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Guilty Until Proven Innocent


The feeling when you do something you know you shouldn’t do.
The moment I was with him, and not with you.
When you take a path that wasn’t yours to take. 98 more words

A Million Things And Lupus

There are a million and one things no one ever tells you once you have been diagnosed with lupus. Sure they tell you about medication (not always the scary side-effects), and numerous blood draws and doctor’s appointments. 418 more words


Finding the courage to let go

I confess that I feel a bit guilty about unfriending people on social media, even if the relationships are superficial. But I think that when you get older, you realize that you don’t have the time for drama. 221 more words

Word Prompts

Take another look at yourself

If you’ve ever suspected

that you were the villain in someone’s story

then you just might be

and if you’re not willing

to examine that… 8 more words


Memory # 1

I brought to my new country, USA, big ambitions, poor English, a few books in Russian which is my native language, a pocket-size English Russian dictionary and old photographs of my parents. 290 more words


Only Us

Ah, what the hell!

Here’s me fantasising about breaking out of my acrostic straitjacket and letting rip with cascades of free-verse epics and oceans of prose extravaganzas, when along comes another WordPress Daily Prompt with a word I can’t resist! 184 more words


Mama ...

“Mama, just killed a man …”


My only thought as I lean back against the stiff seats of a decrepit Cadillac.

“What year is this fucking thing?” I kick at the peeling floorboard fabric. 707 more words