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How having pets affected my art life

It feels funny to be publishing this post now as I began writing it three months ago! Life hasn’t been that easy for me recently and mainly because of my external hard drive broke and for a whole month I lost almost all the documents that I have. 968 more words

Art And Thoughts

Don't call me a hero. I'm just a guy who touched feet so future generations could live fuller lives.

The trouble with major research universities is somebody there is always trying to do research. All this intellectual curiosity can get annoying, but when you live in the shadow of the behemoth you get its shade cast upon you sometimes. 483 more words


Best Indoor Cages For Guinea Pigs!

Having the perfect environment for your guinea pigs is so important for their happiness and wellbeing! So in this list I’ve mentioned a few different variations of cages you can get online. 320 more words

The blurb says "Dark and droll" and that's about right.

73. Raylan – Elmore Leonard

Timothy Olyphant’s influence on the Raylan character is definitely at play in the first Raylan-focused novel published after Justified hit the screen. 137 more words

Guinea Pigs

Grooming Pet Cavies

Are you aware that your pet cavy’s nails need to be trimmed regularly? Yes, their nails can grow too long and cause problems, so you have to trim them using nail clippers every month or so. 147 more words

Pet Care

Your Guinea Pig’s Popcorning Habit

Popcorning is an enthusiastic behavior often demonstrated by guinea pigs. Your guinea pig will run around the cage, leap in the air and kick out his hind legs. 124 more words

Guinea Pigs

Let It Snow

I’m as ready for Christmas as I ever get. I approach the holidays much like I did test taking in my school days. After an initial fervor, I’d procrastinate until I had to cram the information, layering the re-reading of my notes with plenty of Hail Mary’s in hope that something, anything had embedded itself into my long-term memory. 583 more words