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Tanka: Gulls' call

Reusing this lovely image.

On that empty shore

where glassy waves ever break

gulls call, I answer.

Raising white wings I follow

with a backward glance for you.


Tanka: Over the world's end

Blood red sky of dreams

drips into a purple sea

so far, too far you went

for snow white wings to bear me

to the place where our world ends.

Gull on a Gravestone

Gull on a Grave

Birds are not infrequent in mortuary environments, and they are also sometimes featured as symbols of mourning and spiritual ascent on gravestones as discussed… 465 more words

Archaeologies Of Death And Memory

Sun Bird

Sun bird, but it’s really a common garden variety gull out for an early morning fly across the ocean in Main Beach. Hey, ho, go gull. Go the sun. Queensland, Australia.


Journey to the Center of the Earth - Part II

Welcome back to my Iceland series – please check out the first post here!

After catching up on some much-needed sleep, we set out for an excursion the next morning–horseback riding over lava fields near Reykjavik. 1,105 more words

Friday Smile - Happy gulls and chips

Ha ha !!! Either this gull has eaten his stolen chip and is so happy that he has burst into song, or he’s been careless enough to open his beak and drop his chip !! 11 more words

Photo Post

Gull Glory

Even this gull looks wonderful in this early morning picture I snapped at Main Beach on the Gold Coast. So let’s have some admiration for the pesky little bastard. Go the gull. Queensland, Australia.