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Volatile ☆ Zen Girl translyrics

Music and lyrics: rerulili
Original vocals: Hatsune Miku and GUMI
Song series: Jigokugata Ningen Doubutsuen

(Bold- Miku
Italicized- GUMI
Normal- both)

Stuck in a cage, I’ve been all alone here for some time… 527 more words



The clock stopped ticking,
Forever ago.
How long have I been up?
I don’t know.
I can’t get a grip,
But I can’t let go… 333 more words


(Very Late) Violentine's Day OOTD

Currently Listening To: “My Crush Was A Monster Boy” -Gumi

This is so late. I got called into work on Saturday, so I didn’t get to any pictures. 528 more words


Song producers, Last Note., compiles the Mikagura School Suite song series!

The Mikagura School Suite is a song series by Last Note. A new compilation album for the series will be released on 25/02/2015. The album will be featuring GUMI. 64 more words

Compilation Albums

Da sunan Allah, Mai rahama, Mai jinqai.
Godiya da yabo masu yawa sun tabbata ga Ubangiji, Sarkin nan da Ya halicci halitta daga babu, Ya kuma halicci sammai bakwai da qassai bakwai, Ya kuma halicci mutuwa da rayuwa don a iya gane masu kyawawan ayyuka. 730 more words


Three Ways Asia Could Continue To Inspire The Rest Of The Mobile Gaming World

Editor’s note: AJ Redmer is the region head of North America Studios and VP of gumi Inc.

Asia has inspired and dominated the global video-game market since the past decade and has given no sign of relinquishing its throne. 819 more words