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Mr. Squish - The best gum in the world (Unless someone makes gum with money inside)

Everyone likes gum, except maybe people who have a fear of chewing, but then they’d also dislike any type of non-liquid food. (They wouldn’t be too keen on stew, though. 323 more words


Is Chewing Gum Good For Your Teeth?

Chewing gum has a history of ups and downs. One moment you’re told not to chew it in class, the next you find out that it boosts cognition and alertness while decreasing appetite. 507 more words


Me With My Head in the Clouds

me with my
head in the clouds
allergic to
guava juice
reading Goethe
and Gertrude Stein
sharing secrets
and gum
dancing to bluegrass
in the rain

©Cate Derham


Welly Boot Bag

As my boss (at my real job) correctly predicted I became bored and restless over the Christmas break having been so full on at work in the run up to it, so to remedy that I decided to make good use of some oilcloth fabric I picked up on a trip into Truro that I’d been waiting for the perfect project to use. 417 more words

Extra Gum Introduces Long Lasting Emotion

Extra Gum is known for their long lasting flavor. Sometimes, little things last the longest. Extra Gum released a an emotional commercial regarding a young girl and her dad. 133 more words



Last night I had a dream

That I, aimlessly walking in a store

Was chewing gum.

And as I chewed that gum, I

Wanted to spit it out, but I couldn’t- 164 more words

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A Sticky Problem: Chewing Gum and the Environment

By CustomMade, for the original article click here.

Whether it’s being used as a mid-day breath refresher or on the playground to see who can blow the biggest bubble—chewing gum is a daily habit for many people. 148 more words