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Ways to entertain yourself and your guild when trying to recruit for mythics

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since my last post. Been busy with work and honestly the blog wasn’t at the top of my priorities. I want to talk about the constant struggle that I’m sure many guilds have faced this expansion. 468 more words

Wedding weekend!

It is certainly an interesting event to have so many weddings in a week! We had some very quirky weddings, some going against the norm, or ‘gay; couple weddings of which none were really interested with the wedding, but of the reward it gives a person. 152 more words


This Week! 31 May 2015

Ladies Potluck Breakfast 

Date: Saturday May 30th at 9h00 – Chapel Annex

After the meal, the women will continue fellowshipping together by attacking some of the spring cleaning jobs that need to be done: cleaning of toys in the annex, organization of  the Sunday school cupboard, and a few other kitchen jobs. 35 more words


I've found a Roleplay home at last!

As cliche as it sounds, it’s been an ambition of mine for the better part of two years now to find a roleplay group or community that I could call home. 1,519 more words


Room tour around IMBA members room

Room tours! Even with housing estate there has not really been much use of private rooms in FC houses, other than glamour. Apart from the fact that we can place items in our house and decorate it, rarely is the chance groups of people come around and mingle with everyone else. 227 more words


Painted Enslaved Nephilim

Here is the Enslaved Nephilim, the totem for Perdita Ortega in my Malifaux Guild crews. Sadly the unlucky little chap can only be hired with Perdita, otherwise I’d probably bring it in almost every crew. 184 more words

Painting And Modelling

A cold day in... ( Dunedin )

A few photos from the mini workshop. It was  fun way to spend a cold and potentially snowy afternoon. We had more people than anticipated, but everyone made a book, printed on the cover and went home with the skills to make more. 75 more words