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Fact File - Gulabi Gang: Protecting the Powerless

I first learnt about the Gulabi Gang from a post on Tumblr and was immediately intrigued by these ladies in pink that are making an astounding difference in India. 689 more words


The Gulabi Gang

Running a blog about feminism, I hear a lot about different cultures’ versions of the movement.

One of the things I hear the most is that women living in developing countries need our help to make them see that they are being mistreated and that they deserve equality. 381 more words

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The Gulabi Gang

New Sedition of It’s The End Of The World As We Know It and I Feel Fine!

In this week’s show an homage to women everywhere, a look at the trolls from the Men’s Rights Movements and how… 97 more words

International Women's Day: The Gulabi Gang

Written by Randeep Singh

I was dismayed in the days leading up to International Women’s Day with the screening of “India’s Daughter,” a documentary on the rape of murder of Jyoti Singh in New Delhi in 2012. 228 more words


What We Can Learn from the Pink Gang

Published on Flurt Magazine’s website on February 22, 2015

(Photo credit: http://www.theplaidzebra.com)

India’s Gulabi Gang, or the Pink Gang, as they’re more commonly known around the world, has caught the eye of people across the world The women of India’s Pink Gang are famous for the colour of their saris, the bamboo sticks they carry and the justice they bring to their home country. 624 more words


Movie Review: Gulaab Gang (2014)

When producers decide to produce a movie on a very important subject, they should promise that they will choose an experienced director. The biggest reason why ‘Gulaab Gang’ failed to impress on box-office despite casting Bollywood’s two massive actresses, is the direction. 768 more words

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Stories yet untold: The year in non-fiction film

Somewhere around the halfway mark of Nisha Pahuja’s documentary The World Before Her, 24-year-old Prachi Trivedi, one of the two protagonists of the film, opens up about her father. 1,021 more words

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