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When the car crash has happened - guilt, shame and grace revisited

In my sermon on Sunday I used the example of someone pushing the boundaries, taking risks with their faith being like a driver taking corners at speed close to the cliff edge. 687 more words

The Christian Life

Just a Question 

There are some things in your life which you wanted never to happen to you,what is that one instance out of them you want to change??? 13 more words


moaning myrtle

‘how can I help you,

do you need some assistance,

let me get that for you,

let me do that for you’

nek minute

‘why can’t you do it yourself, 34 more words


Letting them go (for the summer)

When my parents first asked us if we would think about letting the kids stay for a few weeks during the summer, our reaction was kind of like any other normal parent: freedom! 868 more words


Why do we push the boundaries?

Why do we push the boundaries?

So why do we drive close to the cliff edge. Why do we push the boundaries? In 1 Corinthians 10, Paul talks about those who “Test Christ.” 396 more words

The Christian Life

Painted Mirrors

Painted Mirrors


Oh reflections of doomed, bodies rot

while adverting the eyes

and the lies, and the lies

Grant me freedom gods of lure… 53 more words


Make Up My Mind

The traffic light had turned green but I still hesitated to move. I waited for the song that I had been listening to, to start over again so that my heart would beat again. 350 more words