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Ibara Doji 茨木童子 by Dovahッ豆花
Shuten Doji 酒吞童子 by Gumi
Photo by blur
Assisted by Weon Haur & Fujiwara Kazuko, Kino Mikii_希, Kenji
Shot at Cupcat Images

GUMI - Clean Freak (Translyrics)

I don’t need what I feel, I just don’t care so
Take away all this pain, I’ve had enough
Make the leap and you’ll see that we really don’t know… 570 more words


IA, Miku, Luka, GUMI, Rin and Len - Mr Music

Hey, Mr Music, just take me in your arms
Hey, Mr Music..

Every day, it’s like my heart’s out of beat,
Been weighed down by this feeling in me… 418 more words


Rin and GUMI - LUVORATORRRRRY (Translyrics)

Breaking free from how you are
Or just how you wanna act
“I like you”, it’s true
Then you’re better acting fast
These bolts and nuts, 508 more words


GUMI - Wrist Cutter (Translyrics)

Piercing through, you cling to this blade
It’s all that you still have to get through the day
Concealed from the world in all of my fear… 487 more words


GUMI - Coward Mont Blanc (Tranlyrics)

To say what I feel would be too hard
There’s so much to say, where should I start?
But once upon a time, I fell for you… 399 more words