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Vocaloids and I...

Even I have my history with them so better off writing about the topic before I completely forget!

I had already been deep into the whole ‘anime’ thing and it was during that time when I’d asked myself, “What more could I get out of it?” 2,667 more words


Brave Frontier II: It Exists In Japan

A long while back, a mobile gaming RPG by the name of Brave Frontier made headlines by being one of the more-played games out since at the time there was no Final Fantasy mobile game in tow. 418 more words


Hatsune Miku and GUMI - Matryoshka (Translyrics)

1, 2, 3, 4

Keep on hearing all these thoughts in my head
Maybe you would hear if I let them out instead
Still I know that things are staying how they are… 394 more words



Ibara Doji 茨木童子 by Dovahッ豆花
Shuten Doji 酒吞童子 by Gumi
Photo by blur
Assisted by Weon Haur & Fujiwara Kazuko, Kino Mikii_希, Kenji
Shot at Cupcat Images

GUMI - Clean Freak (Translyrics)

I don’t need what I feel, I just don’t care so
Take away all this pain, I’ve had enough
Make the leap and you’ll see that we really don’t know… 570 more words


IA, Miku, Luka, GUMI, Rin and Len - Mr Music (Translyrics)

Hey, Mr Music, just take me in your arms
Hey, Mr Music..

Every day, it’s like my heart’s out of beat,
Been weighed down by this feeling in me… 418 more words