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Friday Game Notes: Goliard Nunnery of Saint Rebecca

A small pleasant home for a bakers dozen of nuns. Together they practice good nun related virtues and venerate their Saint Rebecca. It is a small compound with a medium sized church and several buildings for storage, food, and sleeping quarters. 1,171 more words


Gyakuten Saiban: Sono "Shinjitsu", Igi Ari! Impressions: Episodes 1-6

When an anime studio decides to adapt a beloved series of yours into an episodic series, you can’t help be be extremely excited. For me, this was the case with Ace Attorney, as I have played the main series line of games from the beginning to the present, and have adored every one of them. 954 more words


Free (Mini) Adventure:Camping

The players, campers or camp counselors on a school trip are up in the mountains. With a dozen kids can they survive bears, escaped convicts, and the aliens that are hunting them? 838 more words


Critique - Gumshoe


This short film had an peculiar black and white style. We followed this person’s shoes. That’s all. The story was about a man who ended up in a house where he was seduced by a woman and he ended up hiding and fighting for his life. 270 more words

Short Film

Night's Black Agents Review

Investigation, action and vampires. What more can a game need? We’re here today to talk about a really great RPG called¬†Night’s Black Agents. This game was put out by Pelgrane Press and uses its d6 based GUMSHOE system, also used in their Lovecraftian game,¬† 797 more words


Investigations in 13th Age

Inspired by the GUMSHOE system, today I want to think about using some GUMSHOE elements in a 13th Age game. 845 more words

13th Age


Doing double duty as both a fine artist and a street artist in NYC, Angela China (pronounced KEE – NA) ~Baltimore native~ is also “Gumshoe.” Take a look at this cool series below:

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