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Guide about Guinae Pigs 

Guinae pigs
short description of the breeds:
1) Abyssinian: This coat is also short, but is acceptably somewhat rough in texture and has rosettes! Rosettes are whorls of hair that ideally have a pinpoint center and go 360 degrees in radius. 1,366 more words

guinea pigs animals #3

I have 2 Guinea pigs one called Frodo and one called bernard. I begged my mum for 2 and she was kind enough to get them for me, I had got 2 at the time, Frodo and Elmo but sadly Elmo died for no reason, so we got a free guinea pig, and that was bernard. 24 more words


Off To The Vets Again! 

I love my Snow, she literally means the world to me and tomorrow she goes under anesthetic again. And she seems to be handling this news a lot better than me! 222 more words


The down side of pets

I’m an animal lover and especially of dogs. When I was little I had no intention of getting married or having children but was going to own a dog farm instead. 960 more words


Welcome to the Family!

We did it.  We welcomed more guinea pigs into our home and hearts.

Meet Noodle and Pancake.  Noodle is the one with the long curly hair, and Pancake likes to lie flat on his stomach. 9 more words

Guinea Pigs

Hammock and Snuggle Sack Finally Completed

Working on a lot of items that will be introduced to Willow once we move!

Yesterday I completed the hammock and snuggle sack which are White Sox themed to honor the guy in my life who I will be moving in with. 222 more words

Guinea Pig

Hey Hay! What do you say? - DIY Ideas

DIY Hay Dispensers

Straight From Willow’s Tunnel 

Since hay is an integral part of our everyday diet (consisting of 80% of our food per day), mom and her sister have been trying to think of a cheap, and cute, way to dispense the hay without it getting all over. 336 more words

Guinea Pig