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Weekly Update (5/13/16)

This week went by pretty quickly. Nothing new has been happening at school, I’m still teaching most of my classes alone (all except 2), and I’m just biding my time until school is over. 281 more words

The Grant Year

Jeju Spring Conference 2016

Spring conference was pretty exhausting and despite the beautiful weather, I couldn’t enjoy it. Conference was short, barely 2 days total for me (half a day on Friday, Saturday, and I left Saturday morning). 918 more words

2nd Year

Laughing Mannequin

Laughing Mannequin >> nicovideo

NapoliP feat. GUMI


mizubitashi no kutsu no naka
hieta ashi de asa o mukaeru
kinou ni oite kita o wakare de… 281 more words


Lewd Vocaloid Songs

Note: This post contains NSFW material.

Because Vocaloids are entirely fan-based, it has something that mainstream music doesn’t-freedom, and that freedom includes lyrics as well. Some Vocaloid lyrics can get so explicit you would wonder if it’s even okay to be even uploaded to the internet, much less performed on stage. 1,282 more words


Midweek- Teaching updates

Last weekend my sister, Allison, and my friend from studying abroad 2 years ago came to visit me in Gumi. The weather was really warm. We went downtown, and walked around the man-made lake at Geumo Mountain. 966 more words

2nd Year


Clone >> nicovideo

Jiwataneho feat. GUMI


futatsu to nai hazu no kokoro kimi ga boku ni kureta
hitotsu mo nai hazu no kotoba boku to kimi wa doko ga chigau no? 89 more words


Testing In Progress...


Kagamine Len – Nameless song /┬áNamae no Nai Uta


This is the first testing for this blog.
– Gif
– Video
– Picture