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Never Give Up

Giving up is a momentary lapse of the mind 


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Words of Nefie

Love will make you think you’ll never go to war, but then you do. But, this time, you’ll know for sure you have something worth the fighting for.


Words of Nefie

A dream made me see how easy it is to forget the selflessness of love. True love is not free of strife; it takes work. Though it can be such a self esteem boost, it’s not specifically meant to appease ego. 12 more words


Honesty as Related to Balance

I  have read, “Honesty without compassion is brutality”. My ideas is that balance even balances out honesty. The need to say, “Just being honest”, towards others seems to me to need to me in balance as well. 721 more words


Thirty Five Is Not Twenty Five

In The Agony and the Extasy, the women of Sex and the City ruminate on being single in their 30s. Well, I turned 35 yesterday and thankfully it was much better than turning 25 a decade ago. 408 more words