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Woodchuck Gumption

Review of Woodchuck Gumption, released March 2015, the newest addition to Woodchuck’s Core lineup.  Their other core ciders are Amber, Granny Smith, 802, Pear, Raspberry, Local Nectar, & Hopsation.   541 more words


The Virtuous Life of Nick Offerman

Best known for his portrayal of the cantankerous Ron Swanson on TV’s Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman and his spookily similar alter-ego are silently doing something amazing: be it via the… 1,229 more words

Enchanted & Appalled

How To Get Acrylic Paint Off the Mirror

Master K ( my very cheeky 3 year old) is a NINJA!!
I swear I threw the acrylic paint out…. pfft evidently not 😬😧 doh! … 96 more words

The Struggle is Worth It

Now that I’ve been living in a foreign country for a week, I have a little more experience to speak from. One thing I’ve learned is that saying you’re going to do something – planning, dreaming, prepping – is most always very different than doing the thing itself. 1,052 more words

The Coffee Diaries: Honey Bourbon and English slang, and cuteness overload

This beauty right here is what’s gonna kick off my coffee adventure posts :D
Simply put, I LOVE coffee. Almost as much as I love ice-cream (almost). 1,095 more words

Food & Beverages

The Stand Up Sit Down Book Club Paddles Their Own Darn Canoes!

A scant few weeks ago, Nick Offerman graced us at BookPeople with his robust presence, descending from a helicopter he carved out of granite on a rope ladder he wove from snakeskin to present his new book… 294 more words

Food For Your Thoughts (CNF)

I recently stumbled upon my second grade science fair project and discovered that I was a science prodigy!—just kidding. (The farthest thing from it.)

Circa 2001-2002 (shit, a long time ago), young Nick is constructing his project and in his mind he formed a seemingly valid hypothesis; surely, one worthy of a colorful ribbon. 483 more words

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