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Bringing Your Guinea Pig Home

Guinea pigs need a little adjustment time when you first bring them home. Make sure the cage is set up with a hiding house and lots to play with in the cage. 121 more words

Guinea Pigs

A week later.

I’ve had scout for a week now and I think he has settled in well. his favourite food seems to be kale, which is high in vitamin C. 53 more words

Creature Thoughts, February 2016

This Little Piggy

First, please accept my apologies that the February issue of Creature Thoughts is late. There has been a lot going on, most of which has very little relevance to Creature Thoughts. 503 more words

Creature Thoughts

#821 – Olga da Polga by Michael Bond & Catherine Rayner

Olga da Polga
Written by Michael Bond
Illustrated by Catherine Rayner
Kane Miller    10/01/2015
176 pages    Ages 6+

“With a head full of stories and a nose for adventure, Olga da Polga is also quite a handful. 846 more words

Children's Books

😝🐹Monday Blues + finding your #motivation!🐹😝

1. Start by refueling yourself with a good breakfast.

You know how we piggies love to eat and need lots of energy for popcorning around later in the day. 152 more words

Paradise Piggies: School Of Life!

The Paradise Piggies are totally hogging the Blog space with their adamant requests to re-locate to the Monastery.  Mayor Gnome is building a Zen Garden to house the Zazen Duckies that have a genuine desire to meditate on the meaning of life.  227 more words


Let's Go Travel...

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