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Another of the gulls at the Humboldt Park Lagoon. This one was standing on the steel railing used to keep people from falling into the water. 40 more words


Mono 17: Seagulls

The birds that own the seas and airs of the beaches in NYC. They might be small but these white birds with yellow beaks are unafraid to swoop down and scary people.


Here's Looking At You Kid

The eye is more captivating than I had imagined. Too often these birds are swirling overhead making it very difficult to get a close up of the eyes. 25 more words


Broken Wings

I caught these two just as they were making a hasty takeoff.¬†I didn’t think an intact wing could bend at right angles. It almost looks as if the wings were broken.


Coming At You

I walked over to the lagoon on one of those days early in the year when the temps were on the plus side of comfortable. For Chicagoans in March, that number dividing cold from comfortable is around 45 deg F. 30 more words