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Peppersmith Mints & Gum Review

Hey guys so recently I was approached by Peppersmith via The Blogger Programme to do a review of their mints and gum. So of course I was delighted. 460 more words


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Smoking, up in smoke?

I have great and quite possibly very surprising and unbelievable news! I have not smoked a cigarette now for (as I write this) 177 hours, that’s just over seven days (one whole week and a little bit) for those not good at the maths stuff. 1,071 more words


Visit an Emergency Dentist in Philadelphia When Gum Disease is Evident

According to recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about half of American adults older than 30 suffer from some degree of periodontal or gum disease. 132 more words

Stop lingering, STOP lingering, please stop lingering!!

IF I could snap my fingers, wave my wand, wriggle my nose or click my heels together I wouldn’t implore the powers that be to transport my a double s to Kansas – no offense to those of you that love your Jayhawks, but I’d use my wish for something greater … and no, I wouldn’t cure world hunger or poverty or fix global warming or the economy – I mean, hey, if I do that, what’s left for the politicians to do? 351 more words


a night in the middle of her life

She thinks about her life
and the way she traveled back and forth and that
summer when she was a child, that
her pants had flowers on them and… 56 more words

Extra Evil -- The Sticky Truth about Gum

Sugar Free Gum – The best solution to curbing cravings and avoiding high-calorie foods …. Or NOT.

Gum is a MAJOR vice for me.  I’m talking like I used to chew 7-10packs a week!  1,042 more words