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Something woke me up.

Not my usual spinning brain or a stray shoulder on my pillow.

An actual thing. I could physically feel it. I blinked and rubbed my eyes while I searched for exactly what the thing was. 1,144 more words

The sunshine girls

We’ve had some adorable guinea pig adventures recently, so obviously I have to share the cuteness, right?

First, about a week ago the sun re-appeared (after a few days of rain, hail and snow!!) so I whisked the girls out their cage and brought them into the warmth of the sun. 651 more words


Spring Babies Update

Wondering how our little spring babies are now doing? Here is an update! :)

This beauty is Bella, one of our white muscovy ladies. Her babies are about 6 weeks old now and almost fully grown. 560 more words


Taking Your Guinea Pig Outside

To start off, raise your hand if you know that guinea pigs can’t sweat.

Did you raise your hand?

If you didn’t, keep reading.

If you did, keep reading, I still have some information that will help you! 340 more words

Guinea Pigs

Why You Should Weigh Your Guinea Pig!

Did you know that you should weigh your guinea pigs on a weekly basis?

Do you know you should but you have no idea why? 434 more words

Guinea Pigs

Beginners Guide: Daily Nutrition for Guinea Pigs

Are you a new guinea pig owner?

Do you know for a fact that your guinea is getting all the proper nutrition?

Do you want a review of everything your guinea pig should be getting on a daily basis? 666 more words

Guinea Pigs

A sort of new house

I think I posted weeks back that we were changing all our house around.

The idea was that the two rooms upstairs (which were previously our bedroom and spare / junk room) would be used again.. 600 more words