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Ruiners - 'Outside' | Single Review

Ruiners have built up quite the reputation for themselves since their Wasted Years EP in 2016. The quartet from the US are known for being one of the best high energy bands in recent times, and their new single ‘Outside’ pretty much certifies that nicely. 112 more words


Her's - Under Wraps

Her’s are something else. Honestly, they’re from some weird kind of planet where you’re allowed to dream, do whatever you want and just put your feet up rather than getting bogged down by the daily grind. 175 more words


The Dead Zones - 'Vacant Minds' | Single Review

The Dead Zones are a trio from Vancouver and this is their new single ‘Vacant Minds’. This is the first taste of music to come from their upcoming… 127 more words


LUCIA - Summertime

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… No? This isn’t a cover of the Gershwin classic? Nevermind, I thought maybe LUCIA had decided to pay tribute to Porgy & Bess in their own inimitable style. 180 more words


Featured Artist - David Lackey

David Lackey – Because my earliest memories are from our farm on Lackey Road in Delaware, Ohio. Named after my great-grandfather. Old gray barns, dairy cows, maples too big to wrap your arms around, chickens, wheat and soy bean fields, hay pastures and pond – the backdrop for my dad and grandfather’s farming, my mom’s pie baking, my grandmother Lackey’s homemade noodles and cinnamon buns. 542 more words

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The YeahTones - 'Son of a Gun' | Single Review

You know, sometimes you need to listen to something that makes you wanna get nasty. Like, get nasty. Ooh boy, that beat is nasty.  ‘Son of a Gun’ is the new single from The Yeahtones, and you know what? 154 more words


Clones of Clones - 'Drugz' | Single Review

‘Drugz’ is the new single from Clones of Clones, an outfit who have also just released their new album All The Things We Dreamed. I’ve recently just finished reading George Orwell’s 1984, and have been on a trip to Amsterdam this year, so all of this ties in so nicely that it’s giving me the heebies jeebies a little. 158 more words