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Copyright Dispute Conclusion

After sending off my dispute to YouTube against UMG, I today received the news via e-mail that the copyright claim they have made still stands. Thus making the video obsolete and cannot be viewed by anyone besides myself via my own account. 51 more words

Copyright Dispute

 This is a screenshot of the ongoing dispute with the copyright claim on my latest YouTube video. Due to my dispute, it has currently allowed viewers to watch the content without any problems, although I will have to wait on the response from UMG to see whether they will allow me to keep the video up. 116 more words

YouTube Copyright Claim

After uploading my latest video (guitar cover of smooth criminal by alien ant farm), I had found out that other YouTube users were unable to view the video. 140 more words

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Guitar Cover)

This video is of my 6th guitar cover for my freelance project, the song I have covered is Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm. The process with recording the video and uploading it is still going smoothly, as using Logic Pro X, NERO 2016 and a GoPro camera has been very successful for me so far. 92 more words

P.O.D - Alive (Guitar Cover)

This is a video of my 5th guitar cover, which is of Alive by P.O.D. Like 3 of my previous videos, I stuck with the process of recording the video with the GoPro camera and the audio was recorded straight onto Logic Pro X, and then edited with reverb and a little bit of off screen recording for the final chorus. 112 more words

System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B (Guitar Cover)

This if the video of my 4th guitar cover, which is of the song B.Y.O.B by System of a Down. Overall, the video itself and the process to make it was smooth and went relatively well. 129 more words

Disturbed - Asylum (Guitar Cover)

This is the video for my 3rd guitar cover, which is of Asylum by Disturbed. This particular cover required some guitar parts to be recorded off camera, as to add to the backing track of vocals, drums and bass. 81 more words