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MQGem products support Command Level 802

With the release of the latest Fix Pack on V8, V8.0.0.3, there was the introduction of a new Command Level 802. Read more about Fix Pack 3 and what’s in Command Level 802 in the following posts. 56 more words


PowerAdmin (A PowerShell GUI Tool)

For quite some time i have been working on Powershell and i always wanted to have a GUI available for the powershell scripts that i have prepared, there are different ways you can do it, however i find… 220 more words


GUI for Reddit News API

Inspired by a project prompt at /r/beginnerprojects I dived into tkinter and praw for the first time and this was the result.

The source code can be found here.


Decoding hexadecimal Open Options

There are various times when you can be presented with IBM MQ’s Open options in hexadecimal. You might see them in trace, or perhaps in an event message such as a… 598 more words

WebSphere MQ

Compile a PowerShell Script into an EXE

Ever want an easier way to run your scripts?  Or even better, an easier way to share them with others and maybe you don’t want them to mess with the code or even to see it?   339 more words


GUI Ideals

GUI (Graphical User Interface) has the following Ideals:

  • To reduce visual work;
  • To reduce motor work;
  • To reduce memory work;
  • To reduce intellectual work.

To reduce the visual and motor work, the most relevant information must be organized top-to-bottom, left-to-right, as the eye movements follow the F pattern in a website, as shown bellow: 91 more words


Create a GUI for a PowerShell Script

Create a GUI for a PowerShell Script

If you are anything like me, you have found PowerShell one day and refuse to let anyone take it from you.   1,545 more words