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Double Beady-Eye Factorâ„¢

“Thank you for considering my photo! I would love to have my very own special guinea pigs (Autumn & Winter) be on your website! I love them so much and it would be awesome! Thanks so much! Aleena D.”

Adopt a Resue Guinea Pig Month

Happy March! This will be the thirteenth annual National-Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea Pig month. Please help and take part, whether it’s heading down to your local rescue or shelter and adopting a pig (or two), or donating towards their upkeep. 100 more words

Guinea Pigs

Raspberry Baby Sort

Well, at around one month of age, I moved Raspberry back into the pen with the other sows. She had one boy (above) and two girls (below), all registering about 0.42 lbs.


Two Guinea Pigs

Above is another photo I took last summer. These are the two guinea pigs of my little cousin. We had them on the laws for a photo shooting. 35 more words


Guest post: Lauren's Malibu Guinea Pig Dream House

Aside from painting things the same color they were before, things have been pretty quiet at the Casa Fickbonne. So you know what that means: it’s time for another guest post! 2,119 more words


Snow Piggies!

The heavy snowfall (9″) didn’t dissuade my Guinea pigs at all. The 1/4″ mesh acted like a roof in and of itself. I have been feeding fodder fairly consistently, and any of the Guinea pigs that had mange are starting to grow back their hair. 41 more words


GMOs: A Threat to Democracy

I would like to share with you an excerpt from the preface of the book Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith. In the preface, Frances Moore Lappe, shares her opinions on why genetically modified foods are a threat to democracy and could serve as a wake-up call to citizens. 332 more words

Genetically Modified