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Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 36

Time for another Vocaloid wallpaper pack today! I have been missing this kind of wallpaper pack since I’m a big fan of Hatsune Miku. I still listen to her song on an occasion and it never makes me bored. 11 more words


Happy 2017

Alright, let’s try this weekly vocaloid post thing again.  This week, it’s songs to rev you up for the new year.  Whether they pump you up or make you smile, here’s some songs to bring in the new year (or work week/day/whatevs). 331 more words


14 일째 - Gumi 구미 - Eating puffer fish and strolling around Gumosan's lake

After class on Wednesday, I finally ventured out of Daegu to the nearby city of Gumi. Gumi is an industrial town located 30 minutes by train from Daegu and almost an hour from Gyeongsan.   798 more words


Vocaloid: BOY ADAMSKI - 鈴鳴家 [GUMI] (JP→ENG Lyrics Translation)

The secret of my treasure

I’ll let only you see.

But hey, it’s a secret.

Gods of the mountain are hiding in pots.

Special vehicles. 200 more words


Vocaloid: CARNIVAL - Otetsu [GUMI] (JP→ENG Lyrics Translation)

C’mon, c’mon, the carnival is starting!

A merry-go-round of loneliness.

Spinning, spinning, turning round.

Joy, fun, desolation.

From far away I can hear the sounds of something fun. 327 more words


Vocaloid: HINEKURETA SIMPLE - YM [GUMI] (JP→ENG Lyrics Translation)

What is the thing that you want?
I won’t tell your secret if you confide to me.
You know, I have a life of fashion now. 205 more words



その色彩を >> nicovideo

uzP feat. GUMI


dou yatte sekai o mi teta no ka na
kurai heya de kurushii hikari o mita

samayou you ni yurameku you ni… 63 more words