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Project 1A - The Fat Gett - Part 6 – Gett in the box.

More findings ahoy! And learning, plenty of learning.

Okey dokey then, first off, it is of course important to me that what I produce is good quality. 681 more words

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CHRIS ROBINSON and NEAL CASAL - Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Chris Robinson and Neal Casal talked about their guitars before the sold-out show at Nashville’s Cannery Ballroom. And as both guitar slingers explain, they get to stretch out more in the… 334 more words


Basic Skills 6 – Modular Prototype Box

As I mentioned elsewhere, circuits on a breadboard sound different to circuits in enclosures for entirely scientific reasons that are beyond me and not very important at this point. 244 more words

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Basic Stuff 5 – Hook and Loop

So! You’ve tinned them wires like a champion, and now you have to attach them to a pot. This is my preferred method because it establishes a good solid physical connection before you solder.  61 more words

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Basic Stuff 4 – Twist and Tin

Getting them fiddly stranded wires through them pesky little holes in the PCB can be a right bugger.

Aye! Poking many tiny strands into that wee space is a proper nightmare. 346 more words

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Project 1A - The Fat Gett - Part 5 – So Then What?

My sought after glory is no longer in the post! I have a neat little stack of 10 black PCBs back from Seeed Studio. At first glance they look alright. 789 more words

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Basic Stuff 3 – Hot Stuff Coming Through! (Soldering)

There’s not a great deal I can add to this I reckon. My soldering is fine, it’s not world class. It’ll certainly do for stompboxes, but NASA won’t be hiring me any time soon. 456 more words

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