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Nowhere Ranch, Available Sort of Now

Quick programming note: if you get my newsletter/follow me on Twitter or Facebook and you’ve been pondering going to Gumroad only to find out the price just went up, NEVER FEAR. 885 more words

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A new European tax is terrible for indie creators -- but startup Gumroad has a solution

On January 1, 2015, a dramatic new change to Europe’s tax code took effect; and while it didn’t make many headlines in the US tech press, the regulation poses serious legal headaches for indie creators and the platforms that host them. 1,284 more words


The Friday Muse - The LZR Project

I took a break this week from my current novel, Salt & Lyte, to work on a Kickstarter video I am doing for an upcoming campaign to raise funds for… 277 more words


Revenger 1 by Chuck Forsman Now Available

Revenger #1, the latest comic by Chuck Forsman (from his micro-press, Oily Comics), is now available. Well, to be more specific: the digital version is now available, and the print version is shipping at the end of February. 77 more words

A real jumbled mess of a week

It was all because I decided to take a trip on Monday that is all throwing my week off. I’m still planning on doing a ‘painting blog’ just the lucid dream blog took that slot and now I have too much to talk about that maybe tomorrow?! 1,060 more words


The Bay Guardian, SF's Legendary Weekly Paper, Publishes Its Final Issue With Help From Gumroad

You might not all be fans of the San Francisco Bay Guardian (in fact, I bet a few of you haven’t heard of it), but I think it’s fair to call the weekly paper a San Francisco institution. 466 more words