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Prayer for Today

April 27, 2015

Father, when we realize how far we’ve allowed ourselves to fall into the pit falls of the world system, we feel hurt and disappointed with ourselves. 264 more words


Who Will You Choose To Be Today?

Sometimes I just get in that way where I need to write. I’m in the middle of an archaeology assignment and I’ve not been able to focus. 543 more words

How To Stay Young In Spirit While Growing Old

Our daily focus will determine our level of satisfaction in life. Those who stay young in spirit regularly look for evidence of the Almighty in their lives—ways He is working, providing, loving, and guiding. 151 more words


It has been five weeks since my last confession

Possibly more, but so much has happened that the reality has appeared like a fiction.

My car loses a gear on the motorway, I am trying to get the insurance company to get the car hauled back 100 miles to the garage. 337 more words


I have a day off

Guilt is stopping me writing

Am I conditioned?

© Paul Nichol.  2015


Hyper-responsibility and OCD

Have you ever seen a thumbtack on the floor and figured you better pick it up before someone steps on it? You feel a sense of responsibility that maybe you’re the only one who saw it and if you don’t pick it up and someone does get hurt, then you bear some of the guilt. 504 more words


An Honest Moment...



Who do you put yours in? Who do you have faith in? Who do you choose to trust? Who will come through, every time, without fail? 339 more words