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Hello is it me you're looking for???

Today finds me relaxing in the Canarian sunshine, happy and at  peace with my .inner run genie Rewind to a fortnight ago , and regular readers may recall that it was a totally different story .  618 more words


Guilty Pleasure Anime!

So I know that many of us have either enjoyed an anime that we shouldn’t have or we have a genre of anime that we like that others may not like. 165 more words


The Ultimate Hot Cocoa Experience

Here in the DMV, we experience what can only be described as bi-polar weather during the autumn and winter months. Since summer never wants to say goodbye, we have days in the middle of November that reach 69 degrees Fahrenheit, only to be 32 degrees Fahrenheit, two days later. 548 more words

Guilty Pleasure

I'm Sorry

I got your report card.

Dad texted me this Saturday morning while I finally got some sleep after watching Korean drama all night long—laughing so hard, cursing—when everyone in this building were sleeping quietly. 506 more words

Reality Hurts

Addicted to Health Food

I remember a time when I only ate fruit when it was on top of cheesecake.

Now?  I eat just fruit.  Well, on special occasions it’s on cheesecake too. 196 more words