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Hate is a Strong Word

I am having a hard time thinking of games that I absolutely do not like. Maybe I am too tolerant, but I feel that every game has potential entertainment value. 55 more words

Mickey's Weekly Recommendation: American Pie

Happy Thursday!

This week’s recommendation is…

“American Pie”!

“American Pie” is a guilty pleasure of mine. I know everyone says it’s not good, but I kinda disagree… I find it funny, entertaining, and aesthetically nostalgic. 62 more words

Mickey's Weekly Recommendation

Guilty Pleasure

Wednesdays seem to be the hardest day to get through for me. It’s the middle of the week and I still have 2 more days until the weekend! 307 more words

A Book Most People Have Written Off But I Love

We all have them; the books that we are a little embarrassed to tell people we loved, a book that is our guilty pleasure. My guilty pleasure is actually one of my favourite books. 470 more words

Why X-Men: The Last Stand Is My Favorite X-Men Movie (Spoilers) - Midnight Confessions

Dana passionately explains why she absolutely adores the oft-loathed, but possibly misunderstood, X-Men: The Last Stand. Warning: Spoilers!

Midnight Confessions is a web series dedicated to the guilty pleasures of our wonderful staff. 34 more words

Midnight Confessions

Not enough

People. Collectively, people are awful. And so is the world we have created to live in. Not the world around us, it is full of beauty (although we are making short work of destroying it) but people are essentially ugly. 709 more words

The Bachelorette Recap - Meet The Men

If you follow me on twitter  – if you don’t, sucks for you – then you know that I have recently become OBSESSED with The Bachelor. 373 more words

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