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এ আর রহমানের অস্কার যাত্রা

‘দিল হ্যায় ছোটা সা’ গানটি ছাড়া ‘রোজা’র সুপ্ত মনের বাসনাকে কি অমন করে ব্যক্ত করা যেতো? বা ‘মোহন’ এর স্বদেশে ফেরার ব্যগ্রতাকে কি অতটা অনুভব করতে পারতাম যদি না নেপথ্যে ‘ইয়ে যো দেশ হ্যায় তেরা’ গানটি বেজে উঠতো?

Mani Ratnam

NaPoWriMo Day 12 - Yeh Dooriyan

An attempt at Triveni. Triveni is a 3- line poetry form invented by Gulzar where first 2 lines convey one meaning and the third one adds a new meaning to it. 7 more words


Half a Rupee Stories : - "By the Great Wordsmith 'Gulzar' "

3/5 Stars Goodreads Rating System

“When you face your fear, you become familiar with it and familiarity makes it lose its meaning, loosen its grip—fear ceases to be fear.” ~ Gulzar…

489 more words

Chatko na matko na

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Yearwise Breakup Of Songs

Found and Lost

I left my last poem
Curled in the clasp
Between my hesitation
And your firmness —

—it was the first time
You had held my hand… 281 more words

English Poetry

The quiet waters of the heart

khaamosh sa afsaana
paani pe likha hota
na tumne kaha hota
na humne suna hota

Silence is where we meet, truly. In the incandescent depths of the heart, the quiet waters of a river flow. 100 more words