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Marshall DSL 100H Review

Being a die-hard Marshall fan, I think it would be AWESOME to have a career with arguably the best rock-n-roll amplifier company on the market today. 672 more words


Guitar Guy

So many sources can fuel passions. Watching Top-Gun in your youth may just convince you to become a pilot or cooking a simple dish may give your the inspiration to become a cook! 614 more words

How to Become a Professional Guitar Player

If you want to be good at what you do you have to practise at what you do, and playing the guitar is no different. For some people, playing the guitar comes naturally, but for others it takes determination and great effort to become the best. 637 more words


Stuart Newman - Love's Off The Hook

I don’t quite know why but for some reason the first thing that came into my head when listening to these new sounds from Stuart Newman… 168 more words


A passion rekindled?

I picked up my guitar again a few days ago, after a returning interest for playing. I haven’t been playing for about 1,5/2 years before that, but it always kept exciting me. 202 more words


Ivan Pomareda - Wanting Something Different

Ivan Pomareda found himself in a career that he didn’t much like doing anymore after he had graduated college. He is not alone in his indecision about which path to take in life, everyone has to make challenging decisions every day. 222 more words

Ivan Pomareda

Music and More Music!

Last night I went to see my good friend ” Smoke ” playing drums at a new venue not far from home called the Old 99 Highway Grill near Centralia Washington. 265 more words

Blues Jam