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Guitar Pedals - Getting started

To start it off, the first two things you need to buy before pedals are

a good guitar, and a good amplifier (also known as amps). 642 more words



A brief post, truncated primarily by the combination of ice storm and finding activities to do with an infant who, while not necessarily cognizant of this, was promised a trip to DC today and is now confined indoors at home since it is indeed gross out. 53 more words


My Favorite Pedal and Favorite Pedal-Fixer

I was fortunate enough to get one of these newer Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man Tap Tempo 1100 pedals when they came out a few years ago. 313 more words


Zoom pedals

I’ve just bought two Zoom pedals very cheaply via Ebay:

A B1 bass guitar processor and a G1XN guitar processor. I love the presets on them but I’ll be using them solely for getting a good pre-amp signal into the Inspire 1394 audio interface for recording. 9 more words


Pedalboard 2015

Obviously, I am a bit nerdy, and I always have a G.A.S. for new guitar pedals. I am quite satisfied at the moment with this set-up though, and can´t wait to test out the newest acquisition in my new shoegaze project ;) It will be interesting to see how much of this that will change the coming year…



“Back in 1969 I (Electro-Harmonix) was already selling the Muff Fuzz, which was a mild overdrive circuit in an LPB-1 box. I wanted to come out with a three knob distortion unit in a bigger box. 828 more words