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Guinea Pigs

A friend of mine just loooves guinea pigs – and was lucky to get a couple for christmas:) Now she´s shown me some pictures and I simply couldn´t resist and did a few quick sketches – hope you like them:)


Farewell little piggies

Today our remaining little pig Lily had to be put down due to a tumour. It was a very sad decision to have to make but there was nothing they could do and she was suffering. 23 more words


A Beginner's Guide to Guinea Pig Violation

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here, but last summer, we got a guinea pig. Why? Well, because I’m crazy and prone to needing an increasingly larger outlet for my nurturing instinct (we’re not having kids). 1,092 more words


New Pets

There’s something special about having a pet in your life; a furry little friend to see you through the good and the bad. Having gone a number of years without having that special bond, and just as long spent begging my mum to let me have a pet, two weeks ago Clarence, Bellatrix and Luna came into my life. 258 more words


Lindon and Rohan - the retirees

On January 6th I went and collected the newest additions to the troupe. They had been handed into rescue early December. I had purposefully accepted them in as I had been waiting a pair of older males, as they are my favorite. 186 more words

Guinea Pigs

Hungry guineas

After dinner the Guinea pigs squeaked for food so I gave them some curly kale but they still wanted more! Greedy  piggys. At least they are still friends!

My Pets

Mini Zoo Update!

Hi all!

Three updates on the mini zoo – two both sad in a way, but happy in the end, and one extremely happy.

Firstly Hopkins (the bunny I didn’t ever want to be a cage again) – yep, you guessed it, is now a cage. 585 more words