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I forgive you, Mom

“I will never leave you, Mom.”

“I know, Vandie.  You never have.”

It wasn’t long after that exchange of promise and appreciation that my friend, Vandie’s mom, passed away. 679 more words


What is privilege and how do I know if I have it?

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about privilege and what it means in regards to me, and my life. You can’t turn on the news today without hearing of some atrocious act of violence that has befallen someone based on their social class, their race, or their sexual orientation. 842 more words

Chaotic Soul

Rotting corpses on her bed.
Today, she knows
A dark eclipse has arrived.

Torrential rainfall of unmasked faces
haunt her bitter parts, she stoops low… 80 more words


Brahman's Song of Love... I am not Who You Think I am!

What if I told you that ‘Brahman’ was not a mere monist ideal, a coercive superstitious worship of unity as an absolute end in itself? 767 more words

Pleasing Some Of The People Some Of The Time

Pleasing Some Of The People Some Of The Time

Life, and the myriad ways it affects us individually is impossible to control. Everyone involved in an event receives and processes it in a unique way. 562 more words

Life In Focus