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Running MQGem GUIs under WINE

We spent the festive season partaking of a little wine which resulted in our recent announcement of the capability to run both the MQGem Software GUI applications, … 611 more words

WebSphere MQ

GUI Implementation of the LMC

In spite of my statement that “I may make a GUI implementation too to help with debugging, as I’ve just finished a rewrite of my old Graphics API (very creatively named GAPI) but I’d neither expect anything special or soon” I managed to do all of that (perhaps excluding the “special”) in a week and hence the title. 757 more words

Computer Science

UI Update

I’m not sure if this fixes anything, but here’s a couple small UI improvements. Available in version 1.18b11 with some other additions and fixes. I appreciate feedback to know if this fixes anything. 185 more words


25+ of the best wireframing and prototyping tools, ever - Memeburn

You’re all about User Experience (UX) design. The terms wireframing and prototyping roll off your tongue with poise and you probably already have a fantast… 10 more words

Web Development

Better house info panels | 0.9.6042

Edited / customised window layouts for houses:

  • Window layout for small houses (above; they have up to five inhabitants per default) changed to a custom one that is actually five lines long…
  • 185 more words

Sensible wood/hay gathering strings

Tiny script mod that changes the text in the villager info window to “Cutting a tree” / “Collecting hay” when they’re doing said things, instead of “Mining resource”. 155 more words


gui zero - making Python GUIs really simple

When I was a teacher, I found it frustrating that it was not at all easy for students to create GUIs using Python. I used tkinter a little bit with my GCSE class and they instantly loved creating GUIs, but became frustrated because simple things were so difficult to do.  792 more words