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Oh, it must have just rained. Water is dripping from the leaves of tropical trees lining the peaceful Li River. Black slabs of stoned used to pave the sidewalks are slippery wet. 969 more words


How to travel to Zhangjiajie from Guilin

Zhangjiajie and Guilin are both listed into China’s top 10 most beautiful natural places. A lot of travelers would consider the differences between Zhangjiajie and Guilin, and try to figure out which is the better to visit. 566 more words


Yangshou, Longji and Guilin

Yangshou was an overnight bus journey from Guangzhou with excellent seats, which reclined without fault and had ample leg room. Life has definitely got easier on that front. 947 more words


Guilin, kota yang tampak seperti Lukisan

Tiap tahun, kantor saya ngadain travelling ke Luar Negeri. Kali ini saya jadi panitianya, dan setelah diskusi pilihan tempat dan konstrain budget saya pilih Guilin, China. 623 more words

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Edible flower food with Sweet Osmanthus in Guilin

Guilin literally means “forest of Sweet Osmanthus” in Chinese; Gui 桂 – sweet osmanthus, and Lin 林 = forest. The evergreen Osmanthus trees grows everywhere in and around the city. 350 more words