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Rethinking My Pedal Board... Again...

My current pedal board setup is pictured above. The signal chain is as follows: Soul Food -> Big Bad Wah -> Corona Chorus -> Deep Blue Delay -> Hall of Fame Reverb -> Mk.4.23 Booster. 454 more words


MXR Micro Amp




-Input Impedance 1 MΩ

-Output Impedance 470 Ω

-Maximum Output Level +6 dBV

-Noise Floor -80 dBV

-Gain Control +0.5 dB to +26 dB… 154 more words


Dirt Problems

Considering that these are the fuzz and overdrive pedals that are not on the pedal board I will bring to the gig tomorrow, and that the gig board has three fuzz pedals and two overdrive pedals… 39 more words



Say hello to the most adorable little overdrive pedal ever.

It’s so tiny and cute!


The Guitar Pedal Guru - How Raygun FX Became The UK's Most Exciting Innovator Of Fuzz & Distortion

Down a dark alley on Southchurch Road lies a secret workshop where you’ll find a local legend tinkering into the night, designing and building countless effects pedals that will turn your whimpering guitar into a monstrous one man distortion party! 719 more words

Southend Who

ZVex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory

The ZVex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory is the same as the original hand-painted Fuzz Factory pedal, only without the hand-painting. A hand silk-screened graphic is used in order to put the… 220 more words

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