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Guild Wars 2 Suggestion: Password for Guild Bank

I recently got hacked about 10 days ago and finally got my account back from anet. Anet restored my account to first day of this month which cause me to loose nearly 500g because at that time I just bought some toon slots. 395 more words

Guild Wars 2 Guide

Someone gave me there 2 tab guild bank and my Ilvl

Hello everyone,

So yesterday someone gave me there 2 tab guild bank. This person said that the 2 tabs were filled with stuff. I quickly said yes yes yes, i’ll have it. 184 more words

Inventory Management 101

A lot of gold makers will have some sort of inventory management system. Sometimes its just mailing the items they will sell to themselves. Sometimes they will just get the biggest bags available and fill up their personal bank with these bags. 87 more words

A few changes and clarifications as our guild grows in numbers

We are very close to having 400 characters in our guild and I’m happy to say they are all qood people that any guild would be proud to have. 677 more words

Road Less Traveled Guild

Feedback on Guild Bank

The Cuddles Guild Bank has been active for 4 days now. What do our Cuddlers think of it? Please share and include any ideas or suggestions for improvement as well.

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Guild Bank

Cuddler Contest: Win a Rabbit Headband!

Cuddler PitchBlack generously donated a Rabbit Headband to the guild bank. Instead of just giving it away as usual, we’re holding a screenshot contest. 81 more words


Bunny Ears!

Junior Cuddler Chrysler sent in these handy maps for hunting wabbits so you can get your grubby hands on those cute bunny ears.

The best places to hunt are the Grand Wall of Silence, Epic Mt Eda and Broken Mast. 45 more words