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This Spinning World

I saw her at the station
Midst the ashen-faced and blue,
A girl as fresh as autumn
Her face, delightful view.
She cried into the window… 251 more words


What Is And What Should Never Be

I feel guilty. I started reading The Kite Runner like months ago and I cannot finish it. Is it lack of time or maybe the book is not as entertaining as they have written on the cover? 225 more words

Every day is performance review day

When I was a kid I remember asking my parents why, if there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, was there no Kid’s Day.   350 more words


Am I a good mum? Discuss.

Someone very kindly added me to a list they had created on Twitter last night entitled ‘brilliant-mums-out-there’.

How nice I thought – even though they are only basing their analysis on my social media postings. 843 more words

Do Not Shame Me

Do not shame me
for striving
to love you.

Do not guilt me
for forgetting
to be easy.

Do not begrudge me
my desire
to drink in… 60 more words


6 Things Women Can Quit Feeling Guilty About (Because Nobody Will Starve If You Eat That Last Chip)

Numerous studies have illuminated an unfortunate fact: As women are at work, eating, trying to sleep, and probably just breathing, counterproductive thoughts creep into our heads telling us to feel guilty about our very existence. 57 more words


That's the way it is

To the objective observer, we shared little in common. He was a full generation ahead of me. His skin was not my color. He came from a country teeming with humans. 166 more words

What Was Felt