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Metal Mornings 17 Banjo Cover of Slayer Raining Blood

Metal Mornings 17 is a dude (Rob Scallon) playing a banjo, dressed in overalls with no shirt, standing next to a barn, with another dude in a straw hat playing spoons, and they are playing Slayer’s anthem Raining Blood. 76 more words


Sheesh! Stop Complaining! Nothing Is Perfect!

I was looking for user reviews of the DigiTech Trio+ so I could get a feel for what I’ll need to adjust in my rig to accommodate this pedal once I get it. 446 more words


Over The Hump #1

Once upon a time there used to be a regular, even weekly (if you can believe that), playlist showcasing a selection of top sounds on this here blog. 89 more words


Acid Tongue - Lately

Sliding into your ear smoothly and with no care about who else sees, this latest tune from Seattle-based Acid Tongue feels like watching Grease after a night consuming anything and everything out of a ‘mystery bag’ put together by some bloke you met outside Asda. 196 more words



leaving for NAMM in T minus 77 hours or so and I am excited like a nine-year-old going to Disneyland. which in many ways it is. 158 more words

Gear I Want To Get

I’ve been writing a couple of articles in parallel and one was kind of negative, and a bit of a rant, and I didn’t want to start the new year out on a negative note. 1,443 more words


PLAZA - Origami

The extremely addictive sounds of PLAZA make a more than welcome return as they fly into 2017 head-first with this big hunk of a new tune. 190 more words