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Kick Off The Summer With Bad For Brand's Guilty Pleasure Playlist

We polled the team. Everyone spent hours combing through their phones and libraries, scanning for the worst guilty pleasure songs any normal person would be too embarrassed to admit to listening to on repeat. 311 more words


8 Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing

Yes, I am guilty of doing these stuff… But aren’t you?

I know you too!! :D :D

1- When You Have Loads of Stuff To Do, And You Select The Best Option : Zzzzz….. 139 more words

Guilty Pleasure

“Have fun at school,” Elizabeth called, watching her little demons clamber up the school bus on her last day of freedom.

Happily, back in the quiet solitude of the empty house, she pulled up… 286 more words

Flash Fiction

Mildly Enthusiastic Review: Guilty Pleasures

Some books I read entirely for pleasure – and yes, some I read for guilty pleasure (I went there). This here is a rather appropriate title, except it doesn’t really make me feel all that guilty. 588 more words



Now that I am finally off my high from the Royal Wedding – it is time for a Jnolaism recap!

So let us start with the guest… who knew that all these A-list stars would come out for Meghan and Harry?? 357 more words

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasures

Sometimes, though I wish it weren’t so, I find enjoyment in things of little to no substance. I mean it would be great if I could be one of those super intellectuals that can debate fatalism or the influence of commonly held perceptions has on society, but there are just as many times that I do an evil chuckle at low brow humor. 313 more words