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A suggestion by the Russian ambassador to Guinea that President Alpha Conde change the constitution and run for a third term has set off a firestorm of criticism among Conde’s opponents a year ahead of a presidential election. 205 more words



With my departure only 35 days away, I thought I would share with you some information about my destination.

When I tell people I am headed for Guinea, it is often confused for ‘New Guinea,’ however, I am headed for the Guinea which is on the west coast of Africa, north of Sierra Leone. 290 more words


Sulemaana Kantè: writing unity in difference

My first post on indigenous African languages is dedicated to Sulemaana Kantè, the Guinean inventor of the N’ko script for the writing of Manding languages. He has been called a cultural fundamentalist by Jean-Loup Amselle, because he created a script and linguistic standard aiming at unifying a Manding language out of a cluster of closely related and fluidly interwoven registers spanning several countries in 1949. 249 more words


Guinea becomes latest African country to legalise polygamy

by Mildred Europa Taylor, at 09:00 am, January 08, 2019, Culture

After three months of negotiations, lawmakers in Guinea on Saturday, December 29, 2018, finally made amendments to a law that will govern relations between people, with the most controversial change being on polygamy. 507 more words


One Degree From Palestine


When I was in Leros in March, I don’t recall meeting anyone from Palestine. Now, there seem to be more Palestinians arriving than any other ethnicity. 493 more words

Spirit & Light

"Guinean" champagne charms Africans

In a luxury lounge in Abidjan, customers of Cote d’Ivoire enjoy a special champagne:  Laurent-Perrier? Widow Clicquot ? Moet and Chandon? There is a new brand of  named after… 465 more words


The Market

Mamassa, Mammanda, Aisha and Mohamed tend to their produce, stacking oranges, washing green beans, organising tomatoes and filtering through zips and plastic bags. This is the Market. 197 more words