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My Vacation Packing Guide

As February break approaches, many people go on vacations, and while you may be one of them, I am not. (Sniffles back tears). Though, as much as a wish I was going away, I am still here to offer some important packing tips for those who are! 270 more words

Thinking Like A Great Player

There are so many guides to “how to play League of Legends” or “how to get elo” or “how to get challenger.” Pretty much all of these guides say the same drivel over and over again; don’t flame! 1,691 more words


LinkedIn 101

Earlier today, I lead a workshop for a group of college students that wanted to jumpstart their presence on LinkedIn.  These students did not have LinkedIn profiles, but they desired to create ones that are professional in order to effectively use this platform that is centered on networking.   1,422 more words

Poetic Form

I never could paint

Inside the lines, either.

My heart doesn’t bleed

In a  pool,

It gush.

An arterial bleed

severed from shrapnel of betray. 14 more words


Life Guide #1: When to End a Friendship

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

So, due to the fact that I am starting a new blog I want to have a lot of content from the beginning. 616 more words


How to get to the top of the podiums

I have realized that getting to the top in the contests – Lady Podium, FTV Catwalk, Apartment Contest – is super difficult these days. I have all the Lady Podium trophies and the gold Apartment Contest trophy, but let me tell you, it was A LOT easier back in the days. 687 more words