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Tux Paint Tutorials For Sale

I’ve finally finished a new project that a friend of mine had me working on. If things turn out well, I may earn some extra income. 681 more words


My Most Effective Business Tool to Date!

Over the last 3 years, I have discovered many valuable tools that have been critical to helping me build my business.

No matter what it is you’re trying to do or what change you’re trying to make, it is a major advantage if your tools and approach are both simple and effective! 263 more words


The Art of Renting

Gumroad, a company that allows filmmakers and distributors to directly sell their movies and other videos online to consumers, has officially added a new branch of business to their magazine of creativity: an online rental service.  182 more words


Gumroad Adds Rental Option To Online-Video Distribution Service For Filmmakers

Gumroad, which provides behind-the-scenes technology that allows filmmakers and distributors to directly sell their movies and other videos online to consumers, has added Rentals, a function that will allow people to stream the shows for a lesser price instead of having to buy and download a large video file. 229 more words

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Now You Can Rent Movies From Gumroad

Gumroad, a startup that helps creators sell digital goods, now allows those creators to make items available for rent, too.

It seems like an obvious addition — I’m used to renting movies from iTunes, and the Gumroad system is pretty similar (although it’s a little more generous, time-wise). 286 more words


After Amazon switches payment options for creators, Subbable sells to artist platform Patreon

Again and again, small startups are warned against relying too heavily on large third-party platforms. Just as publishing businesses built on Facebook traffic are at the mercy of Zuckerberg’s News Feed algorithm, ecommerce companies that rely on Amazon’s infrastructure may fall prey to the company’s whims. 652 more words


Why audiobooks?

I tried speed reading, but I don’t think it really fits my personality. Plus, I like listening. It’s nice to give your eyes a break. I feel like we use our eyeballs a lot and I fear my vision is going through another one of its annoying changes. 245 more words