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Graphical User Interface with Python

Link to follow the tutorial: https://github.com/josegon92/Vehicles-and-sounds-GUI

There are two folders with the sound and audio files and a python script called machines.py with the source code. 188 more words

My Java project

It’s been 13 days since my last post – way too long in my opinion, but I’ve been SWAMPED with work both personally (Final term project in Java due next Friday, homework on bitsets and linked lists due last week, homework on assembly language due this week, and a final to prepare for) and professionally (I’m organizing a conference that takes place in June). 208 more words


Running GUI apps with Docker for remote Access

In this blog post, we will explore how to start and access a Linux Docker image with a graphical desktop and access it remotely using VNC. 1,077 more words


Developing using Python on OSX

Installing Canopy is a life saver!

Using Ipython or Julia is just awesome!

It’s not enough .. it’s never enough .. You always need a good text editor! 78 more words


New Survival System

Time for another of my sporadic Wheelbound updates! Now that there are enough areas created to play the game as intended for an hour or two, one thing became clear – there’s not enough reason to explore off the beaten path. 275 more words


Working with Java Swing (GUI)

For one of my university assignments, I was tasked with making a simple hashing tool. We were given basic code, which would take a users input in the console, and return the MD5 hash value for it. 221 more words


The GUI Happily Hoodwinked the Computing Culture

…and we love it for it.

I admire anyone that masters the art of working off the command line.  It’s a talent that I’ve unfortunately let slip by the wayside. 383 more words

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