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Music is fun, music is kind, music is smart!

One of my biggest passions in the world is playing/making music. I have been playing guitar since I was in 4th grade, and since have become proficient in playing the tenor saxophone and bass guitar. 527 more words

J Rockett Pedals .45 Calibre 

Many guitar pedal manufacturers have a “Marshall in a box” style pedal in their arsenal but, this take on a genuine 1962 JTM 45 is up there with the best. 174 more words


A wonderful fingertyle guitar piece by Woody Harris. From his album “American Guitar Solos”, Arhoolie Records, 1976. There isn’t much information about Woody Harris out there, but he was a classical guitarist who released at least three solo albums and one collaboration album with Mike Bloomfield in the 70s.


Buying A Guitar

There are mainly 3 types of guitars you can buy.They are:

  1. Nylon String Guitar
  2. Steel String Guitar
  3. Electric Guitar

Nylon String Guitar

A Nylon String Guitar also known as Classical Guitars are very good for beginners. 109 more words

Catching up 2: the Magpie collection: Samba Farruca

Apologies to all magpies for adding to the (apparently unjustified) bad press.
Another catch up of something I created quite a while ago. 

I play, and have played, quite a few restaurants and situations where I am basically background. 351 more words


time demons

guitar chords pluck
slivers of rhythmic motion,
rippling the air, revealing
vulnerable emotions
drawn tight, glinting in the light of the room
my mind is chaos, but your melody… 29 more words


Alan Walker Alone Sheet Music, Piano Notes, Chords

Download Alan Walker Alone sheet music, piano notes, chords PDF and start playing this song in minutes. Watch presented free video tutorial lesson.

Download Notes… 40 more words