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How to Release a Fairy Tale Sequel

Red Cape and the Happily Ever After is now on my Gumroad. Buy for a dollar (or more if you want to be generous and think it is worth more) and enjoy a sequel and modern update of the fairy tale written in the style of the Brothers Grimm original… 54 more words


How to Patreon Properly

I’ve just posted my third short story on a timed exclusive schedule on my Patreon page. For the same price as the Gumroad release, which will be available on Friday, you can get the story and all the concept art that I commissioned for its release. 291 more words


How to not be a one hit wonder

One hit wonders are so annoying and are not remembered fondly. The song may live on but the artist lives in Infamy, which is a small town outside of Inverness where all the hated people live. 225 more words


How to sell your writing online 

I started using Gumroad today and I put one of my favourite short stories up for sale, along with the awesome cover art I had commissioned for it without even knowing if I would use it. 170 more words


Exciting Book News

I absolutely love writing about theology and spirituality, and regular visitors to this blog will know that I have written a couple of books describing my spiritual journey and theological perspective. 265 more words


Something better to share

As promised, I really have something better to share this time.


I usually publish my book and create a “Look Inside the book” video before the launch but this time things were different… 319 more words

Coloring Book