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The piggie that learns and the piggie that steals

I’m used to either putting veggies in a small bowl in their cage or holding the veggies right in front of the guinea pigs. The guinea pigs are used to having their veggies without having to search for them at all. 361 more words

Guinea Pigs

Pet Store Items that Harm Your Guinea Pig

Let’s face it, we’ve all done it … walked into a pet store, saw the cute treats they have for guinea pigs and thought “my piggies would love this!” The fact of the matter is though, not everything that pet stores advertise as “for guinea pigs” is not always safe, or healthy, for them. 370 more words

Guinea Pigs

Squidgypigs - Guinea Pig Product Reviews - The Squidgypigs Guide to Fleece Bedding

Welcome to the Squidgypigs Guide to Fleece Bedding.

Why use fleece?:

  • It’s warm.
  • It’s soft.
  • When used properly it’s dry.
  • It’s readily available.
  • It’s cheaper long term than alternative bedding.
  • 439 more words

DogDaz Zoo: A Life Full Of Fur

When P’nut was born, there was Alice (on the back of the chair),Nikki (a Cocker Spaniel who thought she was a cat, on the back of the couch), Rosie (my soul cat who died a week after this picture was taken @20), and Gertrude, who was too shy to meet the baby. 469 more words


Things nobody tells you about having a Guinea Pig

Hello everybodyy! :’)

Today I’ve decided to write a post telling you more about my personal life. Unlike my other Beauty, Lifestyle and Photography posts, this post is gonna be a little different. 558 more words


Squidgypigs - Guinea Pig Product Reviews - Weekly Guinea Pig Gift Guide 2

Time for our weekly round up of gifts for Guinea Pig slaves everywhere.

1. Guinea Pig Birthday Card – £2.95 at Guinea Pig Wheekly. 31 more words


Squidgypigs - Guineapigs Product Reviews - Nature's Own Timothy Rich 5 a Day Hay

The nice people at Nature’s Own were kind enough to send the Squidgypigs a sample of their Timothy Rich 5 A Day Hay for review. 545 more words