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Frizzy's first litter

Every once in awhile, I mess up and sex a pig wrong, and wind up with a whole bunch of pregnant girls in my growout pen. 21 more words


Chunk's trio

Last Friday, Chunk had a really gorgeous trio.

A really cute red pig with black markings, a pig with a red head, white blaze, and black butt, and a mostly black pig with buff markings. They are thriving now!


Emotional Princess Piggy Poo

I was wondering if guinea pigs have emotions. It’s easy to tell that Princess Piggy Poo is happy for cilantro and sad for subcutaneous fluids, but is it that clear cut? 329 more words

This is Chicken, but it's not a chicken!

Is your mind blown yet?  What could I be talking about?  *cues music*

This is Chicken!  She’s a guinea pig!  I thought it would be nice to do little adoptable guinea pig portraits like this and make them available on Etsy.   42 more words


Waffles The Guinea Pig!

Hold on! No syrup on THIS Waffle! “Hi, my friend Risa’s boyfriend Alex shot this picture of my Peeg Waffles while they were pet sitting for me. 10 more words

Paradise Piggies: Piggies in Focus.

MGNews PrimeTime Sunday bringing you the latest news on the Mayoral Elections 2015, Paradise Pastures. We give you the News that matters…the tears of joy, the tears of sadness, the ups and downs of the Paradise Piggies. 520 more words


Shopping IS exercise!

As some of you will already know, I am on and off my smoothies/diet.  I generally buy in my fruit and veg little and often, stocking up for no more than 3 days at a time.   268 more words

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