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Deserts, Chocolate, Sweets, Sugar

I Love Sweets. Especially chocolate. I mean who doesn’t. It is not until recently that I have noticed what a problem this has been.

So what really caught my attention was that Lent started at the beginning of March. 459 more words

Five Things That We Need To Let Go To Be Happy

There are always things that people should let go of to make their lives a little better. It’s a matter of actually letting them go that seems to hold individuals up though. 847 more words


Learning to Let Go

While I find the physical act of letting go – purging and decluttering – deeply rewarding, I am finding the emotional act of letting go difficult. 649 more words

Decluttering & Simplifying

Insight from a Blind Man (A Study of John 9) Part 11

Presuppositions.  A fancy word which means an implicit assumption about the world or a background belief relating to an utterance whose truth is taken for granted in discourse.  224 more words

John 9

The part of the job description of being a mum that no one tells you about!

This is a subject that has been irritating me for ages. Both hubby and I work full time, yet at weekends I am always the one that is more tired. 527 more words


How does a dying man find peace?

My dad died last year. He had leukemia back in 2010, then GVH, and his health and life were never quite the same after that. 296 more words


Thoughts about Fat Shaming -- March 27, 2017

I’ve been seeing posts on FaceBook about other people being fat-shamed. There’s a common theme cropping up in response. It goes something like, “What if your comment was enough for me to commit suicide?” 120 more words