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Of all the things I have ever posted, this may be the most vulnerable I have ever been.

Please know I want no recognition of this awful day. 299 more words



Help me oh my Lord, my Lord
To bring what’s deep within me
From darkness into the light
There is no hiding from Thee

For when I believe that You don’t see… 156 more words


Hi. I am an Asshole. Nice to Meet You.

Last week I told my husband that I want a divorce. I am an asshole.

He had just returned from 45 days of FEMA duty in Houston, TX after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the area. 280 more words


What keeps us alive?

She told him that her depression had returned and that she was thinking about suicide again. Guns were moved out of the house, medications were reevaluated and changed and pretty soon things felt like they were back to normal. 417 more words


Learning Points from Sara DeWitt's TED Talk on "3 Fears about Screen Time for Kids - and Why They're not True"

I initially thought that this would be a controversial topic given the amount of research and studies which discourage kids from spending too much time on electronic devices. 194 more words

TED Talk

Book IV

Please note that the ebook version will be available for free download between 27-31 October, 2017. Please check the Availability page for a link to the ebook, and I’d be grateful for your help in spreading the word. 282 more words


GMS: Guilty Mom Syndrome

The anomaly of “Mom Guilt” is something a non-parent could never understand. I can’t speak for dads, as all parents have their own dynamic, but for this mom, right here, it’s real AF. 967 more words