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watching over little napoleon at night

My little baby.

I loooooove him!<3

I know he seems alright, but I was scared that maybe he was sick cuz I had offered him watermelon and he didn’t want it when he usually loves it, and he didn’t even come out of his bed when I called him when he’s usually the first one to wheek and run toward me. 121 more words


St. Louis-Area Pet Store Evacuated After Illness Complaints

BRENTWOOD, Mo. (AP) – Seven people and several animals were removed from a suburban St. Louis pet store over health concerns that were apparently caused by a refrigerant gas leak. 125 more words


Too Good 71

Gabrielle interpreted Dr. Regillo’s ASAP request for information to mean immediately and Adriel didn’t blame her one bit. He too had been given the gift of participating in a possibly life changing Clinical Trial and the elation he’d felt at being accepted, the surge in power and optimism he’d experienced after treatment, had been mind blowingly powerful. 348 more words


Paradise Piggies: Mayor Gnome, The Dichotomy of Good and Evil.

This is MGNews PrimeTime Sunday bringing you the latest in the Mayoral Elections 2015, Paradise Pastures. Last week, we brought you the inside story on Mayor Gnome’s dark and secretive past. 745 more words


Princess Piggy Poo guard cavy

It’s true. Princess Piggy Poo may not scare away intruders, but her growl lets me know something is amiss in her kingdom. She channels her inner pit bull when the mailman delivers, a plane flies overhead or a friend comes to call. 211 more words