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I remember the first time I heard a carillon. Until that time I was most familiar with the single bell at our little country church that rang when the long rope in the vestibule was pulled. 394 more words

Upcoming House Concert

27 Nov 2015 : Zenia's 1st CCA session with us

I just realised I keep taking the same photos nearly everyday on the way to school. I mean I knew but it’s only today that I realised I’ve been taking too MANY of the same kind of photos. 761 more words


Jimi Hendrix 73 today!

If Jimi Hendrix was still with us he would have been 73 today. I would love to have seen what musical direction he would have taken in the ’70s and even ’80s. 141 more words

Unboxing - Korg Pitchclip (PC1)

I have just received a Korg Pitchclip today. It is my first venture into the world of clip on tuners, but I am expecting good things from the Pitchclip. 282 more words


Day Wave - Headcase

Day Wave is the output of¬†Jackson Phillips, creator of lo-fi dream pop that ripples with mild angst and melancholic streaks. Once a jazz drummer, he moved to Oakland, California with a dream of a guitar project, but with one potential barrier – he didn’t know how to play it. 54 more words


Some Things We Just Don't Know

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
Yes and how many seas must the white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand? 161 more words


Friday, November 27th

sounds of Chicago

Some things last. Nearly forty years ago, I coproduced this track, while working at Alligator Records. It remains one of my favorites. The hour was late. 40 more words

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