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Travel is good for the brain (or at least my brain!) – part 1, China

Have you ever not realized how much your brain needed something to shake it up?  I’d not realized how in need my brain was of something completely different till recently when we went on a big trip. 794 more words

Life Ramblings

Guilin: a photo diary

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Guilin is in Guangxi province in the south west of China. The city became famous for its sweet smelling trees but mostly for its iconic scenery. 621 more words


China 2017!

Destination: HK-Guilin-Yangshuo-HK

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we came back from our 2 week long holiday in China. We didn’t travel far around the country but it was a well packed trip with some time to relax. 1,900 more words


China to Texas: The Tiger Who Brought Me Home

My granddaddy — a tall, imposing, fifth-generation Texan — used to boast to me with a wide grin and his best twang: “Nita, I’ll tell you a secret…” He’d lean in as if other people might be listening… “You’re my favorite grandchild.” I’d look at him with my sassiest six-year-old’s smile, roll my eyes, and immediately retort: “But I’m your ONLY grandchild!” We’d laugh hysterically, and he’d give me a devouring hug. 2,461 more words



This weekend we were offered the opportunity to visit ShangRi-La. And we took it, but as they say, it’s a bit of a trek to reach, and once again our story begins in FuZhou…. 2,865 more words


[China] Hostel@Gui Lin, Guangxi - Cyan Box Hostel

– The hostel I first stayed in Guangzhou is not really clean and I was quite disappointed (fyi the name is LazyGaga, hostels in Guangzhou are expensive as it is an urban city) 119 more words


Guilin and Yangshuo

The majority of our day was spent on the train from Shanghai to Guilin. The 9 hour trip passed surprisingly quickly as we read, played card games, watched BBC iPlayer, napped (of course) and stared out the window as we sped through 794 miles of China. 1,099 more words