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Dungeons & Fractals - Post patch (19.04.16)

So, the big patch hit GW2 this week and it was really refreshing to see some changes that made a difference to 5 man content. 536 more words

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Vale Guardian Victories

I’ve only been raiding for around 10 weeks. I wasn’t able to raid in the guild I used to run as the pool of people was small, at different skill levels, still learning the game or didn’t want to raid. 182 more words

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Guild Hall plans

I currently have the lost precipice guild hall which is built to a modest level of 24. A lot of the funding came from personal investment and my two alt accounts as they were holding onto quite a few items in material storage. 386 more words

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Four Guidelines for Integrating Monetization

The key to effective monetization design is to include it in the very core of the game. No matter what you’re selling—be it packs of digital cards, random monsters, or extra lives—you will improve conversion, average spending, and potentially even retention by making the monetization indistinguishable from how you play. 1,307 more words


Too much Hype

Yesterday a teaser video was released for the spring update. Not much hype.

I come home from work today to find all of this. O.M.G… 42 more words

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Spring update teaser video!!

Quote from Ten Ton Hammer

With the highly anticipated Spring Update around the corner, ArenaNet today have give us permission to release their teaser trailer early – way before they officially announce it.

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Short Story: Shadowbox

This morning while watching the Derioir Mind Spike video, he mentioned a short story released by ANET years back when SAB was first released. I didn’t know there was lore to SAB I thought it was just an April Fools prank. 1,076 more words

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