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Confessions of a casual Guitar Hero gamer

Dear Activision,

When you announced four years ago that you were discontinuing the Guitar Hero franchise, I was upset. How could you do that? It seemed like it was selling well across all consoles.  417 more words


(H)air Band

This may come as a surprise, but I’m not big into air guitar. I am, however, a fan of air drums, but not so much channeling my inner Ringo Starr, but more along the lines of a drum solo. 343 more words

Video games: Less scary Classroms

So video games are famous for being seen as a procrastination tool. How come the darned kids and adult spend so much time in a virtual world, rather then learning real skills? 421 more words

Top Ten Video Game Series

Top 10

With every journalist or reviewer, there always has to be a top 10 of some sort amiright? Well here is my top 10 favorite video game series I’ve played, now you may or may not agree with me, but hey it’s my list. 2,032 more words


Review: Guitar Hero Live allows you to take centre stage like never before

The pop culture phenomenon that captured the hearts of 40 million players worldwide is back! Guitar Hero Live introduces a newly redesigned guitar controller, two new ways to play, and hundreds of additional songs. 36 more words


Guitar Hero Live: Game Review

We have been fans of Guitar Hero since the very first game for the PS2. I have great memories of playing with my oldest son. Usually when I played with him, I would pretend to plug in his guitar and I would play with the other one that was hooked up. 166 more words

Toy Reviews

Guitar Hero: Live- First Impressions

It was someone‘s birthday yesterday (Simon’s) and he got his hands on Guitar Hero: Live for the PS4. Being someone who played Guitar Hero 3 religiously on the Wii, I was genuinely really excited to see how the brand has changed over the years. 462 more words