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Quick Guitar Tips #13 - Use Volume to Clean Up the Dirt - Guitar Lesson [QT-013]

In this guitar lesson quick tip video we’re going to explore using volume to clean up your sound!!

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Quick Guitar Tips #23 - Take Care Of Your Guitar Posture - Guitar Lesson [QT-023]

In this guitar lesson quick tip we’ll look at why your posture is so important when you play and things to watch out for that might cause you bother. 187 more words

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Chord Combinations - One Minute Changes - Stage 2 Guitar Lesson - Guitar For Beginners [BC-124]

This video shows you some good chord combinations to do in your One Minute Changes practice.

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10 Basic Jazz Chords - Guitar Tutorials - JustinGuitar [JA-001]

In this jazz guitar lessons we’re going to look at 10 basic jazz chords that are essential learning if you want to start playing jazz rhythm guitar. 201 more words

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3 Ways of Playing F Chord - Guitar Lesson - Guitar for Beginners Stage 6 [BC-161]

This video shows you how to play the F chord. In fact it shows you a bunch of ways to play it!

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How to Play Jazz Guitar - Learn Ten Basic Jazz Guitar Chords - Guitar Lesson [JA-001]

In this lesson you will learn the basic ten chord grips that you will need to know to start playing some jazz. All the chords and stuff are all in the chords section of justinguitar.com… 203 more words

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How To Use A Looper Pedal - Guitar Lesson Tutorial - JustinGuitar [QA-004]

In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to use a looper pedal to practice licks, layers and create cool soundscapes. Lesson ID QA-004.

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