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Guile's 'Street Fighter' Theme Is Even More Amazing With Lyrics About His Lack of Eyebrows

Guile’s Street Fighter II theme is awesomest tune in video game history. It goes with everything, and should maybe, probably be America’s new national anthem… 88 more words


Yes its true. Guiles theme really does go with everything.

Guile is the original patriotic soldier from the ‘Street Fighter’ series of games. His extreme Blonde hair coupled with that uncanny ability to manufacture a ‘sonic boom’ out of fresh air was interesting. 106 more words


There's Currently A Petition To Make Guile's Theme From 'Street Fighter' The National Anthem

With the Sochi Olympics bearing down upon us with every bit of sh*ttiness it can muster, I believe we forget that it is also a time for unchecked nationalism that you never see at any other point in time. 202 more words


Random Other Thing #1

Writing a paper, thinking about combos in Street Fighter 4 when this pops up on my Facebook news feed. Thanks, Game Informer!

And yes, this will be another sub-installment I will be updating along with Random Game Thoughts and my Updates. 6 more words


Listen And Be Amazed - Video Game Music A Capella by Smooth McGroove

Every now and then I come across a Youtube¬†video that completely blows me away. This week it happened to be an a capella arrangement and performance of “Guile’s Theme” from Street Fighter 2 by Smooth McGroove.¬† 125 more words