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Gumroad Challenge: Day 10 - Launch!

Yes, this is the day it went down, it was hectic especially because I changed my mind half a trillion times about pricing, editing, etc. etc. 295 more words


Final Update Before Drop

So for this post I wanted to share a sneak peek of the near final upper body before final refinements and then texturing.

It is for the film I was so lucky as to be given an opportunity to be a part of. 758 more words


Gumroad – Blending 101 by Sakimi Chan

CG Persian

Title: Gumroad – Blending 101 by Sakimi Chan

Blending 101 voice over tutorial for beginners 20 more words


Gumroad Challenge: Day One!

I was going to make a post about what different systems and programs I’ve been using to set up shop, but then I got an e-mail from Gumroad inviting me, no,  116 more words


Patreon Hard Surface Book Leak

So to promote my Patreon I decided to leak a book I have been working on for hard surface modelling.


go check it out! 6 more words


Shia Labeouf Presents Blending Away The Pain

Hanging out with the crew and they came up with the idea of adding Shia Labeouf to the trailer for my latest Gumroad. Fun times. Haha. 12 more words


Your First Step

We mark our lives in lines. They come with good and bad events, lows and highs. You are driving one day and the tire goes flat or the car battery dies. 287 more words

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