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Lord of the Dance

A title that even I wouldn’t have the bare-faced cheek to claim.  For me to justify the epithet, the human race would have to face an extinction-level event which would make the plague needed to raise me to the position of king of these isles look like a mild case of the sniffles.   797 more words

Happy anniversary Robin

On July 20th 2008 I received one of the greatest gifts in my life my Seeing-Eye dog a German Shepard named Robin! We worked for about 8 and a half years before she passed in December of cancer. 2,025 more words


Volunteering for Guide Dogs UK

I have always felt that a house is not a home without a canine companion. Having grown up around wonderful collies, Rough and Smooth coated, I like my home to have a little dog noise; the pitter patter of paws, excited panting and those wagging tails and expressive ears. 758 more words


A Girl And Her Guide Dog #6: My Life Is A Sitcom (or...OUCH!)

It’s been a few days…oops!

Sunday was rather uneventful. I love cold, rainy Sundays. Although now that I have to take somebody outside early in the morning and then at least twice during the day…they’re somewhat less cosy. 857 more words



When I was a kid my mother was the director of a nature camp.  I was too old for the day camp program when she started the job, but for 2 weeks each summer for the older kids like me, they offered an Adventure Camp program led by the Audubon sanctuary director.  537 more words


Guide Dog Tales Vol. 18


By Carolyn Dale Newell

Iva attended Vacation Bible school at our church Tuesday night for a guide dog presentation. The kids, divided into three groups, loved Iva. 518 more words


A Girl And Her Guide Dog #5: I'm Too Old For This

Yes I’m posting on Saturday night. When all the normal 23 year olds. are busy having social lives. But me and Jemima are at home with Back To The Future on the telly because I haven’t seen it enough times. 571 more words