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Mentos Gum And Baseball Don't Mix

Any Mentos ad will remind me of the classic ones of the early-mid ’90s. While it’s not on that level, this one is still pretty damn funny. 81 more words

The Great Gum Heist

My mother broke me from stealing. It’s just as well. I wasn’t any good at it anyway. She was having coffee with her friend, Miss Frankie. 274 more words


Learn About Gum Recession, Its Causes and Treatment From Your Dentist

Regular brushing is one way to keep our teeth clean; however, some practices such as too fast or too hard brushing can be the cause of a gum problem known as gum recession. 99 more words

The Basics of Gum Disease and What To Expect in Periodontal Treatment

Maintaining good oral health goes beyond brushing your teeth alone. It is because of the notion that teeth, since they are the most visible, should be given priority that numerous people are suffering from mild to serious problems on other areas of the mouth. 55 more words

Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge 4 milligram Stop Smoking Aid 160 count

Nicorette cinammon gum helps calm your withdrawal symptoms when you’re trying to quit smoking. when you stop smoking, the sudden removal of nicotine from your system lowers your dopamine levels, making you feel moody and irritable.
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