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An Introduction

Let me tell you a little about myself. I live with my little brother Nibbles in a penthouse apartment with our own little garden. We’ve not lived here long, before here we lived just across the border in Somerset. 140 more words

Guinea Pigs

My harshest critics

Do you remember that scene at the end of Pixar’s Ratatouille? Anton Ego, the feared critic, is presented with a plate prepared by our┬árodent hero Remy. 309 more words

5 A Day

Paradise Piggies: The Mysterious Past of Mayor Gnome.

Good Evening, this is MGNews PrimeTime Sunday bringing you the news on The Mayoral Elections 2015 of Paradise Pastures, hot off the press. Only 4 more weeks to go and we are all biting our nails with anticipation! 433 more words


Goat booster and piggie incursion

Busy day yesterday. I gave the goats their booster for the Glanvac though I think I missed Monty thanks to my awful needle skills.

AND to my horror the boys and girls piggies were all happily running together yesterday. 151 more words


Bella & Cissy

Enjoying our new clients, our 1st guinea pigs, Bella & Cissy. They are adorable & talkative. Love their greens!

Pet Sitting

Wise Women and Men on Wednesday - Introducing Mrs Zwhohasafarm

This wise woman came into my life again through work and we happened to meet most afternoons at the same time and travelling on the train together and she would get off the train 2 stops ahead of me. 669 more words