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Tangled Up in Blue, by J.D. Brick

Grade: B-

Doing it at: 54%

Catnip: Stalkers; Deep Dark Secret; Men in Uniform; Climb You Like a Tree; Guitar Hero

Shame Scale: The guy on the cover is eating the girl’s face, inside it’s less shameful. 1,140 more words

Deep Dark Secret

Rolling Thunder: Top 15 Bassists

Welcome to my first ranked list! I plan to present many such lists in the future, as they are always a fun challenge for me and stir up interesting conversation and debate. 2,394 more words

Guitar Hero Live Is Back!

Fans of the rhythm genre will be thrilled to know that Guitar Hero Live is back, bringing live band experience like no other. The video game can be played in two ways – perform with a real crowd in Guitar Hero Live, or compete with other online players in Guitar Hero TV. 67 more words


Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4: It's Time for a Reunion!

Every year, the E3 Expo strings together thousands of the best, brightest, and most innovative professionals in the interactive entertainment industry at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the video game industry’s top talent premieres their top-of-the-line software and products. 2,027 more words

CoS Exclusive Features

Air-Guitar Hero

BUMMER of the weekend…I was playing some serious chords of Ozzy Osbourne’s Ironman on “air-guitar” the other day when my son was like “what are you doing?” 239 more words


Guitar Hero is back

If you’re a human being and you breathe then you should have had some experience with Guitar Hero at some point in your life. After a quick disappearance from all gaming platforms, years later this franchise is coming back with a new style of gameplay. 124 more words


Original Guitar Hero

Who knows or has even heard of Lonnie Johnson? “I was old enough to have felt first-hand the old country blues … And I got to see how those blues were modified and modernized by artists like Lonnie Johnson.” Thus BB King. 306 more words