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Keep Away

Vermin: “HISSS! Enough with the programs about bugs! It’s time for my stories. Let me have the remote.”
Dennis: “We can’t. The ants took it and they won’t give it back.” 107 more words


Teddy Guinea Pigs and Fleas

Did you know that your pet Teddy guinea pig can get fleas or other bug bites? Even though your guinea pig may not spend time outdoors, he can still get fleas and bug bites from insects brought indoors by other pets in the home. 112 more words

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Christmas Tree Decorations 2017

Is your Christmas tree needing more festive cavy? Are you needing more hay hay hay in your ho ho ho? Yes?Well excellent news, read on; today we are looking at Guinea Pig Christmas Decorations. 197 more words


Rats eat Tupperware or why Guinea Pigs are NOT Rodents

My lovely lawn mowing guy Spencer gave me a metal ring from an old rainwater tank for my guinea pigs to have play time on the lawn. 677 more words

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are Perfect

Guinea pigs are my latest obsession.  I fell in love with these little cuties in only a matter of two days.

There I was, sitting in my dorm minding my own business. 242 more words

Don't go in the basement.

11. The Ridge – Lisa W. Cantrell

“There’s something evil underneath the house” is the theme of both Lisa W. Cantrell books I’ve read. The third one I have, which attracted me entirely because of the evil pumpkin gnawing on a banister on the cover, is also about something evil underneath a house, well, a “manse.” This time the house is a monastery for black magic monks. 120 more words

Guinea Pigs

Should you feed your guinea pig fresh produce?

Your guinea pig needs your help in staying fit and healthy. This means that you will need to take the time to determine what he should be eating, and how much of it you should be offering him. 116 more words

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