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AD | Shane Targa

From the golden age of the Super Strat, here is an ad for the Shane Targa model guitar. This budget ax is not to be confused with the… 49 more words


AD | Alex Masi for Charvel

Italian guitarist Alex Masi had it going on in the late ’80s and early ’90s. As with the previously posted Crate ad from 1990, this Charvel full-pager highlights Masi’s album  49 more words


AD | John Petrucci, David Lowery, Paul Gilbert for Ibanez

John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert appearing in an Ibanez ad is nothing surprising; the wildcard here is David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker fame. 108 more words


AD | Neil Zaza for Rocktron

Cleveland’s Neil Zaza is one of the wave of ’90s shredders who is still out there doing it. This Rocktron ad, scanned from Guitar for the Practicing Musician  25 more words


AD | Chris Haskett for PRS

1994 was a peak period for Rollins Band with the album Weight being the group’s highest charting release. This PRS full pager featuring longtime Rollins guitarist Chris Haskett was scanned from  35 more words


AD | Yngwie Malmsteen for Crate

Yes, you read right, it’s Yngwie for … Crate. All those Marshalls you’ve seen on stage with him forever, perhaps they’re just for show. This ad, pulled from  39 more words


AD | Barry Goudreau for SIT Strings

Most people probably associate Barry Goudreau with the band Boston (an association played on in this ad’s copy), but he also spent some time in the top 40 (along with Boston bandmate Brad Delp) in the ’90s with the band RTZ (Return to Zero). 47 more words