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Earning isk from everywhere - Part 1. Wormhole selling guide!

Selling a whole solar system for isk?! What? 
Yes, this is actually a thing in Eve. Even though it’s a bit unpopular, it isn’t really bad! 627 more words

Eve Online

Cream of Potato Soup

I was surprised when I realized that I had not ever posted this soup recipe before now. This is what I call my “magic” soup because it’s what I crave when I don’t feel good, and it always makes me feel better. 222 more words


Valentine's Day On The Cheap

It used to be cool to spit on the entire concept of commercialized love and exchange YOU SUCK conversation hearts. I couldn’t mention Valentine’s Day without getting blasted with rays of cynicism. 595 more words



“saxoschlauch” is a hybrid instrument made out of a saxophone mouthpiece and a corrugated insulation tube, and the result of a collaborative effort: although the idea of an “altered saxophone” already came up in the first brainstorming session i made for CompositionCloud, it was Giovanni Santini, a fellow composer studying in Basel, who suggested that i should try to attach a saxophone mouthpiece to such a tube; the first steps and experiments in this direction were made then in collaboration with saxophonist… 967 more words