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65. Unencumbered

Carolan provides an unusual example of how to connect a musical instrument to a wealth of online digital information – to a ‘digital footprint’ of videos, audio recordings, documentation and also blog posts (such as this one). 520 more words

Choice Connections

Inspired by Lens-Artist Challenge #53: Your Choice

Happy Anniversary to the women who host the Lens-Artist Challenge – celebrating one year by…suggesting that you respond to today’s challenge with any subject that’s near and dear to YOUR hearts, as we’ve done with our images today. 96 more words


What Is the Blues?

As a musician, I thought that I knew what the blues is.  But after a visit to Chicago, I don’t know.  I had thought that the blues was a feel, certain notes and often a stylized 12-bar chord pattern.  417 more words


Summer of Stress

Long time no see.
Let me tell you why: We Moved.
Need I say more? Likely not, but I will anyway.
I have been busy. 614 more words

General Conversation

Get A Freakin' Amp Stand!

I realize that I’m becoming one of those grouchy old men, but you can never accuse me of being an oldster. Though I look fondly back to the old days of rock and roll, and though I really don’t dig the new pop music, I don’t sit there pining away for a return to the old. 322 more words


And We All Had A Real Good Time

In 1972, the Edgar Winter Group, a prominent rock and roll band of the time released an album titled, “They Only Come Out At Night.” On that album was a song titled, “We All Had A Real Good Time.” It was a party song about people coming together, playing music and enjoying life. 394 more words

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The Wisdom of Paul Stanley

This evening, I was watching “The Big Interview with Dan Rather” (one my latest favorite shows) and none other than Paul Stanley was the guest. I have to admit that I have always admired KISS, not just for their music which I’ve loved since I was a teen, but for their business acumen in creating a brand that has persisted for over 40 years. 590 more words