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Week 2

Righty ho! Second week back after the Christmas break, and boy was it an eventful one!

Well Tuesday especially, as instead of our normal morning lessons for which we had become accustomed too, we were all given one off workshops both in accents with Nina, and stage combat with Lisa. 271 more words

Fitstuff G3 10k

Week 5 of marathon training saw me clock up my highest weekly mileage so far, and in fact the highest for over a year, with just over 41 miles recorded. 356 more words


Attn : Bands Local to Guildford and ACM Bands

I’m looking out for you.  If I like you I’ll write about you, if I don’t then I probably won’t write much, if anything.

But if you want me to write about you whatever I think of you then fire me a message.  82 more words

Lost in Venice, Who Saw the Light, Tuskar - Noise Theory - ACM - Star Inn Guildford, January 16th 2017

Tuskar – first on.  Got there too late, sorry Tuskar, missed you.  Are you this Tuskar?  http://picbear.com/tuskar.band  If so you might be pretty good, or even better?  649 more words

The First Week Back

The first week back and I think a talk for a couple of us when I say are bodies are broken but are hearts are full, as the first week has been full of hard work and fun. 267 more words

BLACK WATERS - " So Far Out "

Snotty angst riddled indie punk influenced by heavily the Clash, Palma Violets and The Ramones, which is never a bad thing. Debut single ‘So Far Out’ 62 more words