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How to spend money and WB wisely


Buy Elite Pack and Ultra Pack at first. Get WB from $5.99 Pack, $8.99 Pack, and $99.99 Pack to buy the Box or Cache. 495 more words

Tyrant Unleashed

An infinite number of Evens, an infinite number of Jacks...

There’s this theory that I heard ages ago. Can’t remember the exact wording, but it was something about how if you chained an infinite number of gibbons to an infinite number of typewriters, eventually one of them would churn out “War and Peace.” Or something like that. 427 more words

Mundane Monday Challenge #74

– PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge #74. Find the beauty in the mundane. Photo ©2016 Leara Morris-Clark.

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

Winchester Cathedral Peal Dates 2017

Dear All,

Applications are invited for peal attempts at Winchester Cathedral on Monday 17th April (Easter Bank Holiday), Monday 29th May (Spring Bank Holiday) and Monday 28th August (Summer Bank Holiday) 2017. 32 more words


Moose Carries...social media...and friends...

Hopped on to play a little bit on the gnome hunter, for shits and grins. After a couple of invasions, Fussypants (of Growing Up In Azeroth… 149 more words


Brutal Emmisary

I know the new emissary models are looking cool, but as I only plan on running Hoff, makes sense to use his awesome avatar model…minus the wings


A bouquet of Flower Sniffers

At last, Meren has done her eTR/TR combo and gone from being a sucky, sucky, SUCKY rogue to an only semi-sucky Favored Soul.

I was debating using her reincarnation experience as livestream fodder – wasn’t sure how interesting it would be. 382 more words