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only be brave (replacing fear)

One of my favorite movies ever, has one of my favorite lines ever.

Iris, a young professional, is having dinner with her elderly neighbor, Arthur. 446 more words

Lessons from Perr-Daadi, Nanima, Dadima (and that Bangladeshi aunty)

Getting milk at our street corner cafe.

The aunty wants to make conversation, tells me she is from Bangladesh, gives me a green apple and a huge smile and leaves me with her parting words “really, you are beautiful!” This lady reminds me that people are still doing it, what my grandmothers did – travelling across the world to start a new life, with a smile and a sense of humour (and really luminous skin!) 530 more words


Now is the Time

Now is the Time
to be still and awaken,
to be quiet and see the Truth.
Mind, body: one Unity.
Belief, letting go of
the need for proof. 212 more words


I noticed today while running on the sand that at some level I was continuously evaluating the different tracks and paths that unfolded. My internal dialogue included: 217 more words

being embarrassingly bad

I’ve never been so bad across so many things at the same time. It all started with the best intention. I’m a self-proclaimed neophiliac and harbor a deep love for all things new. 342 more words