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People often talk about depression as a whole entity, but there are many parts that comprise the beast itself, which is what makes it so hard to tame, handle or placate. 262 more words

3 Things to Let Go of for a Successful Marriage

I want to share you three things from Genesis 2 that we need to let go if we’re going to have the exciting, fulfilling and happy marriage that God always meant for us to have in the first place. 1,412 more words

Depression in words: guilt









forest of tangled black trees

stark white lavender background

if I keep running

can I escape myself? 55 more words


Full Disclosure

In my last post I mentioned punishing my son by not paying some fees.  In hindsight, that was the right decision for me, and I’d do it again.  187 more words

Getting off the hook

Have you ever heard of a case in court where the guilty gets off due to some technicality? There is a sense of righteous indignation that wells up inside at the injustice that brought some loophole to the light of day, allowing a guilty person off the hook.    1,413 more words

It feels like "giving up"...

I am certainly leaning more towards sperm donor at this point. It’s been a year since we started the adoption process and we haven’t had any additional possible matches. 87 more words

The Screwtape Diary: Proven Guilty

Whenever I try to be good and practice some definite moral bustles, things get screwed up. The situation I have created is so complex that I have started to believe that Government should impose a tax on me for just breathing in this air with melancholies and anxieties. 503 more words

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