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#RPGaDay2015: Week Four Finale

Almost there! One whole month of #RPGaDay2015, finally completing the challenge I flaked on last year. I’ll leave room for back-slapping and victory laps at the end. 1,479 more words


Watch the Watch

I don’t wear much jewelry, so when I saw this week’s topic was “Use a piece of jewelry for inspiration” I was stumped. I don’t wear rings or earrings, and I have three necklaces I wear when I want to feel like dressing up. 866 more words

Patricia Kiyono

RPGaDay: Favourite RPG writer

On August 11th, the topic is my favourite rpg writer. There are many great writers in the industry. Honestly, I started noticing the names of writers, designers, editors, etc several years after rpgs was a hobby of mine. 401 more words


Delta Green

Delta Green is coming back!

This isn’t exactly a surprise, there’s been word that a new Delta Green was coming out for a while now, but the official press release has some answers to questions I’ve been curious about. 231 more words


RPGaDay: Forthcoming game you’re most looking forward to.

The game designer, Dave Chapman, holds the RPG a Day event this August. Every day, a rpg related topic posted each day. For August 1st, the topic is the forthcoming game which I’m most looking forward to. 372 more words


Cockleshell Hero

I like to think that some Americans, and other friendly foreigners, seeing LOCAL HERO and loving it as most everyone seems to, wonder “Who is THIS guy?” when they see Fulton McKay as the aged beachcomber, the stumbling block in the plans of Burt Lancaster’s oil consortium (represented by Peter Riegert) to buy up the coastline of a quaint Scottish island. 532 more words