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Exploring Conversational Interfaces

People and computers speak different languages – the former are using words and sentences, while the latter are more into ones and zeros. As we know, this gap in the communication is filled with a mediator, which knows how to translate all the information flowing between the two parts. 1,365 more words


Command Description:

/nxxxx – Terminates current transaction and starts transaction “xxxx”
/n – Terminates current transaction /nend Terminates all separate sessions and logs off
/nex – Terminates all separate sessions and logs off immediately… 159 more words


Enable Disable Win10 Administrator Account

By Ed Tittel,

By default, Windows 10 includes a built-in admin account. In fact, it’s named “Administrator.” Here, I explain here how to enable disable Win10 Administrator account. 497 more words


Introduction to Python GUI Programming with Qt Designer

PyQt is a popular Python binding for the cross-platform C++ application framework, Qt. Qt Designer allows for drag-and-drop Python GUI building. This tutorial will cover how to make a basic calculator app to find the distance between two points. 809 more words


AHK: How to Fix an Airbnb Scraper

Just when I thought I was going to have a nice, relaxing Processing weekend, I realized my Airbnb scraper is broken. Fun fact: If they change their HTML, this script is WILDLY unlikely to work. 756 more words

Gif Guides

GUI - Volume Button

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Animated GUI Elements using GML

In this little tutorial we’ll make some animated GUI elements in GML: buttons and menu stuff. Nicely animated GUI can make your game look a lot better and more professional! 787 more words

Game Maker: Studio