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Filipina Rock Icons: Music, Beauty and Faith

Talkin’ about girl power, these 2 stunning icons of Philippine music are not to be denied, legends in their own right. Their contribution to the local music is exemplary, adding more spice and thrill to a male-dominated rock music industry. 341 more words


Night of the Guitars

The Night of the Guitars is a one-night music festival where musicians are invited to play cover songs by the most popular artists worldwide. I met two of the organizers–Peter and Everhard–to understand why this event has become so popular over the last ten years. 6 more words


LATE NIGHTS [Solo Guitar]

It’s time I got back to some guitar playing. I’ll be singing a lot more soon too. Hope you like this. x


Two Hands, Please!

I have a friend who played ice hockey as a kid in Canada, and years ago, as we were sharing stories about hockey (I used to coach), I mentioned that one of the toughest habits to ingrain into players was using two hands. 549 more words


Two new Loog guitars let your toddler shout at the devil

Loog is a New York-based guitar company run by a music teacher named Rafael Atijas. These three-string guitars are designed for kids as young as 3 years old and they make guitar easy and fun – at least according to my kids who played with them when they were much younger. 315 more words


Tuesday Talks | Q&A | Majorca Edition

That water was a lot colder than it looked! I went on a dream cycling holiday with family and friends and thought I might as well do a little Q&A. 35 more words


A Guitar Picker out of West H$#LL!

My late husband used the phrase “Out of West Hell” when someone was beyond great at something. While I never knew where West Hell was, it obviously produced the best of the best. 839 more words

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