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Home is Where the Heart Is!!

This whole week we have been running back and forth to another farm because we were asked to do tests on the grapes. It has been a real organisational week trying to fit in the tight schedule on our farm with driving out at designated times and days.   530 more words


Pop had Babies

For her second litter, little Miss Pop, daughter of Cassius and Brutus, had a litter if three tiny, black, orange and white babies.

This guy broke out of the nursery pen… Took me ages to catch, as he is so fast! 38 more words


Princess Piggy Poo’s new pals

Next time Princess Piggy Poo and I spend time with her doggy friend Edalani, she will be in for a treat. In addition to Edalani and her cat friend Sweet Pea (who has various other names too numerous to remember), there are now two guinea pigs at the residence: Flipper and Rainbow Sherbet. 240 more words

'Free Pet Adoption Day' breaks record at Kent Co. Animal Shelter

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — 109 pets have new homes around West Michigan thanks to Saturday’s  ‘Free Pet Adoption Day’.

People lined up at both the Kent County Animal Shelter and Humane Society of West Michigan today to take home a pet at no cost besides the $12.00 dog license. 90 more words


Guinea Pigs Moved Outside

There were over 60 guinea pigs in the indoor pen, so since the weather is nice, and I need to convert that area into a brooder box for my future bird enterprise, I decided to cull my male pigs and tiny female pigs, and move the babies and their parents to the outdoor pen. 28 more words


Buffy had Babies

Buffy had three babies early Friday morning. There is a solid white baby Piggie.

Another baby Piggie has a black face with a blaze, and an orange butt. 30 more words


National Pet Month - Caring for older pets

With modern advances in veterinary care, medicine and nutrition our pets are living much longer than ever before which is great news. A cat may be considered as a senior at around 9-11 years old and a rabbit at around 4-5 years old,  dogs, may be considered senior at varying ages depending on their species and size, for example, a Great Dane is a senior at 5 years old, where as a chihuahua would be a senior at 10-11 years old. 1,102 more words