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Fractal Vindicators are worse than Social Awkwardness in pugs [rant]

Which kitten came up with this idea of instability? All it's going to do is introduce more elitism in the community because now you can basically get uncarryable runs as soon as you get 2 or more people that just wont stop dying (and also decent, but foolish teammates that keep picking these useless deads back up, further jeopardizing the run). 228 more words


Why is there so much time gating in guild wars? (warning, rant)

What's the point of all of it? I feel like I'm playing a mobile game sometimes, especially when it comes to grinding for ascended trinkets. I don't have all the ls3 maps so I can only grind for bloodstones or berries, and being locked to 120 berries a day (across 3 characters) absolutely sucks, it really kills my will to play knowing that everything I have left to do (besides farming for more money) is locked behind a time gate. 126 more words


Why help new players?

My first ever MMO was Asheron's Call. In Asheron's Call people were rewarded for helping other's, taking them under their wing and mentoring people. This was a fantastic way for experienced players to get rewarded and new players to get help. 186 more words


[Raid Spoiler] Hall of Chains feedback

Hey guys,

The last few days have been pretty intense for me since the release of Hall of Chains (Raid 3 or Wing 5 as some people call it) and after a very exciting… 1,767 more words


Questions with no answers

Season of the Zephyr, Day 9, 1324 AE

I found a note nailed to my bedroom door this morning, “I may have answers you need, meet me in Kormir’s Plaza at dusk.” is all it said. 158 more words

Fan Fiction

First raid boss - Excessive rng?

So, I'm not sure if this is a case of us not understanding the boss enough and it's mechanics, but my group and I have had numerous times where we fight the first boss and get 4-5 'triple walls' in a row, forcing us to move all over the place, making golem management also a pain. 118 more words


WoW broke me.. I cant find a class that plays how I think it should.

I want to like this game, I really do. I'm so bored with the current MMO market and WoW has killed that last bit of me after playing since vanilla. 217 more words