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System Mechanics as Accessories

There are a few great subsystems in games that real make certain setting elements shine. Overall I like my games to have simple uniform mechanics to determine outcomes (i.e. 640 more words

#RPGaDay 2017 What do I wish I was playing right now?

This is so easy. No question, no doubt. What published RPG do I wish I was playing right now? Nights Black Agents, and more specifically, … 380 more words


Piggybacking Part II

Before we steal Piggybacking from GUMSHOE, check out how it works there in Piggybacking Part I.

The Noisy Cleric Problem

The problem piggybacking solves can be found in all sorts of roleplaying games with all sorts of skills, but the example that comes to mind is sneaking into a castle in a fantasy game like… 404 more words


Fear the Con: A Postmortem Part 2

Continued from Part One


This was the first game I signed up for this year. Nearly every year I go to Fear the Con there is a game system I really want to try just to see how it runs, and this year GUMSHOE was high on the list. 3,123 more words

Pen And Paper RPGs

Piggybacking, Part I

The other night we dove deep into our penultimate session of the Dracula Dossier. An unseasonable blizzard raged around the PCs as they had to climb up a mountain and down a waterfall. 519 more words

GM Advice

You Can't Dance In Gumshoes

Dark streets.
A bloody dance of money, or love, or revenge.
A sudden sharp flash of violence, an inevitable mis-step and the music stops.
And two people is now one person and one corpse. 450 more words


The Yellow King RPG

I have been reading The Yellow King RPG preview that is currently being kickstarted here. It uses the GUMSHOE1 system as its task resolution engine, and because of that I decided to back it. 889 more words