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'Will & Grace' Creators ​Say They'll Address The Series Finale Time​-​Jump In The Revival

The creators of “Will & Grace” were met with immeasurable excitement when NBC announced the sitcom would return for a 12-episode run in 2017 — and one big question. 500 more words


Atari 520ST – A Hands-On Report

“We aren’t selling home computers. We aren’t selling business computers. We’re selling personal computers. People can use them for whatever they want.” With those words, Jack Tramiel launched the ST series and a new beginning for Atari. 2,869 more words


Gem Desktop – WIMPS for All

Digital Research’s version of Gem runs on the IBM PC and compatibles. Versions for other systems will be supplied by hardware manufacturers.

Digital Research’s Gem brings a uniform Mac-style graphics interface to a wide range of personal computers, including the IBM PC. 2,538 more words

Practical Computing Magazine

How to generate multiple windows

Processing 是一款很方便的視覺化、互動性強的軟體,能夠將大部分的資料以視覺化的方式呈現出來。而其擴充性以及延展性也很強大,能夠跟目前市面上很夯的Arduino相互連接(透過Serialport)。

而今天要記錄的則是如何在同一個Sketch中產生兩個不同的視窗,以下要介紹的方法無須安裝額外的Library,使用的是Processing 3.3.3。 66 more words


Something slightly different

I still haven’t had enough time to do the proper troubleshooting of my latest C++ program since I started a new job and all. That said, I did start looking into open source graphical (and some non-graphical) FEM/FEA to run on my linux box just for fun. 650 more words

BatchEncoder ~ An opensource freeware audio conversion frontend

BatchEncoder is an audio files conversion software. It supports most of popular audio file formats including lossy and lossless compression. The program is very simple to use.

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Matlibplot graphs in Python & Tkinter

Today we will learn how to use the python plugin matlibplot in a tkinter window, to create beautiful, stand-alone graphs. 294 more words