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Walking the Overland Track in Tasmania

If you were looking for a description of the Overland Track walking experience in Tasmania you could easily find many written and photographic books on the subject. 520 more words

Choosing an Aquaglide Tandem XL Inflatable Kayak: Chelan vs. Columbia vs. Chinook

Last year, Aquaglide – a division of North Sports – launched their inflatable kayak line with a series of 13 models. For 2015, Aquaglide expanded to 19 models – including 7 new kayaks and 3 redesigns – with MSRP pricing from $199.95 to $1099.95. 1,331 more words


Daily Cyrodiil Tip #2

You must own all 3 resources of an enemy keep in order to cut off transit. Once your faction owns the mine, lumber mill and farm, enemies can no longer travel to the keep via Transitus Shrine.

Elder Scrolls Online

A Snapshot of Paris

My foot is planted nervously on a sidewalk curb along the outer rim of a roundabout encircling the Arc de Triomphe. This is a bad idea. 614 more words


Converted Minas Tirith Horn Blower (WIP)

So I’ve been wanting to get a horn blower for my Minas Tirith Army. Unfortunately, I am not about to spend 60 bucks to get the command squad  box from gw for 3 models that I didn’t need and a horn blower… so I was left with the simple choice of making my own! 41 more words


Give Change

My cousin Sarah sent me a TEDxBoston link, and I’m so glad she did. Clay Christensen is a Harvard Biz School professor that teaches a popular entrepreneur course and coined the term… 335 more words


Analysis of Playing YummyBlaBla!

An analysis of playing YummyBlaBla. Quite interesting.