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The Wail Rid I Row Anthology Project

Numerous writers have explored the topic of the always-feared Third World War from the moment the second one ended. Some have considered the Cold War itself an example of a long World War III. 395 more words


Doctor with Ties to Purdue #Pharma Helped Develop Canadian Opioid-Prescribing Guidelines

It’s a bad day when the federal health minister wants to check your work. But that’s what’s happening to a McMaster University committee that was assigned to develop new opioid-prescribing guidelines for Canada’s doctors. 362 more words


Year 23, Day 5

In my About page, I note that I’m flexitarian. This is a person who eats a predominately plant-based diet, but bends every now and then. 788 more words

Clean Fifteen

Forever Yours wants fantastic romance writers

Forever Yours is the sister of the Forever romance imprint. They publish ebook-only editions of a wide array of original works and classic favorites, ranging in length from novellas to epic sagas. 55 more words


Can you apply Centor Criteria for Strep Pharyngitis to Pediatrics?

Ah, Strep. The “bread and butter” diagnosis of urgent care, ER and primary medicine.

Do you use the Centor Criteria to treat “Strep throat”? Do you “always” perform a rapid strep test to make a treatment decision? 969 more words

Physician Assistant

Reviewing Rules

Just so everyone knows how I will be reviewing it will mostly focus around:

The content of the story itself: Does it make sense? Are there any inconsistencies? 200 more words