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Metaphor Monday: Flower on the Vine

Our new house has this great, spacious backyard. Gently rolling, wide open, grassy (even if that grass is a bit aggressive and strangling), fenced. Sort of ideal if you have little kids who like to play outside — and surprise, we do! 800 more words


Top Five Underused Compliments

As someone who enjoys accolades and commendations, I thought it would be best to rank the Top 5 Underused Compliments.

This list is like peanuts in a bar, it’s complementary (I know it’s spelled differently but I can’t read this out loud to all of you, just to my family members who are constantly subjected to these terrible jokes.) 534 more words


Guerrilla Litter-Picking

Like many men my age I’m liable to sound off a bit. On occasion. For good reason. And there are many good reasons to be angry about many real issues. 624 more words


Good Morning!


Welcome to The Coffee Shop, just for you early risers on Monday mornings. This is an Open Thread forum, so if you have an off-topic opinion burning a hole in your brainpan, feel free to add a comment. 849 more words

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Making my Own Opportunities

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

There is some controversy about where this quote comes from. It has been attributed to a Roman philosopher named Seneca, to the football player Darrell Royal, and an American insurance salesman and writer named Elmer Letterman. 746 more words

Do You Have Gumption?


Either you have it, or you don’t.

Either you find it, or you won’t.

Gumption comes from way deep down, and sometimes it’s tough to identify. 568 more words

On Life

First Thing Schapelle Will Do With Her Family

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