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Probabilities, Poker, and Value investing

There is a concept in life that says you have to grab big opportunities, because they don’t come around often. Anyone one of you who has played poker(it’s okay even if you have not) know the probability of a royal flush is 649379:1(.000154%), Straight flush is 72192:1(.0015%), four of a kind is 4164:1(.0256%).

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Sixty-Day Superhero - Day Fifty-Three

As I have stated lately, I have had a lot of trouble keeping on task. I feel like I have a lot going on at any I’ve moment, and every thing seems to be pushing against all the other things. 532 more words


In search of gumption...

Recently I feel like I have hit a brick wall. I’ve decided I want to leave my job, move to a bigger city and experience something different and more exciting. 738 more words

I object!

Objections are a dime a dozen.

There is always one more reason why you shouldn’t, couldn’t and can’t.

If that is how you are going to approach today, why waste your day? 97 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Sweet Potato Bugs and Shitty Ass Mornings

Soundtrack: Rainer Maria: Long Knives Drawn

Beverage: Holiday Blend coffee, black

Location: Robbery Row

Someone stole my bike off my patio. Not Nik’s bike, his is still there (well…it was, I brought it inside where we have no room to store it anywhere but what else am I supposed to do?). 1,334 more words


A Lot

Do you ever catch yourself saying something to the effect, “It was a ………. year.” ? Obviously, a fill-in-the-blank answer is needed.

Almost halfway into January of this new year, I can honestly state that I wouldn’t answer that question in the most positive of terms. 256 more words

Queen, Tina Turner And More To Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards

Four of music’s most iconic acts will be honoured by the Recording Academy when British rockers Queen, soul/rock powerhouse Tina Turner, country singer Emmylou Harris and singer-songwriter Neil Diamond will receive Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Awards. 225 more words