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These sneakers are made from recycled chewing gum

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Chewing gum is somewhat of a universal pastime, but the consequence is often the amount of gum left on streets when people spit it out. 339 more words


Spotted Gum Tree

The spotted gum tree, Corymbia maculata, is a slow grower and can get to 45 metres tall. They are found along the east coast of mainland Australia.  166 more words



Sticking beside him
Like gum underneath his shoes
Misguided limpet
April 2018


Grey Gum Trees

The grey gum tree, Eucalytus punctata, is native to South East Queensland where I live. It can grow as tall as 35 metres. I have a few of these trees on my acreage property. 158 more words


Chewing gum and weight loss

Weight loss and drinking water

It seemed like all he did was tell me all this stuff to buy, here’s to another great week! It is also important to remember that one bad day of eating won’t push you over the edge, especially the ones of you before your weight loss. 293 more words


In the simplest terms, Gum disease initially is inflammation of the gums, caused by a build-up of plaque around the teeth that is not completely and regularly cleaned by good brushing and flossing. 1,142 more words


Red Bloodwood Tree

The red bloodwood tree, Corymbia gummifera, is found along the east coast of mainland Australia from Victoria up to South East Queensland and can grow up to 45 metres tall. 131 more words