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Empowering others with learning - reading

Everyone in class has areas of expertise. Today, the best readers in the class had the task of assisting others to further understand their reading tasks.  127 more words

Clive Madge

Give me shelter.

In this short blog post I am going to list beautiful, amazing, moving and brave books that tackle the ever-present issue of being a refugee.  I was moved to do this very late at night having read an article on the far-right anti-foreigner movement in Germany and their attacks on refugee camps, which follows on from the crisis in Calais and the shameful British press response. 323 more words


How to make children better readers.

A simple objective? The children need to be better at reading…However, the complexities of meeting this challenge can have you reaching for a large glass of gin (or is that just me?). 583 more words


We've moved up to a higher reading group? - Reading

It’s great to celebrate student successes, and both Matte and Jessica have been promoted to a higher level reading group. They have consistently, completed their reading tasks to a high standard showing much improvement in their understanding of what they’re reading. 72 more words

Clive Madge

Guided Reading?

I loathe guided reading…dull. dull, dull.  Or at least I did until I decided it really was time to change things.

The first thing was the name.   606 more words


Time goes by so slowly!

That is the dream! That I could have more time! That it would just go a tad bit slower. In less than a week now I will be getting on a flight over to my new home and moving into my rather tiny room and sharing the kitchen with those of a similar profession. 484 more words