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tourist spots: Gullfoss - Þingvellir National Park - Seljalandsfoss - Skógafoss - Reynisdranger

The first part of my trip to Iceland introduced famous spots like Blue Lagoon & Kirkjufells, and also showed some places i managed to stop by while we’re on the road – and they weren’t really planned! 567 more words


Woman in Iceland - Part 5

March 1st

Kai felt very unwell when she woke up. We think we got sick on the plane on the way to Iceland. I was feeling it a bit too but it seemed delayed in me. 728 more words


XLV. Iceland (pt 1)

My five days in Iceland was easily the highlight of 2017. It was so overwhelmingly beautiful and different to any other country I’d visited.

I also filmed this trip, and that video can be found… 25 more words


How Not to Freeze Your Ass Off in Iceland

So I went to Reykjavik from 8th – 11th December for a friend’s birthday to slowly but surely freeze to death. I prepared for it well but it was still colder than a witch’s tit. 2,370 more words


Winter (wonderland) in Iceland

If you had asked me about Iceland ten years ago, I would have answered that it was a country covered in ice all year round and was somewhere in Antarctica. 2,170 more words


Gullfoss Waterfall

@ Southwest Iceland

July 2017

Gullfoss (“Golden Falls”) is a waterfall located in the canyon of the Ölfusá river in southwest Iceland.  The wide Ölfusá river rushes southward, and about a kilometer above the falls it turns sharply to the right and flows down into a wide curved three-step “staircase” and then abruptly plunges in two stages (36 feet, and 69 feet) into a 105-foot deep crevice.  6 more words


冰島的瀑布--黃金瀑布(Gullfoss), 馬鬃瀑布(Faxi), 賽里亞蘭瀑布(Selijalandsfoss) , 斯科加瀑布(Skogafoss)

在冰島的一大特色就是”水”很多. 我這次去好幾天都在飄雨, 然後相機也進水了… 但這裡要說的水是瀑布. 冰島跟挪威有點像的地方就是水質很好, 瀑布很多! 我這次去冰島看了在金圈(Golden Circle)內的黃金瀑布(Gullfoss)跟在冰島南方之旅的賽里亞蘭瀑布(Selijalandsfoss, 又稱水濂洞瀑布) , 還有斯科加瀑布(Skogafoss, 又稱彩虹瀑布)

冰島南部要出現陽光的機率其實不高, 尤其是我去時是八月底已不算夏天. 冰島的冬天約在九月中來到, 大部分陽光在一天當中只會出現幾分鐘. 我在那邊時大部分是陰天…當天到金圈的黃金瀑布(Gullfoss)還飄著雨, 瀑布的水濺上來形成一個水霧, 在當下感覺猶如仙境, 但拍出好照片卻十分困難(有人居然嗆我說這是技術問題…哼哼…)

黃金瀑布名稱的由來是說在黃昏時的光線照在冰藍色的水上會讓水看起來有金色的光芒; 瀑布分兩段, 但當時不是黃昏, 而且又冷又濕, 我只有想走快一點到頂端. 12 more words

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