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Check out this Guitar/Drum

Wow, add singing and you have a one man band



I put my fingers on your neck

What music will we make today?

Strummed slow, or a quick jangle, what is the inspiration of the moment? 47 more words


The music has not died, Part 2

While I will continue making music, the chance of EVER seeing me perform any song live, has died. Nobody took me seriously when I said I had a booking agent, and was looking for band members who wanted exposure, and to make money. 130 more words

General Stuff

Strange Bass Gallery 3

Here are a few more delectable bottom-end monstrosities from around the web. As before, the original gallery from 2011 can be found here: Strange Bass Gallery… 20 more words


I Love Vox

Hmm. So. What’s been happening with me.

Nothing much. Got some 14″ New Beat Hi-Hats, they arrive next week.

It was my birthday last week. It was good, nothing too special, but I don’t mind cause when it’s your birthday, you just feel happy. 206 more words


Old Guy Plays "Sukiyaki"

This episode of “Old Guy Plays Oldies” is Sukiyaki, which was written by Rokusuke Ei and Hachidai Nakamura and released by Kyu Sakamoto. It climbed to the top of the US charts in 1963. 258 more words