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Sorry I didn’t keep up my schedule for the week I was pretty busy. Today I had gyros for lunch with my grandparents, went shopping, got my bro candy, and I got 186 pieces of gum :) Sorry I will try to post something tomorrow, it might be a silly little story, made up or not. 6 more words

Something Special

In 2011, an Oregon kid with a dream started a nation-wide tour of ultimate games featuring the best young male players in the country playing against the best open club teams in the country. 1,183 more words


What's your flavor?

I’ve recently come to the conclusion, that, were I a flavor of gum, I’d be cinnamon.  Let me explain.

There’s the original bubble gum flavor. These people are safe, old-school, normal. 295 more words

I’ve had chiclephobia for years now, but never really understood the magnitude of it until very recently.  It’s starting to seriously affect my life. Especially since my new bf is a lover of the thing that gives me this extreme anxiety and I don’t know how to tell him. 457 more words




Other Names:

  • redgum
  • sapgum

Scientific Name:

  • Liquidambar styraciflua

Tree Size:

  • height: 60-100 ft
  • diameter: 1.5-3 ft


  • large tree
  • aromatic
  • straight trunk
  • cone like crown…
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Love It: Pur Gum

About a year ago, I decided to give up aspartame. That meant no more diet coke, no more sugar-free gum, and even meant excluding Flintstones Vitamins (not that I need them.) Making the switch was really easy, with the exception of gum. 141 more words