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Fish and Visitors Travel Faster in the Gulf Stream

Are there any American historical figures more endearing than Ben Franklin?  Who else could pull off kite-flying in thunderstorms, pithy suggestions about pennies and early bedtimes, and “diplomacy” with the French (ladies), yet still appear affable and erudite?  947 more words

The HumanitSEAS

The young man and the sea

The Gulf Stream–an oil painting by Homer Winslow–depicts a solitary man in a small fishing boat, surrounded by sharks and struggling against the waves of the sea. 64 more words


Land Breeze

I was going through some photos and screen captures and found a few images concerning land breezes. Using satellite imagery, you can visualize a land breeze. 395 more words



The big city to the east of where I live is called Corcaigh (in Irish) or Cork, it’s a city with a population of roughly about 120,000. 226 more words


Gulf Stream

swift river that runs
through the heart
of a lumbering sea
carries African warmth
moist ghosts of Atlantis
in restless deep currents
aswirl round the treasures… 47 more words


Anamolous HYCOM eddies in the North Atlantic

I recently made an eddy kinetic energy (EKE; a measure of variability from the mean currents) climatology for the Northeast Atlantic. The HYCOM simulation (GLBa0.08 05.8) used is a “free run” which means it does not assimilate any observational data, and I have almost 10 years of daily model output. 353 more words


An unexpected drizzle , on a cold winter morning has its own beauty .

Despite being a night owl , surprisingly I woke up very early , :)  really very early considering my own benchmark. 588 more words