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Letting Go OF The Linky Guilt

There are so many linkys now days and I am here to finally say that I just don’t have enough time to always link up with every one of them. 509 more words


The Lie, the Guilt, and the Wardrobe

For a couple of weeks, I’ve been participating in a Blogging U. course called “Everyday Inspiration.” For an assignment last week, I asked readers to visit my… 291 more words

You Mattered. That's why I Wrote

If you think I’m writing about you, it’s probably because you were a part of my life that mattered. I wrote about you and that pissed you off. 543 more words

Daily Inkings

The Examination of Conscience: Anticatholic Guilt

I have been Catholic for several years now, and I’ve begun to have some guilt. This isn’t the ordinary “catholic guilt” that is highly reputed throughout popular culture.  320 more words


Being Mom...

I put my kids on a plane today. Not alone, not this time. They’re flying with their Gramma – my surrogate mother and their paternal Grandmother –  to spend some time with other members of their extended family for the summer. 566 more words


Making Peace with the Minimum

Remember the “Best Odds Diet” in What to Expect When You’re Expecting? As I recall from my anxious first-pregnancy reading, the idea was that you could eat junk food or you could eat healthy food, but if you  579 more words

Naming the Blob

I have been reading too much Havi Brooks which may be a good or bad thing, or just a thing. So I’m naming things, and acknowledging that I might be low grade depressed, or  49 more words