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Meet my new baby Gizmo

Someone approached me and asked if I wanted a guinea pig because they know I have a soft spot for animals. I’m like why. They didn’t have time for him and if they couldn’t find someone to take him they would have to take him to a shelter. 52 more words


2017 New Year Resolutions - Guinea Pig Style

When you’re trying to accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions of working out, but you also just love food.

AKA, he’s cheating. Cheating during his workout. We see those paws, Willow! 564 more words

Guinea Pig

5 Great Vegetables You Can Feed Your Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are herbivores – that means they only eat plants (which, of course, includes fruit and vegetables). Not all plant matter is edible for your piggies, and some can only be eaten by them in small amounts or they can build up an uncomfortable amount of gas in their insides! 272 more words


Guinea Pigs - Pet Photography

I love a challenge and photographing three Guinea Pigs on a backdrop all keeping still was a task in hand but good fun.  When a friend asked if I could photograph her three Guinea Pigs, being an animal lover, I thought I would give it a go.   54 more words

Swadlincote Photographer

Piggie in a basket

Meg has developed a novel method of guinea pig transport.

Guinea Pigs

Celebrating #OneMoreRhinoBPZ

Near and dear to Ali’s heart is animal care, well-being, and conservation. Having worked at Blank Park Zoo (BPZ) in the past (Willow was supportive from at home), it’s only fitting that the furry potato helped out with some pictures to raise awareness and gather support for black rhinos everywhere. 228 more words

Guinea Pig