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Card of the Day - Ace of Swords - Friday, March 31, 2017

What a week this has been! Seize your power today and step into your truth! You still have magnificent energy available to you from Monday’s New Moon in Aries, and of course the transit of Jupiter square Pluto is still in play. 379 more words


Chicoine & Shamanism

Chicoine’s early exploits say next to nothing about his involvement with shamanism. Between him being back from the Vietnam War and until he presented himself to the Fourth Way Cult folks as “The savior you were waiting for” there was a decade or so where Chicoine had no public involvements. 484 more words


Your moods are always fluctuating. Today looks like you’re on an up note, Aries, so enjoy the caring, sensitive mood of the day. You should find that you can clearly express your emotions on a more intellectual level. 25 more words

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Today Tarot Card For Gemini-31.3.2017

Things may be coming to a dramatic climax for you, Gemini. It may seem like everything is working against you. Take note that this is an excellent time to find balance and gain a much greater perspective on the issues in your life. 31 more words

Today Tarot Card For Virgo-31.3.2017

There may be some rough spots today that could be difficult to iron out, Virgo. No matter what you do, you land just a bit short of the mark. 42 more words

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Today Tarot Card For Sagittarius-31.3.2017

You are very sensitive to the plight of the earth as it undergoes destruction in many places. Support your own inner peace through the calming practice of meditation (a long walk can be a meditation, too) or gentle exercise. 44 more words


Today Tarot Card For Pisces-31.3.2017

You will feel sympathetic to the underdog today. You may also feel so sensitive that you get your feelings hurt through some kind of misunderstanding. Bolster your defense mechanisms with “protective” measures. 45 more words