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The Guild - Chapter 16 - Kaitlyn

The room is pitch dark as I look around. I get the distinct feeling this is not my bedroom. I carefully create little floating flames, like candles without the wax, around the room. 5,182 more words

The Guild

The Guild - Chapter 15 - Andrei

I can’t believe our luck with Cliff coming down here to spar. I should have expected an interruption of some sort considering the size of this place. 4,619 more words

The Guild

The Guild - Prelude

Here is how Andrei’s, Caroline’s and Kaede’s day began…

The Guild – Prelude

“Hey, Kaede.” I stand in the door frame between the kitchenette and the living room. 1,630 more words

The Guild

Boon companions

A boon companion is one’s close or closest friend, especially someone with whom one enjoys spending time or sharing activities. This post is a brief photo essay how some boon companion plants have been making good progress at Dreamland. 360 more words


Guild Surprise Royal Practice Sunday 25th Feb

Hi all,

The next surprise royal practice is as below;

Sunday 25th February 14:00 – 15:30

St Mary’s Southampton 


Focus Methods are: Bristol and Superlative No2. 48 more words


The Guild - Chapter 14 - Kaitlyn

Welcome to another post to the Guild! Here’s to enjoyment!

We’ve got a stack of a dozen books on the coffee table, mostly about time magic, and a few about barriers. 5,093 more words

The Guild

The Guild - Chapter 13 - Andrei

Another Chapter in the Guild

via The Guild – Andrei


The gentle, steady beat of time draws my attention. I look to a cloudless sky overhead, no sun, no moon, yet there is light. 5,586 more words

The Guild