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Checking My Own Privilege

One of the benefits of privilege is that you don’t have to think about your privilege. You usually don’t even notice your own privilege until someone points it out. 1,117 more words

Should-less Living

Today I will not should on myself.”– Mary Michael O’Shaughnessy

This past week I’ve had several conversations with people in all kinds of contexts where I’ve encountered the horrible weight of the dreaded “should”.

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A Change of Inspiration

I know it has been a while. This is a post that is different from most of the posts I make. However, it means a lot to me. 495 more words

Fashion Universe


I spoke to my son tonight on the phone for the first time since the funeral. When everything was crashing down and he had come in and said he would be back in a while. 752 more words


You're Sickness Is My Sickness

You’re sick.

You’re on special diets constantly, because your body reacts badly to lots of foods. It was like that when we first met, and when we roomed together one summer I even joined in on one with you. 616 more words

Guilty Cravings

Why is that we crave what we shouldn’t have?
Crave what we don’t need,
Looking past what is right in front of us?
Why is that we are not satisfied with the good, 35 more words

A Decision Made

Monday I went to the career college to talk about the dental assistant program. It went very well, and I got a tour of the place, and the classroom. 480 more words

Insight Into Me