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Let's Talk Looping

Last week I played my the third show under the stage name Sun Gaze, where I go up on stage with a guitar, a pedal board, a microphone, a snare and a floor tom. 779 more words


Project 2 - The Rotund Robot - Part 1 – Massive Excitement!

The idea for this project started when all my components and desk finally turned up from China towards the end of last year (2016). I’d had them shipped across several months before when me and the wife moved to America from Beijing. 477 more words

Champion Leccy

Project 1B - The Skinny Gett

Like any sensible noise maker, I love cascading gain stages and strange tones. For a few years now, I’ve been using big fuzz tones with octave up and octave down, octave all over the shop. 754 more words

Champion Leccy

T-Rex Tapster

The T-Rex Tapster is a masterpiece of simplicity. Its only controls – apart from Tap Tempo – are Depth, Rate, Volume and Subdivision. The Subdivision switch lets you choose how your tremolo pulsates to the beat – in quarter notes, eight notes, or eight-note triplets. 42 more words

Your Mom!

YOUR MOM by Yellowcake  is a versatile germanium/silicon transistor hybrid fuzz guitar pedal. There are plenty of tonal possibilities with ‘Your Mom’, ranging from a nice overdrive to a decently heavy, yet manageable fuzz.   41 more words

Project 1A - The Fat Gett - Part 6 – Gett in the box.

More findings ahoy! And learning, plenty of learning.

Okey dokey then, first off, it is of course important to me that what I produce is good quality. 681 more words

Champion Leccy