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A Woman Breaks a World Record by Stopping a Fan with Her Tongue

The Guinness world record people posted some fresh weirdness to their YouTube page the other day.  An Australian woman broke her own record by stopping an electric fan 32 times in 60 seconds . . . using her TONGUE.


The World's Fastest Bumper Car.

A guy in England built the world’s fastest bumper car by retrofitting it with a motorcycle engine.  It had to do two runs to break the Guinness World Record.  34 more words


Wedding photos of world's smallest couples

Wow wonders shall never end . Indeed love is blind.
Paulo (aged 31 and 90.28 cm (35.54 in) in
height),and Katyucia, (28 and 91.13 cm… 152 more words


World’s Oldest Person Emma Morano Celebrates Her 117th Birthday

Emma Morano, currently the world’s oldest living person, celebrates her 117th birthday this week. Ms. Morano was born on 29 November 1899 in Italy and is known as the only living person from the 1800s. 543 more words

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Woman Hopes Her 4.48-Inch Tongue Licks Her Into Record Books

If you like that feeling where you’re simultaneously TURNED ON and GROSSED OUT, we’ve got the girl for you. 20-year-old Gerkary Bracho Blequett of Ocala, Florida might break the world record for longest tongue.  149 more words



The adorable pup, who is owned by experienced dog trainer Doree Sitterly, beat the record of 41.67 seconds which was achieved by Cally the Wonderdog and Mitch Jenkins (both UK) on the set of Britain’s Got Talent Live Semi Final back in May 2015. 52 more words


Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China

How big can a fish tank be? Very very very big apparently.

In fact, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China holds five Guiness World Records – world’s largest aquarium, world’s largest acrylic panel, largest aquarium window, largest underwater viewing dome, and largest aquarium tank. 138 more words