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GUI Kampung Kampus flora

Kampung Kampus is about the size of about 2 football fields but inside this tiny plot of land is an amazing diversity of flora albeit predominantly grown by staff and volunteers of the farm. 44 more words

JavaFX basics

Application LifeCycle
void init(): Initialize an application. An application may override this method to perform initialization before the application is started. Application’s init() method… 829 more words


Handwritten Digit Recognition GUI with Keras-OpenCV

In this article, we will discover how to develop a CNN model to recognise handwritten digit using MNIST dataset and build guide based on Tkinter. Basically, we can draw the digits and recognise it. 441 more words


TSHOOT - Prime GUI is not loading

Prime GUI will not work. The device will be up and running and will have the CLI access.

To fix this check on the below actions in the Prime CLI: 103 more words

Cisco Prime

Entering data in Python: console or GUI

Suppose you want the user to enter some data for a Python program to work on. For this, Python provides the input statement, which can print out a prompting string and wait for keyboard input. 778 more words


Contrail alarms "first aid kit", part 1

Contrail Networking provides per-role alarms. This means that Contrail shows us, for example, config nodes alarms, compute nodes alarms and so on.
Alarms are generated when certain conditions are met. 1,212 more words