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Making my Own Opportunities

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

There is some controversy about where this quote comes from. It has been attributed to a Roman philosopher named Seneca, to the football player Darrell Royal, and an American insurance salesman and writer named Elmer Letterman. 746 more words

Do You Have Gumption?


Either you have it, or you don’t.

Either you find it, or you won’t.

Gumption comes from way deep down, and sometimes it’s tough to identify. 568 more words

On Life

First Thing Schapelle Will Do With Her Family

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Try not to ever swallow,

the piece that was a pain.

Cough it up, it’s choking us,

It can’t all end in vain.

The adult in me, the new one, 95 more words



A few days ago, I posted a few ‘tell it like it is’ comments on a friend’s post, a friend whom I’ve known since the earth cooled, by the way, regarding the super obesity show on TLC. 570 more words


Empty minded,

Forlorn and lost.

Bring back my gumption,

no matter the cost.



3 Days until the Oscars: Dorothy Dandridge

In the spirit of the Oscars, I am counting down the next seven days by honoring some of the strongest women in Classic Film. On and off the screen they all showed beauty, grace, talent and undying resolve. 291 more words