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Music Mondays (?) - Exploring Alice in Wonderland through Vocaloid Songs

Is this the start of a new weekly feature? I’m not sure. But this has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to get it out of my system, I guess. 492 more words

Alice In Wonderland


Regret >> nicovideo

Jiwata Neho feat. GUMI

(note: i have translated these lyrics myself since there weren’t any lyrics to be found. please let me know if i had made mistakes) 189 more words


猪突猛進ガール ~ Rerulili

Requested by Jacob.


“猪突猛進ガール”, “chototsumoushin girl”, “Headlong Girl”. Note that there are a few parts quoting/referring to famous things in the Japanese culture, like the Iroha Poem. 972 more words



Ao >> nicovideo

Jiwata Neho feat. GUMI


todoka nakatta kimi no koe
saigo ni mise ta hou hou emi

kuzure te yuku yume no naka de… 178 more words


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Hits Five Million Players in the West

After less than a month since its release in North America, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, has been downloaded more than five million times. 140 more words

Video Games

Gumi - Sweet Float Flats (スイートフロートアパート)

Recently we had a lot of sweetness in our dishes. And so… while scrollling around Youtube I found this. :3 It is cute, and interesting story <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUMI - Top Five Echo Covers

What the hell’s going on?! I’ll tell you. There’s another birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGPOID GUMI! In honor of her special day, I’ll be listing my top ten Youtube covers of Gumi’s song  37 more words