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My Top 10 Favorite Vocaloid's

I actually really love Vocaloid. I don’t own the program itself, but I love listening and watching that sort of thing alot. For this list, I’m not including UTAU’s, only official Vocaloids. 926 more words

Transparent Right Hand

Transparent Right Hand >> nicovideo

uzP feat. GUMI


mata ikutsu mono
guchi mitaina kotoba o kasanete
son’na chippokena
futari no naka de mata tsume o tateru… 105 more words


I’m drawing with all my mind,
because I want to tell you with all my heart.
I’ll jump out of the world inside the manuscript…

540 more words

Let’s say, if you were to die,
I’d definitely cry aloud for you.
Let’s say, if I were to die,
you definitely wouldn’t think anything about it.

360 more words

I’m a megaphone that needs no power supply.
I can talk about all kinds of things, while my personality amounts to nothing.
The moment I see a life hack?

942 more words

What should I do? What am I supposed to do?
With all the things I left unsaid that day, and all the lies I’ve told?

733 more words


Chasing after the silver setting moon,
the headlight cuts through the darkness with its bright glare.
There’s nowhere to go.
nowhere but now here.

– Sunatsubu

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