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GUI: More Handicap Changes

Alterations to the ESR System

Today the GUI introduced more changes to the existing handicap system. The Exceptional Score Return or ESR for short will be altered to make cuts less severe on those who are playing well. 161 more words

GUI Introduce Handicap Changes for 2016

Handicap System Changes Announced

Today the GUI introduced 5 changes to the handicap system in Ireland and one change stands out from the rest.

From the 1st of January a player will now only be allowed to increase their handicap by 1 shot in a calender year. 205 more words

Program to find keywords in SAP programs and classes





report  zanil.

tables : tadir, trdir.

data : wf_flag(1)     type n,

       wf_temp        like tadir–obj_name,

       wf_type        like tadir–object,

       count          type i,

       ls_mtdkey      type seocpdkey, 411 more words


1-) Getting blocked user list

2-) Unblock user accounts.

Selection Screen:




report  zanil.

* This Program Unblocks Users SAP Accounts

* Block values:

* 1.  221 more words


Building Menu Page 2 – Smith

If you want to fight evil monsters, you cant go naked in the fight. Ok maybe you can at some point of the game but not at the beginning! 28 more words


How to Access GUI on Raspberry Pi without Monitor


Follow these few simple steps to use GUI on your laptop, if you don’t have additional screen for pi:

  1. Install putty from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
  2. Start putty…
  3. 174 more words

Build Menu Page 2 - Squeezer

With the “squeezer” you can produce tasty juice for your citizens. Water is for animals, the civilized townsman drinks juice and alcohol!