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New on 500px : Gullfoss Grass by TonyPrower by TonyPrower

This was a July evening at Gullfoss. The colours were very nice in the sky, so I preserved them with my Magic Cloth.

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New on 500px : Gullfoss by SiewLamWong by SiewLamWong

Gullfoss (黄金瀑布)冰島超大型瀑布之一。中午時分在上部拍攝的話可以看到由陽光穿透着正在蒸發的細小水珠而形成的黃金顏色,非常美!從照片右邊半冰封的小路可以直接走到瀑布心臟,往心臟途中你會越來越有壓迫感!

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My First Bachelor party, in Reykjavik

I’m not much of a bachelor, but getting invited to a bachelor party was a dream come true, one kick of the old bucket list. I was some kind of a tom-boy growing up and still love being one of the boys every once in a while, and 25 friends and friends of friends of mine were coming from the US/Canada to stag Mr. 445 more words

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Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss & Vik

離開西人島之後去左睇瀑布叫Seljalandsfoss好撚長又唔知點讀,呢個瀑冇之前Gullfoss咁大但都算雄偉, 唯一特別既係可以行去個瀑底比佢SM, 後尾遇到個hitchhiker佢部相機就係咁壞左, 真係傻豬豬黎既, 用GoPro丫嘛(萬分感激二哥again) 不過呢個Sekja乜7foss唔係好woah到我, 反而再行入幾步有幾個小瀑, 最入面個個最正, 因為可以入佢, 又可以近距離由頭睇到落腳。爬完上去睇洞頂再落返去捐隆, wow好歷奇啊爆爆!! 295 more words

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Iceland - a land beyond language (part 3)

The day after driving the south coast and visiting the iceberg lagoon and astonishing ice caves, I was all set to tour the famous Golden Triangle – the tripartite tourist trail featuring the Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir geysers and Thingvellir national park. 1,964 more words