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Bleeding At Dentist

My mother who has certification of dental hygienist and had dental implant treatment is always nagging me to go to the dentist when I return home. 394 more words


September 2, 1945

Then on September 2, the big planes came over again and dropped plenty of chow. Still about forty per cent was wasted, and one Marine Corporal was badly hurt when a box of chow broke four of his ribs. 40 more words

Innovation in Flavors for Gums and Mints

Whether an individual is a recreational gum chewer or they enjoy the occasional use of an after-dinner mint, it is likely that at some point they have benefited from this relatively small sector of the flavor industry. 276 more words

August 30, 1945

More planes came over at 9:30 a.m. on August 30 and dropped more food, but about forty per cent was lost or damaged due to the chutes not opening. 98 more words


I’m on my bed. I still feel like sleeping more. My jaw is funny and my gum is swollen. I think I just had one of those dreams. 329 more words