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GuildOwls 2: Noob'ness

Right, after the communal ‘outrage’ in ffxiv with its recent update with Diadem events and the raiders flipping tables over their Bis (Best In Slot character gear). 287 more words


Most Played MMORPG of 2016

Hey folks, here is our list of top 10 most played MMORPG for the year 2016. 1,759 more words


A long time goal for Lilly was realized today with the building of Twilight.   The questing, exploring, gathering, doing achievements, running world versus world has all come together in a sexy looking great sword. 43 more words


Bitterfrost Frontier

The third installment of the Living Story in Guild Wars 2 sees Lilly head to the Bitterfrost Frontier on the fringes of the Far Shiverpeaks.    Brutal terrain,  extremely cold, limited visibility coupled with stunning scenery that left me mouth agape on several occasions. 165 more words



With changing lifestyle, growing family and the demands of day-to-day life; finding some personal time to relax becomes harder.    One of the pass times I still engage in, albeit less now than before, is playing Guild Wars 2 aka GW2.  172 more words

Ember Bay: Behind the Scenes - GuildWars2

Arena Net just released an awesome behind the scenes look at the newest update coming to GuildWars2.

I am enjoying the fact that Anet has decided to step up their marketing team to bring us rare videos such as this. 97 more words

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