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Word Cloud: SYNTHESIS (Redux - Women's History Month)

by Nona Blyth Cloud

The United States is a nation of borrowers. What we borrow is stuff from other cultures: words, food, music, clothing – whatever catches our eyes and ears. 2,101 more words


Alex’s birthday.

He got pyjamas and a dressing-gown from Mam and Dad. He will be going in his room tonight as an extra present.

At school today we started a new unit in maths. 112 more words


I’ve eaten at many a four star restaurant. I’ve eaten food prepared by some of the greatest chefs on this planet. I’ve also eaten more than my share of McDonald, Wendy’s, and Burger King hamburgers. 954 more words


Kuwaiti resistance stopped all the Iraqis.

They brought them to police stations with the points of their own guns.

Today I watched the news. The Iraqis withdrew from Kuwait. The Americans called it a retreat. 129 more words

Tossing your character in Hell . . .

The easiest way to really get the acid churning in your characters stomach is to put them in a position where they can do nothing except their very best.  152 more words