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Guilty Pleasure - Hackers

Hackers follows a groups of teenagers who are computer hacking nerds in 1995 who uncover a sinister plot aiming to get them in trouble for something they haven’t done. 225 more words


Day 10

I know I’ve slipped up and missed a couple of days on this blog challenge, but I always caught up within the next morning of doing so. 177 more words

Durarara!! Light Novels

One of the series that I want to finish (or at least get farther into) this year is the Durarara!! series. I’ve read the manga, but haven’t read beyond the first volume of the novels (which I recently reread). 50 more words


Sweeeeeeeet Indulgence

Usually, I am most definitely the first person to shut down every single country radio station. Somehow I’ve befriended many who particularly like the twang of this type of music, so you can imagine how those car rides go. 179 more words


And Just Ahead Dangles That Golden Carrot

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about temptation. What it is, why it exists..

Why does it exist??

And why does it make us bad people if we give in to it? 674 more words

Bella And The Blonde

Happy Birthday Huntz Hall: DON'T KILL YOUR FRIENDS (1943)

Today marks the birthday of a definitely acquired taste, Huntz Hall. Born Henry Richard Hall in New York on 8/15/1920, he got his nickname because his large proboscis made him look German, according to his Irish neighborhood friends. 355 more words