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The Guilt Fairy

Has anyone else met the SGF? AKA the Sh*tty Guilt Fairy. I once saw a cartoon about her and it made me laugh; but I couldn’t quite connect with her as I’d not had children at that point. 1,326 more words


Credit Rating

Jagadish uncle was a thin man. During my twelve years in school, I had not seen him change much. Neither did my cousin brothers who were several years older to me and studied in the same school. 420 more words


Time Slips Away

So the fact is … time seems to be freely moving along at a rapid rate … a busy time … several deaths in 2016 and 2017 that seem to show me how life just seems to slip away … so quickly … 509 more words


Why I have Always Wanted To Be A Navy Seal.

I have always had a strong admiration for navy seals, and all special forces units to be fair. I would always tell my dad, even at the age of thirty-two about my desire to be a navy seal. 362 more words

What I've learned from my affair...

  1. I feel guilty for cheating on my husband and for my paramour’s wife.  If either ever found out, I would also feel remorse.   Why don’t I feel remorse…
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Liz was getting worried. She had been with Jewel for three days now and not once had she heard her cry, not at night as they had shared the same bed, not during the day as they had spent the hurs mumbling about anything under the sun but that. 965 more words


Real Ramen, my side lover: Response to Finding Balance In My Diet

Finding Balance In My Diet by Noneedforscales (Samantha)  really hit home. How do I respond to invites to eat out or a massive craving for something non paleo? 193 more words