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Boldly going where I have never been before.

I sit, staring at Write Space, hands above the keyboard ready to unleash whatever pops into my head. But instead, this happens: …

Then the mind wonders: ‘maybe I need another coffee’ (My third today, and it’s only 11am.) 346 more words


Abby had Babies

On March 26, I came home from work and Abby had four babies. Now, Abby is my albino Abyssinian, and has a good track record of producing large litters, and she did not disappoint. 16 more words


A Night in this House...

Teto has zero patience for mommy’s love…

Cheshire enjoys a rare moment of having food to himself. Ahh… the peace of not having two brothers coming to fight with you for veggies… 20 more words


Guinea Pigs: The Little Rodents Of The South

It is not quite clear how the guinea pig got its name. They hail from South America where they were first domesticated for human consumption by the tribes of the Andes in 5000 B.C. 126 more words


My Guinea Pigs - Part Five

Here is the list and pictures of all my piggies:

Mocca (she looks like Rose) and Chestnut


Ginger aka. Sparkles


Blackie aka. Chocolate… 15 more words

Guinea Pigs