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Carving Out Time for Yourself

I am a room parent for my son’s preschool class and, during orientation this year, we introduced ourselves and gave a “guilty pleasure.” For example, many people mentioned TV shows that they watch. 546 more words


Power ballads, musical theatre, boy bands - what do they have in common?

31 day Blog Challenge – “my guilty pleasure”

– something, such as a film, television programme, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard. 360 more words

Shooting down words

This week I have been at Vogue as a field trip for my study. We had the opportunity to talk to the editor in chief about her job, fashion and creating a magazine and brand as Vogue. 438 more words


Guilty Pleasures.

An age ago I was tagged by someone to list my guilty bookish pleasures. I have thought long and hard about this one and how I would answer it. 595 more words


The Ellipsis Again: Cheerful Songs of Omission

People either love or hate Christmas music. Me, I love it, and not just at Christmas time.

My eggnog and rum induced musical confession: I listen to Christmas music all year. 617 more words


Recently, TCM aired THE BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940, starring Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell. There was plenty of singing and dancing, but one scene in particular caught my eye: 323 more words


Have A Happy Thanksgiving with BLOOD FREAK (Full Movie from 1972 )

Before you eat all that Thanksgiving turkey, save some room for a real MOVIE turkey about a man who becomes a hopeless pothead, eats some tainted turkey, and winds up turning into a giant turkey craving the blood of stoners! 22 more words


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Lisa gave you the poster, now here's the movie! Happy Turkey Day!