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Following your naming convention

We all know that we should have a naming convention for our IBM MQ objects (read more about creating one here). Whilst, there will be some IBM MQ users who had the luxury of starting their work with MQ with a naming convention to follow from day 1, I suspect there are many more that retro-fitted a naming convention later. 853 more words

IBM WebSphere MQ

Simply Social Final Design

And here it is finally, the design we ended up with after numerous (ok two) user tests… I think it looks pretty nice.

Graphic Design

Yet another Simply Social Design.. Actually the one we ultimately used as a template

As the title states.. yet another design for our semester project. This was actually the one we ended up using as a template for the final design iteration… This design was very boring, but ultimately very simple, which we were striving for… And the final design (based on this and one of the ones I posted earlier) ended up looking quite nice, if I say so myself… and I’m going to! 10 more words

Graphic Design

Week 09 - Samantha Hill

This week, I finished up the cutscene animation, since it was missing one scene. I also made the video trailer, though it won’t let me upload that here. 95 more words


GUI Plans

My first goal is to lay out the user interface. Looking at all the functions we need, the trickiest part with the GUI will obviously be displaying them in an uncluttered manner.  186 more words


Developer training cycle

As part of my wannabe career as developer, I have decided that I have to learn some of technologies which are used besides Java, and are a mandatory for a successful programming career. 262 more words