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Celebrating #OneMoreRhinoBPZ

Near and dear to Ali’s heart is animal care, well-being, and conservation. Having worked at Blank Park Zoo (BPZ) in the past (Willow was supportive from at home), it’s only fitting that the furry potato helped out with some pictures to raise awareness and gather support for black rhinos everywhere. 228 more words

Guinea Pig

The Top 5 Best Pets for Writers

Writers, as a general rule, are the types of people who tend to gather strange connections. We make friends in odd places, but there is no denying we can be difficult to love. 1,122 more words

5 Things You'll Know If You Own Guinea Pigs

They’re Always Hungry

Guinea Pigs will eat forever! No Guinea Pig owner can resist their little faces though, so we feed them even when we shouldn’t. 144 more words


Cavy Tips and Tricks

This was actually part of my previous post – but I know I wrote a little too much.

I want to provide a quick update about Baby, for anyone who has been following along. 1,361 more words


Guest Post: Your Guinea Pig's Grooming Needs

Have you taken your guinea pig to the barber or the beauty shop lately? The gossip that your guinea pig could engage in could be quite juicy, but would he or she get the proper grooming needs essential for their health? 606 more words

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors

Overheard Around The House

Spicoli: “So you’re feeling better about that snail after you talked to your mama on that gadget, dude?”
Dennis: “A bit.”
Spicoli: “I bet the treats helped too, right, dude?” 202 more words