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Anet, WvW and hackers.


It is well known that Anet doesn't really care too much about WvW, but the way they go about hackers is honestly astonishing.

We've had at least a couple hackers from SFR flipping our T3 keeps and towers, just flying inside the lord room without breaking any walls nor gates. 405 more words


What is with all the conceptually-useless stat combinations in this game?

Okay, so this is quite a bit of a rant, but the newest stat combinations to PvE really feel like garbage in conception and execution – and the same is true for most of the stats in the game, and it really makes me question the competence of the designers behind the game's stats. 540 more words


Holosmith skills and sword, why its terrible and should be buffed just like Weaver sword

So from the looks of it Holosmith is flying under the radar despite a lot of issue with the spec and I don't see any discussion in regards to improving it. 890 more words


I'm still utterly confused by Righteous Instincts/Radiant Retaliation.[Rave+Rant]

For those who don't know, Righteous Instincts is a Grandmaster Major trait in the Radiance line. It makes it so Retaliation grants you one stack of 6 seconds of Might every second, and increases your Critical Hit chance by a whopping 50% as long as you have Retaliation. 787 more words


Sassy Brat ... Ze Brat!

This evening in Guildwars 2, I got my jackal mount. With as many toons as I have I’ve dabbled with colors but find the “Slime Green” dye to be the best. 120 more words

Bloodstone-Crazed Shark needs to be tuned down by A LOT

Yes, this is a rant, I apologize. I really want to kill this shark to finnaly finish my 'current event' section for as long as it is available, but there is simply no bloody way. 211 more words


Slight rant but what is up with no saves in personal instances?!

UGH! So…. here I am back after a long break going through the story content. Finished up season 2, HoTs (which was a nightmare by the way) currently doing season 3's The Head of the Snake episode and I got to what I think is the last fight when….. 95 more words