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Rangkuman tentang Graphics – JAVA

  • Kita dapat menggambar grafik 2D secara langsung di dalam widget.
  • Kita dapat menggambar sebuah file bertipe .gif atau .jpeg secara langsung pada widget.
  • Untuk menggambar grafik milikmu (termasuk sebuah .gif atau .jpeg), buatlah sebuah subclass JPanel dan mengganti “isi” dari method paintComponent ( ).
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Rangkuman tentang EVENT - Java

  • Untuk membuat sebuah GUI, mulai dengan sebuah Window, biasanya sebuah JFrame           contoh : JFrame frame = new JFrame( );
  • Kita bisa menambah widget (button (Tombol), text field (tempat menulis text), dll) ke JFrame dengan menggunakan; Contoh dalam menambahkan sebuah tombol (button) :                                      getContentPane( ).add(button);
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The GUI Approach to Automated Testing

A graphics user interface (GUI) test focuses on testing the user-friendliness of a program, from the mouse click to access to menus. To put it simply, a single click should open up the menus and press buttons, while a mouse drag should move or highlight objects. 171 more words


SQL-Developer: How to prevent the "Java Heap Space" error

When you are working with a lot of worksheets and reports or try to open large SQL files, you may run into “Java Heap Space” errors. 95 more words


AQUAMAN REVEALED! - Zack Snyder Shares First Image Of Aqua-Momoa!

As per his other reveals for previous ‘teasers’ for the upcoming BATMAN v SUPERMAN film, Zack Snyder has taken to Twitter to showcase Jason Momoa as the character Aquaman! 150 more words


Who put the ram in the ramalamadingdong?

This is a plea for user-centric design. A call for easy-to-use technology. For simple applications with clean GUIs. For PowerPoint slides that care more about their viewers’ experience than about their presenter’s ego. 176 more words

Best Practices

11.3 How users interact with ICT systems

Most systems have a keyboard, mouse and monitor for their interface.

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) – most commonly used type of interface; users icons or pictures that are easily understood by the user and can be clicked using an input device. 
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