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Pumpkin Alphabet Cover-Up

Many of my students need repeated practice with reviewing their letters and sounds.  When learning the alphabet, it is important that students know letter names, sounds, and learn how to write the letters.   304 more words

First Grade

Wildlife on the brink by Rachel and Lauren

The Amazon is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.  Deforestation is cutting down the animals homes and putting their lives at risk!  Animals like the Tree Ocelot, which is also known as the margay, live in trees so their homes are being destroyed!  11 more words

Guided Reading

Today I received my second training session on English. This had a focus on EYFS and developing early readers through guided reading. Unfortunately I cannot tell you much more than this, as I personally found this session quite hard to follow. 556 more words


Devastating Deforestation by Harry, Euan and Thomas.

Rainforests absorb about 30% of all of our CO2 emissions.  Also 70% of the plants identified as having anti-cancer properties are found only in tropical rainforests! 31 more words

What Designer's Need to Know

5. In my opinion I believe it is very important that graphic designers first understand the concept of “design”. Take classes, watch videos, even take note with current advertisements and how it draws attention to the consumer and why it does. 269 more words

Graphic Design

Amazing Alphabet Ideas

One of the skills we practice constantly in Kindergarten is the recognition of letters.  During the beginning of the year, we practice naming and identifying letters and move towards putting a sound with each letter.  122 more words