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Squidgypigs - Flystrike in Guinea Pigs - Maggots on Guinea Pig - Has my Guinea Pig got Flystrike 

Today we are focusing on the distressing condition of Flystrike in Guinea Pigs.

What is Fly Strike?:

  • Fly strike is a condition where adult flies lay their eggs on animals.
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Scout's First Night Home

Scout here to tell you about my first night with my family

So I picked out my Mommy, and she took me to my new home.

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Squidgypigs - NEWS - Exciting Changes for Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch 

This week whilst shopping for vegetables for the Squidgypigs I noticed that bags of Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch now bear the following sticker on them… … 155 more words


Guinea Pigs News

Before buying a guinea pig it is important to consider the costs and this page gives a guide to the costs involved in owning guinea pig. 295 more words

Guinea Pig News


At this time of day – the time of sunrise – a stirring and rustling, a slew of bright sounds and chatter, popped from the hay-filled floor. 250 more words


Squidgypigs - Hot Weather Care For Guinea Pigs

As we approach our summer in the UK we bring you the Squidgypigs guide to Hot Weather Guinea Pig Care AKA: how to keep Guinea Pigs Cool In The Summer. 594 more words