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Onward and Upward

Who we are at debandf and what we want to give to our customers,

This was the next idea to touch upon for a blog post. 270 more words


A photogram made with objects that are important to me. Newspaper is used in the background for effect.


Awesome Concert Stories - Swag

If I’m at a concert, I’m in the front row about 90% of the time. I’m that guy that shows up to concerts hours early just so I can get the exact spot that I want. 1,121 more words

Flying Canoe Part 2: Aftermath

The worst thing about the Flying Canoe is that I’ve basically never been there. Every year I get there before it starts, play for four hours, finish breaking down long after it’s finished, and then I do the same thing the next day. 419 more words

Stuff I Made

Take a Pick

No; not that sort of PICK.  You know ..the Guitar PICK.

Although the subject of “picks” (or is it “plectrums”) isn’t as sexy, glamorous or popular as how to play Lead breaks or famous Spanish masterpieces etc, it is vital to know a little about the subject in order to; 748 more words

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