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The More the Merrier

Today we got 3 new members in our guild (Swedish Legion) in Daggerfall Covenant! Jariel (imperial and already veteran rank) got invited even tho he isnt Swedish, and Im thankful for that as we have been playing together for so long (thank you SL!). 79 more words


I have a bone to pick with ArcheAge

When I came back to ArcheAge after some months break (I was still subbed) I started a new char. Partly because my guild got a new member and I wanted to keep him company leveling now and then. 469 more words


Malifaux tournament report: UKGT 2015 (50SS); 21-22Nov2015

After much anticipation, 7 Scotland-based gamers climbed into the War Rig on Friday evening and drove down to York for the Malifaux UKGT 2015. We made a proper weekend of the thing, arriving for a delicious dinner and beer before sleeping in our surprisingly luxurious hostel on the night before the event. 6,360 more words


Second Newsletter

The second newsletter of the Knitters’ Guild of Maine is now available on our webpage.

Fiber Arts

But Is It Art. The Southern Guild at Design Miami/2015 Experience.

This December will see Design Miami/ celebrate all that design can do. From the social and humanitarian projects of Design Visionary Yves Béhar, to the celebration of unrealized creativity embodied by UNBUILT: Design Miami/ Harvard GSD Pavilion; from mid-century works conceived as elegant solutions to post-war problems, to objects of breath-taking beauty and masterful craftsmanship. 538 more words

Cape Town

The end of the year...

Well, that’s it for 2015. We’ve had our last meeting, the AGM, at which we all discussed what we wanted to do next year and came to some conclusions… 303 more words