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Life in Tyria: Meet Ups and Clan Runs - Come One, Come All!

The Good Guys Gaming Google+ community guild (All the Gs) I set up a month or so ago is going strong with group runs each night so far, but we are aiming to be a little more… adventurous in the future but to do so we need more members and higher level characters so we are trying a few of things: 263 more words

Guild Wars 2

Life in Tyria: Several funny things happened to me on the way to the way point...

Last night in #GuildWars2 was really good fun yet I got nothing done and don’t care that I didn’t. Let me explain.

I logged in later than normal due to family stuff and found there were only three of the “All the Gs” guild online, me, +Cmdr Paws & +Alex Hartmann. 776 more words


GW2 BWE1: Revenant Weapons Test PvP

I decided to test out some of the revenant weapons in the PvP training ground to see how they were improved from the revenant beta test weekend. 128 more words

Guild Wars 2

GW2 BWE1 Improved Revenant Staff

To me it felt like the revenant staff skills were improved and smoother from the revenant beta weekend. Much better movement and flow.

This was especially noticeable in the PvP training ground.

Guild Wars 2

BWE1 Revenant Assassin Skills EotM Pt 2

More revenant wandering through EotM with the zerg.

Music: “Elephants” by Huma-Huma

Guild Wars 2

BWE1 Revenant Assassin Skills EotM Pt 1

A video with some revenant action in EotM during the first day of the Beta Weekend Event.


“Fight or Flight” (Artist Ethan Meixsell)
“March On”  (Artist Ethan Meixsell)

Guild Wars 2

Revenant Elite Specialization: The Herald

The Revenant’s Elite Specialization was announced today. And I can say I’m definitely stoked even if the Herald is meant to focus on a support role. 60 more words

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