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Let me introduce myself...

Surely everything needs a ‘why’ at it’s core to give it some value? So let me tell you a little bit more about why I’ve decided to start this blog (especially as I’m feeling a little daunted about starting my first ever). 190 more words


Tree Surgeons in Guildford, On the Value of Low Branching Limbs

Amongst a troop of girls, while some may prefer going out on a date in a long evening gown, others would stick to wearing a short skirt instead.

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Tree Surgeons

Grass Striping

While I wait for some data transfers to happen, I thought I’d get a head start on today’s blog post. This is the final ‘old’ image that I have to share from our time in England. 233 more words



Have you every encountered anything creepy on your walk?

We came across this bunker on our walk from Guildford to Gomshall. Otherwise a lovely walk with bluebells and a visit in ‘The Holiday’s’ country pub, this was a creepy. 51 more words


Turtle-ly Awesome

So I have moaned a few times about the lack of good places to eat in the area in which I live (apart from some great pubs of course), and I do hope to do something about it myself soon! 498 more words

Track Of The Week: Black Futures - Love (feat. P.O.S.)

This one is a little bit personal for me, so this post is a little longer than usual. Although I am not a fundamental part of Black Futures’ past, present or future, this is one band that I have emotionally invested in and therefore feel emotionally connected to, perhaps more than any other band I’ve ever written about or possibly ever will write about. 646 more words


La Casita x

What to do when it’s going to pour with rain all day? EAT!! We headed to Guildford to a Spanish restaurant called La Casita, where they do tapas food. 609 more words