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What a Burro’s playing – January 2017 update

Hello dear reader, it’s been around 18 months since I last posted one of these and a lot has changed. I’ve moved away totally from PC gaming now (my beloved computer room has become the domain of my 10 year old son and his Roblox addiction). 276 more words


Guild Wars 2: A catch up ahead of Season 3 of the Living World story "Out of the Shadows"

OK, I’m rather excited about Season 3 (dropping tomorrow! Squeee!) mainly because there seems to be no bloody dragons. I know the dragons are important but that’s all the last (very nearly) four years have been about and all the while the rest of the rich lore and world of Tyria was shoved to the side-lines.  964 more words

Guild Wars 2

Meanwhile, in Tyria… I may be alone but by gum I’m having fun!

As I mentioned, the Gs have departed for shores distant and forn whilst I’ve stayed behind in Tyria, but I can honestly say I’m having a blast. 760 more words

Guild Wars 2

Meanwhile, not in Black Desert Online… Hang on, why am I not playing this game?

The GGGs have decamped from Tyria and taken up residence in the world of Black Desert Online*. Well, most of them. I remain in Tyria, despite many (very kind!) offers of week-long trial keys, resolutely tramping about doing the same old stuff I’ve done in Tyria since beta. 631 more words

Guild Wars 2