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Lady Lyelle

Aaaaand I have a new character on Guild wars 2 that I intend to keep. I was not so keen on having a Mesmer, everyone else around me though seemed to love them to bits. 124 more words


First post

Woot! First time blogging publicly. This is just another blog to keep me occupied over the summer and throughout my college experience so don’t expect too many in-depth topics. 74 more words


Bell Ringer of the Apocalypse

So… I found this bell…  Nothing good can come of this…

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

One of my favorite Wintersday activities is the bell choir and this past holiday I earned a Magnanimous  Bell of my very own.  35 more words

Guild Wars 2

Small update

Hey, checking in so you know I’m alive. I’m having a tumultuous life in the meat world right now, so I haven’t had time for the blog. 1,041 more words

Guild Wars 2: My Girl Crush

So for my first actual post I thought Id share my recent obsession with Guild Wars 2. I’ve had this game for years and never played if longer than a few minutes, but here recently I just can’t stop. 278 more words


Galavanting with Guardians

With last Thursday’s elite specialization reveal being the guardian, it’s somewhat fitting that the final New Player Experience profession in our study be the guardian as well. 1,329 more words

Guild Wars 2

An Hour of Guild Wars 2 Made Me Face My Own Racist Bias

I’m a person with a lot of privilege. I’m white, straight, cis-gendered, young, thin, and not poor, to name some of the big ones. I am spending a considerable amount of time informing myself, trying to understand my privileges and change my biased behaviour towards less privileged groups. 1,229 more words

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