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From the Earth

To the Earth…

As unimportant as it may seem for me to do what’s good for me, it is what has to be done. I’ve lost me completely which I have no problem admitting. 289 more words


Taking blow by blow

I look out the window and look at the Welsh hills, the car hits a small bump and I let out a smile. The Sun is setting and music is playing in the background. 253 more words

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Magic & Productive Desires - Jan23

Snapshot: Monday morning start off with some Soulful words. By dinner we have some subconscious expression around our career plans followed by some unusual, though productive, desires, financial or otherwise. 293 more words

Daily Aspects

Crumpled paper 

Ignorance IS bliss, but if you had spent your life ignorant of shame and guilt, not the puppy-love shame and guilt but the last-thing-I-said-to-my-mother-before-she-died-was-I-hate-you shame and guilt, I would envy you, and then admire you for then I would know, while living, you had humbled Life and Life had humbled you. 523 more words


There is half a boiled egg hiding in my wardrobe

It’s true.

There is half a boiled egg hiding in my wardrobe.  Actually, that sounds like I am blaming the egg.  Like it engaged it’s little eggy brain, got up, waddled along on it’s soft yolky legs, clambered off my plate and nestled itself in a tissue bed amongst my hoodies and jeans.   509 more words


Day 22: Relapse

Yesterday was a rough day. I gave in. I needed to release all the anger and frustration. It was misunderstood, a set back and I regret it. 299 more words

10 years older.

Before she left, she washed me. She washed every bit of my skin as if she had committed a sin which needs to be removed. The tiniest cell on my skin felt her hand destroying marks her lips had left, scratches her nails had dug, and letters she wrote in languages unknown to me. 531 more words

Of Human Emotions