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Vermilion Girl

Original Title: 朱の少女 Shu no Shoujo

Producer: kaoling ft. GUMI

From the “Twelve Signs of Astrologica (アストロロギアの十ニの刻印)” CD

All alone in the world, the wind ceased, not a breeze… 332 more words


Sekai Jumyou to Saigo no Ichinichi (Translyrics)

So at last tomorrow will be
‘The last birthday’ that the world will ever see
Just like a bolt from blue
Being told the truth about it suddenly… 463 more words


Vocaloid Intro!!!!

Hello~ I realize that there are people who dislike Japan and anime stuff, so if you’re the type who can’t keep an open mind out to new things especially music, this may not be for you. 158 more words

The Two Miserable Choices: A Choice Of The Lesser Of Two Evils - Gumi

The popular Nigerian social critic, Sheikh Dr Ahmad Mahmud Gumi investigates Nigeria’s two main candidates ahead of the most important Nigerian presidential election in recent memory. 721 more words


“Buhari’s Emergence Only Created Division In Nigeria” Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Gumi Is Not Impressed

by Musa Abdullahi

Popular slamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has expressed his opinion about how the victory of General Muhammadu Buhari in just-concluded presidential election will influence perception in Nigeria. 514 more words


[Translirik] Singasong versi Bahasa Indonesia

Title : Singason NND | YT
Music : Rerulili
Original Singer : Various Vocaloids
English translation : Alice
Translyrics by: Rou
Kanji + Romaji

「Tersenyumlah kepadaku seperti biasanya」 285 more words


[Translirik] Shiryoku Kensa versi Bahasa Indonesia

Title : Shiryoku Kensa NND | YT
Music : 40mP (mylist/7975931)
Original Singer : Gumi
English translation : Lolita http://riichan.animelyrics.com/
Translyrics by: Rou
Kanji |  235 more words