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Tour de Guildford Diocese

As the university year begins I thought it was timely to do a little blog update of my summer, a summer spent researching Guildford Cathedral. 514 more words

Guildford, Matisse & Guernsey

September is proving to be the busiest month of the year so far, and in a good way. So I’m having to do a few posts in quick succession to catch up with various bits and pieces. 1,162 more words


A month in the life of an Acorn ecologist

Lucy spent a month with our Guildford office in July/August and had a very full four weeks! Bats, dogs, pubs and a rabbit, she had a very busy month! 1,986 more words

Ecology Blog

Go girls!

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour has launched a study into the best place in Britain to be a woman.

It’s a worthwhile read with some interesting findings. 16 more words

Princess, Camcorder, Big Gruesome, Bent Ref and Silent Mode at the Star Inn, Guildford 10th September 2017

I’m gonna go random and try to write quick.

Bent Ref were great. Absolutely no idea about what to say about them other than the guitarist had a nice guitar, practically no pedals and the sort of tone that screams “I know what the fuck I’m doing. 690 more words


Andertons and Always The Sun and the local music scene

This is a post related to the other one.

Always The Sun – thank you for putting on local bands, giving them a chance to play. 595 more words

Always The Sun Festival

I know I can be a pain in the arse.

The organisers of Always The Sun can do exactly as they please (on the assumption that they get absolute no council subsidy whatsoever – if they do get council support then arguably they do have a responsibility to do what is best, not what they want, and to answer my questions as a Guildford council tax payer.) 1,008 more words