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Life Update

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. I apologize for not posting as much as I used to, I’ve just been busy with exams. 420 more words

Things I Love: Guinea Pigs

What do you know about Guinea Pigs? The amount of people who think a Guinea Pig is a hamster, or a rat, amazes me. There are plenty of reasons to love Guinea Pigs, so here are a few of mine: 305 more words


Guinea Pigs - Easier Than Kids

About a year ago, my husband went out-of-town for a couple of days. Before he left, I asked what he thought about getting the kids a pet fish. 632 more words

All Things Family

National Pet Month April 2017

National Pet Month has been going strong in the UK for 27 years! It is all about celebrating the wonderful impact pets have on our lives and promoting responsible pet ownership. 1,901 more words


Picking Up Your Guinea Pig Properly

Your guinea pig can be injured or die if handled roughly or dropped. Thus it is important to pick up your guinea pig properly. Get your pig accustomed to your presence by sitting by the cage and talking or singing softly to him. 120 more words

Guinea Pigs

Observed Around The House

Mouse: “Dennis, why do you have your mama’s laptop?”
Dennis: “Well since we’ve had a lot of extra expenses lately with my surgery and my heart and stuff, I thought I’d try to help out by earning some green papers again.” 350 more words


If I Order A Bacon Cheeseburger In Canada What Will I Get?

Is bacon in Canada

Canadian bacon?

Is a pig in Guinea

A guinea pig?

Is this issue important

Like I seem to be makin’

Or is it an issue

Not nearly so big?