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My Performance of "Satisfied Mind" (VIDEO)

I’ve adored this song since I first heard Jeff Buckley’s heartbreaking version of it. There are some songs that unpack a part of your soul to make it easier to carry around without being hidden in a suitcase. 77 more words



So first things first, that solo project I’ve been working on is finally done. Find it here:

Rachel Moon: Leatherback

In case you were wondering, it’s called Leatherback with a moon turtle because I like turtles. 160 more words


Left Hand Free- Alt-J (SAFIA cover)

I’m always hungry for a fresh new take on a track I already love and SAFIA hit the spot, serving me this cool, contagious cover. I’m sure lots of you know the English indie rock band, Alt- J that originally did this song, Left Hand Free. 193 more words

Gliding Through the Frets with Dirk K

Dirk K has really nailed that mellow vibe. He gives a calm, easy beat cushioning the light hook of “Blu Sky” and lends a subtle flamenco flavor to the sexy “Lights Off” with sax player Jarez. 2,279 more words

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New findings

Sometimes I listen to some random music, and I find some really cool stuff! Here are some songs that I found interesting to share: 136 more words