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DIY electric guitar pedals

Here are some pedals I made a few years ago. These were my first contact with building audio electronic circuits and swirling painting technique.¬†Also, as soon as I fix my broken amp, I ‘ll update this post with videos on how they sound and how I use them in my pedal setup. 354 more words

Diy Pedals

Tall Font Russian by Wren and Cuff

Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian is filled with growl, raunchiness, and endless horizon of musicality.  Powerful enough for single coil and humbucking guitar pickups and bass. 448 more words

Review of Gestalt EP by Roofhare

This EP was created using guitar, delay pedals and a looper pedal. It has an excellent experimental feel with great use of delay, layered sounds and feedback and Roofhare gets a huge range of sounds from the guitar. 239 more words

Album Review

My first guitar pedal

It was the summer of 1998 and what would turn out to be a life long obsession hadn’t yet begun. I had one acoustic guitar on which I would play all the songs I knew – a repetitive cascade of about ten pop wonders with one pink floyd song thrown in for good measure. 395 more words

Remain a Guitar Player

If you’re reading this I presume you play the guitar. Or used to or want to. If you’re all fired up about learning to understand this amazing instrument, read no further, you have no need to. 884 more words

Rethinking My Pedal Board... Again...

My current pedal board setup is pictured above. The signal chain is as follows: Soul Food -> Big Bad Wah -> Corona Chorus -> Deep Blue Delay -> Hall of Fame Reverb -> Mk.4.23 Booster. 454 more words