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Tromsø – the Winterfell of Europe

Tromsø is 36th  northernmost city in the world. The municipality’s  population is 72 066, which makes Tromsø 7th largest city in Norway . It is the 3rd largest city in the world above the Arctic Circle, after… 145 more words

Global Warming

Gulf Stream slowdown to moderate warming in Europe

New research confirms the likelihood of a Gulf Stream slowdown in the North Atlantic. Scientists suggest the phenomenon will spare Europe from the worst of global warming. 187 more words


No One Asks Me What's For Dinner

To the axiom “you break it, you own it,” I add this corollary:

You catch it, you eat it.

The husband and young son went fishing last week in the Gulf Stream off Ocracoke Island. 509 more words


Greenland ice sheet meltdown not affecting Gulf Stream - yet

New study says impacts expected to show up in 20-30 years

Staff Report

Ocean researchers tracking currents in the North Atlantic say that, so far, the massive amounts of freshwater, pouring off the melting Greenland Ice Sheet haven’t yet had a major effect on the Gulf Stream. 432 more words


When the Labrador Current meets the Gulf Stream, the confluence creates the Grand Banks

The Gulf Stream is warm current beginning on the Gulf of Mexico side of the tip of the Florida peninsula. It flows along the Atlantic coast line north until it meets the Labrador coast of Canada and the cool Labrador Current, thence the Gulf Stream flows east until it runs northwest along the British isles. 152 more words

Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

Open Oceans and Weather To Go

You either like the open ocean or you don’t. I’m in love with it. Writing this as we cross Little Bahama Bank for Great Sale Cay (p. 941 more words

May 2 - Islands In The Stream

Today’s Factismal: The Gulf Stream was “discovered” 231 years ago today.

What constitutes being “discovered”? Is is when someone, somewhere, first thinks of something? Or is it when the first bits of evidence that it might actually exist are found? 548 more words