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Crock Pot Turtles Chocolate Lava Cake

Today has been a downright terrible, no good day!

This morning I was considering sharing my good old cinnamon roll recipe or my thoughts on the food industry’s most frustrating clientele – the 4-year-old (chicken nugget obsessed) picky eater. 375 more words


Country Music Was Killed By 'Bros' As In Brocountry - Day 10

Country music was great up until about 5 years ago, though honestly, the best for me was the stuff of the 80s. Back when I really learned to like country music. 261 more words


Don't Judge My Pitbull - Day 9

People are always wondering what other’s have as a guilty pleasure. I can honestly say I have very few guilty pleasures as most of what I like I will share with you. 398 more words


Writing Challenge #2 - Day 10

Yes, I’m doing Day 10 WAAAY beyond Day 10 because life happened, and happens and is happening and will happen…cool? Cool. And with that, let us proceed. 811 more words

Writing Challenges

Guilty as Charged

You know those moments when real life get’s to be too much and so you have to find some mindless entertainment? Well, these five things are what I turn to for solace. 275 more words

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Blogtober Day 6: Guilty Pleasure

So we all have them, right? Guilty pleasures. That thing you may eat or do because you get a sense of satisfaction from it but you know its not good for you. 211 more words

Not So Guilty Pleasures

Growing up, especially through the peer pressure of high school life, we’ve learnt what hobbies are more socially acceptable than others and it’s usually only when we become older that we start embracing our interests without worrying about the judgement of others – or it turns out your friends have similar guilty pleasures and you bask in your weirdness together. 403 more words