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8/1/2015- "Bayou Blues Over Gumbo"

Hey Mikey,

I really don’t know how much longer I can stay married. My mother-in-law hates me and she shows it every chance she gets. My husband and I was a tourist from…

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Hey Mikey

Gumbo Stories

Tonight I made chicken and sausage gumbo. It was a last minute decision. Last minute as in I didn’t have time to simmer chicken to make stock and cook the chicken. 53 more words


My Famous Crockpot Gumbo

Since becoming a mother my Crockpot has become my trusted best friend. It allows me to create healthy meals for my family even when my schedule doesn’t allow for much meal time prep. 330 more words


Portuguese Styled Gumbo

Gumbo is something I usually make on the weekend. While I try and make enough for leftovers, I usually end up eating more than I normally would. 457 more words


Laissez les bon temps rouler- New Orleans

My Mom likes to say that “Only fools get married in July.” It’s just too damn hot for all that fuss. Well let me tell you what else is foolish: going to New Orleans in July. 1,338 more words


Man this dish really make ya full yet satisfied. All the delicious ulam you could ask for in one. Except celery. After cooking some recipes with the celery in it I realized I don’t like celery.



Canadian gumbo

Part of my new life is that I live in “Canada’s Ocean Playground” aka the province of Nova Scotia. Not only is Nova Scotia a peninsula, but Halifax is one as well so we are almost completely surrounded by water. 1,023 more words