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Show Up! --Journey of Beauty 02.09.01

Guiding Thought

How do I act with Beauty? How do I bring Beauty to mundane tasks or actions? Is Beauty created, when I bring Beauty to a project? 477 more words


Commitment and Dedication-- Journey of Beauty 02.09.00

Commitment Statement:

I commit to participate fully in this 40 day process on Beauty. This means I will engage with the material offered each day through meditation and writing. 249 more words


Alex Jones: The One Show host issues warning to guest after blunder ‘She’ll have you!’

Alex Jones, 42, and Matt Baker, 41, was joined by the Channel 4 host Kevin McCloud, 59, to discuss his latest offering, Grand Designs: The Street. 28 more words

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the distance growing,

I turn – behind me, the past

whispering farewell

© Kerfe Roig 2019

After spending years in boxes, Kerfe Roig has been circling the square for many months. 25 more words


Why a Journey of Beauty 02.09.0

Why Beauty?

Thus begins my exploration into the interior states of Beauty. Certain family members and close friends have heard me say, on multiple occasions, that I must be exposed to Beauty every day. 536 more words

40 Days


Gaston is a French male name, possibly derived from a Germanic name, either from Germanic element gasti meaning “stranger” or “guest” or it could have been given to someone who came from Gascony, a former region in southwest France. 15 more words