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Are there different types of inference?

Yes! And there is a LOT of reading you can do about them. What’s that? You’ve got 180 books to mark tonight and tomorrow’s lesson resources to print? 460 more words


Ideas from Sunday

I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful PD session today with Sunday Cummins. I plan to blog about several of the take always I got from the session over the next few weeks. 331 more words


Magical Novel Studies: The Tale of Despereaux

This may be my favorite product I’ve created to date! This is my second installment in my Magical Novel Studies series, and I really enjoyed creating this resource. 273 more words

Channeling Your Inner Lady GaGa During Guided Reading

I firmly believe that you can pull guided reading groups to the small group table until you’re 80 and still have practices that need to be refined.  315 more words

Guided Reading - Making Connections

We had lots of fun this afternoon making connections with a whole range of fairy tales that we are familiar with. We talked about the magic numbers 3 and 7 and how all fairy tales have a good and bad character, lots of magic and happy endings.

Whole class Guided Reading, a good thing? Part 1.

So, going back two or three years ago Guided Reading was completed in a carousel system (mostly), with children working in groups of five or six, spending a day a week reading with the class teacher who asked questions and scribbled down notes on a piece of paper to show what the each child was able to do. 593 more words

Guided Reading