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Ancient Wall and Tomb in China

Daily Prompt: Ancient

We had a chance to go on a family vacation a few years ago, the seven of us. We went to China on a private tour with our own tour guide and transportation. 114 more words


Qin West - Westwood

Judging by the room filled with Asian diners, Qin West must have good authentic Chinese food. This Westwood restaurant would be at home in the San Gabriel Valley – right down to the no frills decor and indifferent service. 456 more words

Our trip to Guilin, China.

Thanks to my job in education, this summer meant 7 weeks of pure blissful holiday! The only downside was being in between contracts, which meant no salary for 2 months and concluded in no real plans for a summer vacation. 1,241 more words

I'm off to China!

On Wednesday I’ll be departing to Beijing, China! I’ll be spending 5 weeks working abroad. For the first three weeks, I’ll spend each week in a different city within China. 358 more words

TDT - Not the Hogwarts Express

In my first post about backpacking, I mentioned the 25-hour train journey we took between Yangshuo and Chengdu. This was the longest single journey I’d ever been on, and started at about 13:30 in Guilin. 339 more words


Guilin, China

I have learned that Guilin has 20 thousand mountains, thousand of marvelous karst mountains. Looking at each mountain, you can actually invent and give each mountain a name through their shapes … so 7 days left to complete our Vacations. 455 more words

El Uruguayo

– “Soñé que íbamos a la muralla China”.

El uruguayo dormía en la cama de arriba del hostel que había sido mi casa durante los últimos meses. 977 more words