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Gripped by the octopus of obsession

Sometimes I wonder if other folks obsess on particular poems quite as much as I do. Ocean de Terre (Ocean of Earth) by Guillaume Apollinaire is one of these. 272 more words


PubTalk: Is Poetry All About Appearance?

How do you like your poems to appear on the page? Do you like short, symmetrical lines, with plenty of white space all around? Or do you prefer the weight and solid depth of prose poetry? 664 more words

Guillaume Apollinaire: "Mirabeau Bridge"

Mirabeau Bridge

Under Mirabeau Bridge
There flows the Seine
And our love
Reminds me once again 125 more words
Paul Weinfield

Le mai le joli mai en barque sur le Rhin

Here is a poem for the month of May from Guillaume Apollinaire, appropriately titled, “Mai”. Looks like he was on a springtime cruise down the Rhine when he wrote this. 300 more words

From the Seine to the River Thames...

Lovely to get up and discover that Philippe Bonnet founder of Les Soirées de Paris has written this enchanting piece about estuaries, Guillaume Apollinaire and the images I brought back with me from a day trip off the Isle of Grain in Kent in September 2014.

Travel Diaries

Ma bouche aura des ardeurs de géhenne

Here is another World War One poem from Guillaume Apollinaire, written in the trenches on the western front. The title, “Chef de section”, I guess would be something like platoon sergeant, I’m not sure whether that was the poet’s rank, but it is a detail which is rather immaterial to the rest of the poem. 519 more words