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Sideboard Guide: 5C Humans (8/19)

It has taken some time but the Modern Humans group has talked me into it. I did not want to write a guide in the midst of London mull and Modern Horizons uncertainty. 1,297 more words

Travel Guide: A Weekend in New Orleans

New Orleans has always been a place I’d wanted to visit – from the Cajun cuisine to the French Quarter – I just knew it was going to be a city unlike any other. 853 more words


A Simple Guide on How to Travel in Style

Traveling is so exciting, we get anxious when packing for the destination. Keeping the style can be the last but here I’ll give some clues on how not to make it the least. 412 more words


Best Rooftop Bars in New York City

New York City is renowned for its dizzyingly-high skyscrapers and generally tall buildings. While the city is a treat on the street-level, it’s even more exquisite from the sky. 357 more words

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How I Use My Elgato Stream Deck

Before owning one, I perceived the Elgato Stream Deck as a frivolous expense. Why would I need one of these when I can do everything it offers with a keyboard and mouse? 960 more words

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Different ways to break into your new pair of shoes

Every new shoe comes with a price to pay and by price, we don’t mean its price tag but that excruciating time period when you start wearing your new shoes and feel that extreme pain on your feet. 826 more words


Visit Macau

A day trip from Hong Kong to Macau

How to get to Macau from Hong Kong

Not long ago Hong Kong and Macau finally got connected through the worlds longest bridge that costed 17 billiards Euros to build and is 55K long. 1,005 more words