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The Feminine Side of Cubism: Marie Laurencin

On the 8th of June 1956, Cubist artist Marie Laurencin died in Paris at the age of 72. During her lifetime, Laurencin achieved a successful international reputation, especially in the 1920s and 1930s. 689 more words

Art History

Avant le Cinéma

Et puis ce soir on s’en ira
Au cinéma

Les Artistes que sont-ce donc
Ce ne sont plus ceux qui cultivent les Beaux-arts
Ce ne sont pas ceux qui s’occupent de l’Art… 59 more words


The Apparition

The Sun

In the original 1857 edition of Les fleurs du mal, the third poem is “The Sun”, in the second stanza of which Baudelaire compares the titular celestial body to a poet and allows himself some uncharacteristically posi imagery: the sun “awakens in the fields verses like roses” and “replenishes minds and hives with honey”. 975 more words

A Trip To The Moon

"Automne" - A poem by Guillaume Apollinaire

Context: Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) was a French poet, writer of short stories and literary Critic who became very popular among Modernists; and he was himself an open spokesman of the Cubists. 357 more words


les fenêtres

The yellow fades from red to green
When aras sing in their native forest
Pihis giblets
There is a poem to be done on the bird with only one wing… 191 more words


How lonely is that bridge

How lonely is that bridge

To be in Paris in the springtime
to see it in that soft amber light
to stroll in the Jardin du Luxembourg… 100 more words


Prelude exhibition 2016: Homage to Guillaume Apollinaire

Prelude exhibition – bonus event?

The Prelude events in our studio gallery “ART RETREAT” in Bonn-Königswinter are part of our exhibition periods and the event’s online PR. 631 more words

Mixed Media