S. Guest Worker Programs

The United States has various visa programs aimed at letting foreign nationals work in the United States for a period of time. The two main guest worker programs for low skilled jobs are the H-2A program and the H-2B program. 504 more words

Immigration Law

Donald Trump is allowing more foreign guest workers into the United States than Barack Obama

  One of the biggest reasons that got Donald Trump was elected was that be promised to build the wall, curb illegal immigration, and bring jobs back to Americans. 276 more words


The H-1B visa cap tells you very little about how many H-1B visas there are

On April 1, the US government began accepting this year’s applications for H-1B visas—the coveted permits that let companies bring in highly skilled foreign workers. The number of applications has almost certainly already exceeded the annual 85,000 cap on new visas. 633 more words