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Gumshoe (New Paradise Laboratories, Philadelphia Central Library and Rosenbach Museum, 15Apr2017)

NOTE: This show runs until May 7th, and is free!  Reserve tickets at:


What THEY say it is:

Something preposterous is happening at the Free Library of Philadelphia. 2,304 more words

Theater / Performance

Halloween Free Character Sheet

In honor of Halloween, I am offering up this Character Sheet for Vendetta Run.I made this character sheet for a friend’s Halloween one-shot after we discovered that there were no character sheets already available for our use. 74 more words

Role-Playing Games

Tabletop RPG Review: Trail of Cthulhu

Way back when I first started getting into tabletop roleplaying games, “Call of Cthulhu” was one that fascinated me.  It was even before I’d read Lovecraft’s work.   516 more words

Book Review

Chandler is a Girl's Name

My mind kept drifting to the mess of papers I’d had to stuff into the filing cabinet. Brace had called from the phone-box downstairs just moments before and wouldn’t be dissuaded from coming up. 1,163 more words



Almost every roleplaying game that supports combat scenes has a rule for surprise. The surprised side gets some disadvantage, usually for the first round. Today I’m talking about when the player characters get surprised by the GM’s characters (NPCs or GMCs depending on your system), not the other way around. 450 more words


Mapping the Trail

This Cyclopean textwall is a review of the Trail of Cthulhu RPG which got way, way out of hand. I considered breaking this into several parts, but then you’d get the thing where people start commenting and responding to an earlier part when they’ve not yet read and digested the later parts, so you’re getting the whole epic in one big post. 10,921 more words

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I was very excited when BubbleGumshoe was announced because it seemed like the first iteration of the game engine that would be about detection first and foremost. 1,908 more words

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