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Political overload

We’re in what seems like the longest presidential race ever. And all this after a decade of American politics that is far more crazy — and over the top — than any soap opera could be. 66 more words

Classic Soaps: Then And Now

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Thirty-One (Part Three)

Tony coughed and sputtered as the beer he had been drinking went down the wrong pipe.  Tristan placed a surprised hand to her chest and fluttered her eyelashes, “I’m sorry Tony, I didn’t mean to startle you.” 1,383 more words

Guiding Light

Multiple Personality Disorder as a Plot Crutch

I observed a while back while I was deep in my soap opera fandom that when a character has lost their luster and has become dull, secret familial connections had begun to surface. 631 more words

Comic Books

Intezaar, 11th July 2016 Leading to 11th July 2017: The Guiding Light of Mawlana Hazar Imam, His Highness the Aga Khan


This Imamat Day
O Mawla

Is a promise for a thirsty heart
Innumerable will be the facets of the Diamond Jubilee
As we in anticipation await humble of heart…

606 more words

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Thirty-One (Part Two)

Marah speared the hunk of watermelon with more force that necessary and nearly sent it skidding off the platter.  But if one more person asked her how her and Tony were doing she just might scream.  1,059 more words

Guiding Light

A Soft Place to Land: Chapter Thirty-One (Part One)

“Looks like you have a great turn out this year.”  Marah bounced Lanie on her hip as she surveyed the Bauer’s backyard.  And to say it was a good turn out was an understatement.  1,401 more words

Guiding Light

His Word is a lamp

The best Fourth of July fireworks show I ever saw was on a mountaintop in Colorado.  The summer after my first year in seminary, I worked with a program called A Christian Ministry in National Parks.  531 more words

Musings From Church Staff