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I have been working on a few new ideas, so it’s about time I get some new articles posted and upland some new youtube content! 16 more words

Jeff Brush

Philosophy, Guitar Pedals and the Postmodern Condition: An Essay Addressing how the Ideal of Local Control over Global Knowledge is the Problem Embedded into Modern Philosophy .

I play guitar. In case anyone does not know, there are these small devices, mostly for electric guitars, that go between the guitar and the amplifier that alter the sound of the plain guitar signal.   2,661 more words


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how aboot them pedals, eh?

By sheer coincidence, pretty much my entire pedal board is comprised of pedals made by Canadian builders. I don’t know how they make such good pedals up there in the icy north. 51 more words

Airis Savage Drive Review

So I’ve recently decided to delve into the world of pedal reviewing! After years of toying around with every type of pedal imaginable, I feel that my opinion could help a lot of tone-seekers out there. 311 more words

A Musician's Guide for Buying Guitar Pedals

For a new musician, and even for the more experienced musician, buying guitar pedals can be needlessly complicated. Here’s a quick guide for navigating the sonic maze of pedal purchasing.  778 more words

Crazy Legs Dean

What Is Lo-Fi Delay?

The delay pedal realm has never been more fantastic, because there are so many different types of units to choose from! But that might also produce some sort of confusion to the newcomer at the time of finally picking a delay box. 1,048 more words

Delay Pedals