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6 Smart Tips to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring!

Part of entrepreneurship involves being smart with your purchases, including making intelligent purchases on your big day!

Today’s feature is The Carat Room. Are you  looking to get the most value out of your engagement ring purchase? 909 more words


Weekend ESO Tips #2


Running around Tamriel is slow and just plain silly! Luckily, you can purchase mounts. You have two options when purchasing: buying a mount from an NPC at a stable for gold, or buying mounts from the Crown store. 262 more words

Elder Scrolls Online

Beauty 101: Depotting and Airless Pump Bottles


Today I’ll be talking about depotting my products into my favourite containers – airless pump bottles!!!! :D Okay, and also spray bottles. I like using pump bottles – in my opinion, they’re cleaner and easier to use. 981 more words


New Event: “Byron's Capture” Guide!

Hail Adventurers!


Byron’s Capture is broken up in 2 consecutive Chapters, with quests that unlock based on the previous quests’ completion.

We have captured Byron! It is now time to hear his plea and dispense justice.   497 more words

Castleville Legends

How to transfer good energy from your old home to the new

Today was my last day in my old apartment.  I had moved everything out and cleaned it thoroughly for the new tenant, but there was one last thing I felt i needed to do, a closing ritual to say goodbye.  294 more words


Become Super Effective - Thresh 5.7

This article is still under construction. Comment your thoughts on how to improve this further.

Skill Maximization Order –

R > E > W > Q… 162 more words