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First Art from the Ox

I moved into the Ox in July, 2012. A queer-safe unfinished warehouse in Kensington (Philly), occupied by an assortment of some 20 or so weird people: activists, queers, musicians, artists (and one subparticle physicist– who slept on the roof), a place I’ve never in my life felt more at home.   351 more words


Bill Maher: OWS, stop camping, get involved in political process, we need you to be our Tea Party

Some on the left are finally getting around to picking over the corpse of the Occupy movement and asking what went wrong.

Last night, Bill Maher chastised OWS  to stop camping and start participating in the political process. 356 more words


May Day, mayday: We Are the Rescue We've Been Waiting For

May Day originated in Chicago in 1886 with mass strikes as part of the battle to secure the eight-hour workday.  On May Day 2012 the fight is for a better world for the 99%–including workers, students, immigrants, the unemployed, the homeless. 52 more words