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TKN feat. GUMI


gin kou o hanatsu pen o tazusaete pengin
souzou wa kami no ue awareda na pengin

sora o tonde mo mizu no naka… 171 more words


World Championship Gumi Race, Murrumbidgee River, Wagga Wagga

Searching the internet for the meaning of the word Gumi, I was greeted with a district in West Nepal, mobile games for tablets and phones or a shrub from Eastern Asia, however, the meaning of Gumi as taken up by the World Championship Gumi Race, held on the Murrumbidgee River at Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia, is Pidgin English word for (rubber) inner tube. 362 more words


Cute non-Miku MMD models!

Many Miku Miku Dance models are of, well… Miku! and while it’s great to have those, it’s fantastic to have other MMD models in your collection. 26 more words


Fukuoka, Japan - Waste Disposal Rules (Gomi Guide)

Learn the Rules of Fukuoka’s Trash and Recycle Disposal
Trash in Japanese is called gomi, and each city and each town and each district has a different system for collecting garbage in Japan. 23 more words


Гумаджийно “ДЕМОНИ” ЕООД се намира в к.к. Слънчев бряг, Балкантурист и предлага следните услуги:

  • гуми за леки и товарни автомобили;
  • монтаж и демонтаж;
  • лепене;
  • баланс;

За контакти:

  • GSM: 0882422243 – НЕДЕЛЧО НЕДЕЛЧЕВ

  • e-mail: demoni@abv.bg


Who loves vocaloids~?

Halooooo~ Cravers! If you have any suggestions, questions or even things that you want to discuss that is related to vocaloid. Feel free to leave it in the comment box! 56 more words


Hanatan - Monuke No Karada 【花たん - もぬけのからだ】 [Empty Shell] [LYRICS] [歌詞]

🦋❀ ROMAJI: ❀🦋

Kyokugen tekina miryoku wo mi ni matou kimira
Mukougishi de boku wo matsu wake wa nai nda
Heikin tekina yaruki mo mocha awasenu boku wa… 159 more words