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Frank Lima's Ode to the New York School of Poets

The poet Frank Lima, who passed away in 2013, was an important yet undersung member of the New York School of poetry’s second generation.  Although he was close with Frank O’Hara, Kenneth Koch, David Shapiro, and many other poets of the first and second generation, who enthusiastically endorsed his work, Lima remains in what… 1,103 more words

Frank O'Hara

Vintage verse - The Mirabeau Bridge by Guillaume Apollinaire

The Mirabeau Bridge

Under the Mirabeau bridge flows the Seine
. . . . . . . .And all our loves
. . . .Why does it make so plain… 157 more words


Weekly World War I Poems Catchup: May 4, 2015

“Gala” (Guillaume Apollinaire, 1915)

Skyrocket burst of hardened steel
A charming light on this fair place
These technicians’ tricks appeal
Mixing with courage a little grace… 102 more words

Guillaume Apollinaire: "One Evening"

One Evening

An eagle stoops from the archangel sky
And you restore me
Let the streetlights flicker, as hours go by 117 more words
Paul Weinfield

Guillaume Apollinaire: "The Gypsy Woman"

The Gypsy Woman

The gypsy woman already could tell:
The night had barred your life from mine. 78 more words
Paul Weinfield

a small tight rain

Guillaume Apollinaire, “Calligrammes” Il Pleut, 1916

Song of Experience
by Joellen Kwiatek 

Severed from the tree,
a sky flew – a
concave, bright
depressurizing, a queer… 36 more words


Blogger - Paul Harper : Surrealism

Freudian psychoanalysis was all about the individual & collective suppressions deemed necessary to create civilisation . Surrealism said STUFF THAT !!! It also substituted a positive program for DADA’S nihilism . 54 more words