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Hit 'em with the question mark

NA Jingles is back with a little rant about passive-aggressive pings.

“An ally has been slain” followed by that god-awful question mark is a common theme that has made its way into all of our games. 344 more words


Top Apps for Trip Planning

What would the world be today without smart phones? Love them or hate them, there is no denying that they have changed the way we do everything. 419 more words


Potato people

Last week at Rainbows, we started Northop Brownies’ Vegetable Challenge badge. I’d planned to do Roundabout Healthy Eating, because according to the badges of my oldest Rainbows it was the only Roundabout they hadn’t done. 490 more words

Meeting Plans

怎么在Booking Engine里添加房间图片

这篇文章是由Softinn Solution为您呈现。

结合Softinn Extranet最新推出的新功能,民宿和酒店负责人现在可以亲自更改各个房间的照片。




步骤1:登录后台系统 (https://booking.mysoftinn.com)后,您将会被引导至主页面。然后选择“More”再选择“Room” (如下图所示)

步骤2:点击“Edit Details”

步骤3:Room Editor窗口弹出,在“Photo Section”上载图片,然后点击“Save changes”即可。 6 more words

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Kemas kini: Menambah gambar bilik dalam Booking Engine

Catatan ini di bawakan oleh Softinn Solution.  Bersempena dengan ciri terbaru yang dikemaskini iaitu membolehkan pemilik hotel dan homestay untuk memuat naik serta mengubah gambar bilik hotel/homestay mereka. 303 more words


Update: Adding Room Pictures Into The Booking Engine

This post is brought to you by Softinn Solution. In conjunction with the updates of the latest feature which allow hotel and homestay owners to upload and change their properties room image. 328 more words

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How To Create A Promo Code: All Year Long Pass

Below is the example for creating a “All Year Long Pass”.

Step 1: Choose the issuer.

Step 2: Choose the status.

Step 3: Write the name for Promotion. 76 more words

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