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Guide Dog School: Day 7

Guide Dog School: Day 7

I never appreciated a day of rest so much. We all work hard here: the students, instructors and dogs. My day begins at 5:40 AM and ends around 10:00 PM. 406 more words

My take on being called 'inspirational'

Ever since I became a Guide dog owner nearly 8 years ago now I’ve dealt with all kinds of different reactions from people good and bad and even when I spent time in a wheelchair when I was 15 and I guess it comes with being disabled or simply just different. 961 more words

Guide Dog School: Day 4

Guide Dog School: Day 4

This week has flown by. The first three days were full of excitement: the trip here, traveling with my potential dog, and the climax of learning my dog’s name and finally meeting my new friend. 401 more words

My Dying Dog and the Love that She Inspires

Firstly, you should know that my dog is the black female (and currently a little shaggier) version of Dug from Up

I wanted to properly introduce my readers to my dog Daq. 1,091 more words


Judge Reprimands: "Naughty Dog".

If you had to pick a dog occupation  known for its trust and integrity, it has to be the Guide Dog. Chosen through a meticulous screening program, they have to pass through so many hurdles to graduate, that they’d have to be the most trustworthy dogs on the planet. 320 more words


maybe meeting the president today

today we are going to the irish guide dogs event thats taking place for the 40th anniversary of their organisation being established in ireland. i am going with our PA. 85 more words


someone stole a guide dog from a service training center in Georgia

Someone stole a 3-month-old guide dog puppy from a training center in Georgia. The dog was stolen in the hours between September 3 and September 4. 141 more words