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PTSD and The problem of dieing twice. 

Cast your mind back. It’s 1991.

At that time, I was in the Military and was out in Cyprus in the Mediterranean prior to either the air or ground war. 460 more words


Background music to fight by.

For those who have never physically stepped onto a battlefield, what I’m going to say may be very difficult to get your head around. I served in Gulf War 1 which for me was the best and worst of times. 471 more words


Why Gulf Wars cannot be used as a basis for estimating effectiveness of beyond visual range combat


Gulf wars are used as a proof that BVR combat has finally become effective. But they have been unique in many aspects, and unrepresentative of combat conditions that will be in effect against competent opponent. 2,505 more words

SAS Scudhunter - Gulf War 1990

This British SAS Scudhunter figure was kit-bashed for the fabulous One Sixth Warrior Forum Bring 21C into the 21st Century!  group bash.

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Battlefield Iraq

What are the odds?

On June 10 2010 I posted an article about Pentagon using aromatherapy to help ease combat stress. (Crying soldier) The picture I used was random and I chose it because it  touched me deeply. 116 more words


August 10, 1990

Since wishing would not bring us food, Tom and I decided to risk going out to raid Ted’s freezer in Abu Halifa. The roads were deserted of all but car wrecks, some of which had not been there when Tom and I made our “spearhead” drive.  654 more words

August 3, 1990

Friday morning, I returned to listen to the BBC in Tom’s apartment.  As the announcer spoke of a resolution proposed at the United Nations demanding an immediate Iraqi withdrawal, an unusual noise distracted us from outside. 484 more words