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Let's Talk About Fat, Baby

This post has been one in the making for quite some time. I’ve just been waiting for the appropriate time.

You may be asking yourself, “what on Earth could be so life altering that it should warrant such a detailed release?”. 740 more words

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Group calls for more transparency in science research, announces guidelines

(Rice University 25 June 2015) An international group of academic leaders, journal editors and funding-agency representatives and disciplinary leaders, including Rick Wilson, the Herbert S. Autrey Chair of Political Science and professor of statistics and psychology at Rice University, has announced guidelines to further strengthen transparency and reproducibility practices in science research reporting. 19 more words


New LCIA Guidance Notes

The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)  just published very useful online guidance notes for Arbitrators, Parties and on Emergency Procedures Here

These documents are very detailed, thorough, and will certainly be relied upon by both parties and arbitrators in proceedings. 15 more words

Young Lawyer Blog



This blog is a place where the acting skills of Korean actors and actresses are analyzed and reviewed.

I created this page after seeing a tremendous amount of arguing on the internet (as usual) over the acting skills of various Korean actors, idols or non-idols alike.

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Principles Of #Ecotourism

In accounting for the varying interpretations of ecotourism the IUCN quotes Ziffer (1989), who stated that ecotourism:

“… has eluded firm definition because it … ambitiously attempts to describe an activity, set forth a philosophy and espouse a model of development … ‘Nature Tourism’ is grounded in the behaviour and motivation of the individual (tourist) whereas ‘ecotourism’ is a more comprehensive concept which is based on a planned approach by a host country or region designed to achieve societal objectives beyond (but including) those of the individual.” 233 more words

Tourism Skills

What's In a Habit?

Documenting my “building a habit in 30 days” journey, here are some of the guidelines I’ve set in place.

  1. Once I start working on a habit, I will usually create an accompanying Instagram hashtag to track my daily progress and for accountability.
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