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Tango Talk Tuesday

Scout’s Transporter

Scout here. This has been an exciting week. Mommy finally figured out that I don’t like to be picked up because there is nothing under my feet.So I got a transporter.

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The Squidgypigs Guinea Pig Fruit and Veg Treat Guide Part 3

Today we continue our guide to treat fruit and veg for Guinea Pigs.


All this could've been avoided if the B&B had been set up on the Island of Misfit Mascots.

51. The Drifter – Richie Tankersley Cusick

Mrs. Baxter could have used a nice visit with the Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park before starting on her business plan. 152 more words

Guinea Pigs

Random Facts: Simon Bolivar

SOUTH American revolutionary and liberator Simon Bolivar was born in Venezuela on 24th July 1783. It’s Simon Bolivar Day in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia, which is named after him. 148 more words


Squidgypigs Snugglesafe CoolPod Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the Snugglesafe CoolPod.

What is the Snugglesafe CoolPod?

  • A rigid plastic cooling pod for pets.
  • Utilises phase change technology.
  • Cools both pod and environment around pod when pets sit on it.
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Overheard Around The House

Producer Smurf: “So you’re back? Did the Humane Society smurf you your poetic license?”
Dennis: “No, it turns out they don’t have poetic licenses there. They suggested the library.” 161 more words


Leo and Riley's Sunday Night Takeover

The boys are back and they want to introduce the newest members of our family!



Meet Dumbledore (left) and Severus (right) our new guinea pigs. 374 more words

Leo And Rileys Sunday Night Takeover