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i have writer's block, so here's a playlist

Sometimes you’re supposed to have a post prepared for a certain day and you’ve got nothing interesting to comment on or original to say.  Sometimes there isn’t an idea you want to meditate on or a friend you’d like to shout-out (not that you’re not all great, please forgive me for that one).   158 more words


My Guiltiest Pleasure... Why do I love The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette

Why is it that me, a 30 something, wife, mother of 1, hard worker somewhat intelligent human gets so much pleasure out of this show? 437 more words

Country music - sunshine for your heart

Here is a confession: I like – no – I love country music. It is my guilty pleasure.

I will tell you why I love country music so much and why you should not be afraid to enjoy your guilty pleasures! 503 more words


Terry Brooks a Copy? - Authors Answer #2

Looks like my video version of Authors Answer will be posted every Saturday. I have a schedule! Well, if you remember the original question, you don’t have to go to the original post, but if you don’t remember, … 59 more words


It’s ‘Okay to Like’ Guilty Pleasures

“It’s okay to like your favorite shows again, even if they have no cultural value or societal significance,” a person informed my friend.  “As long as the preference for the show is characterized as a guilty pleasure.”

2,552 more words

Bag envy part II

So I did it again, I should hang my head in shame as this blog really makes me realise just quite how much I spend on handbags! 120 more words