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A Song Every Day in May

All Justin Timberlake meme jokes aside, today is the first day of May. Sure, that might not mean much to a lot of people, but to me, it marks the start of a new challenge. 210 more words


Flea Market ~ Bremen

Hello fellow Globetrotters!

One thing you probably will learn quickly about me (Lenja) is that I am a huge lover of bits and bobs. Vintage, self-made and everything that goes in that direction is something I really enjoy. 247 more words


May 4th In Music History, Saying Happy Birthday To A Surf Rock Legend

May 4th 1886 : The graphophone, a link between the earlier gramophone and the modern phonograph, is patented, featuring wax cylinders which conducted music better than Thomas Edison’s original tinfoil ones. 21 more words


The Great Known

Mickey got up, drank some coffee, fixed breakfast, and rejoiced in the honor of being the last person on earth whose mother had the good sense to name her son Mickey, and he thought about the glory of Mickey Mantle, Mickey Stanley, Mickey Spillane, and Mickey Montgomery. 630 more words


This Train.....

Here is an amusing version of ‘This train is bound for glory’ which we played last night

This Train

Fundamentals of Music, Part 5

OK, now we’re rolling.  We got a nice online post of our new song, a demo version of “Music is Tremendous!” recorded in a real garage.   258 more words

Third Millennium Polyphony

Guitar build diary (part 1)

The build has begun on an as yet unnamed guitar, I really need to remember to take pictures this time as I’ll be documenting every step. 276 more words