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The Bauer Barbecue: A True Legacy

The Bauer Barbecue became a Guiding Light staple in the 1980s and quickly became one of the most popular episodes of the year. I know that I loved watching every year as family and neighbors, basically the entire town, gathered in the Bauer backyard to celebrate this holiday. 472 more words

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The Bauer Barbeque

I’m sure it’s still happening this year, right?

Just remember to bring extra burgers. Rick’s grilling skills are almost as bad as his surgical skills. 46 more words

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Danny Boy

Danny Boy? Sorry, I know Daniel Cosgrove is a grown man but I just had to slip some Maeve Ryan realness in there for a moment. 454 more words

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REFRESH: An elegy for Springfield

NOTE: I haven’t done a reblog/Refresh post in a while, but this post from August 2009 seemed like a good one to repeat today.

None of this is news, but if you’re a newer viewer, or wanted to refresh your memory, here’s a good place to start. 1,586 more words

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Top 5 most memorable soap-opera Fourth of July episodes

Back in the day when summertime was soap-opera primetime for hooking new (younger) viewers, the Fourth of July was the perfect opportunity to detonate some storyline fireworks that would continue to pay off into the fall and keep fans tuning in tomorrow (and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow; hat-tip to William Shakespeare). 743 more words

Still missing the Light

June 30th is the day, in 1952, that Guiding Light began its long, continuing story on television (after 15 years on the radio).

It’s been nearly six (!) years since it ended, and nearly five for… 350 more words

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Cautious optimism

I’m cautiously optimistic about some new developments we’ve been hearing about over the last few weeks, all from veteran creative forces in daytime.

Writers Janet Iacobuzio and Nelson Aspen are launching a series, and the list of talent is impressive: Colleen Zenk (Barbara, ATWT), and Anna Stuart, Stephen Schnetzer, David Forsyth and Alice Barrett Mitchell (Donna, Cass, John and Frankie, AW), to name just a few. 450 more words

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