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1130. Stanton Street, New York (1)

I was so glad to have found this piece because I have seen it so many times on digital social media. As it turns out, it was about a one minute walk from our hotel, but because of its orientation I only saw it on the last day of our trip. 103 more words

Street Art

Private Eyes: Chapter 1

As Herb approached the fogged glass of the front door, he felt a degree of hesitation that he hadn’t driving over. Maybe the uncertain nature of the thing he sought had finally caught up with him, or maybe it was the unnerving disembodied illustrated eye on the door. 2,226 more words


Recipe for Adventure

Hey, game masters, ever wonder what the heck you’re going to run next game? Sometimes a little research can make it all come together. For what it’s worth, he’re how I made my last adventure. 768 more words

GM Advice

Pelgrane Want Old Sheets for New Gumshoe Character Tool

Pelgrane Press is asking for scans of used character sheets for its Gumshoe RPG system, to help it design a new character creation tool. 248 more words


Night's Black Agents - Random Character Generation

A couple weeks back, my buddy Jeff and I created a character for a solo Night’s Black Agents campaign that we are running.

Jeff came up with a random backstory for his character, to help determine his starting abilities. 599 more words

System Mechanics as Accessories

There are a few great subsystems in games that real make certain setting elements shine. Overall I like my games to have simple uniform mechanics to determine outcomes (i.e. 640 more words

#RPGaDay 2017 What do I wish I was playing right now?

This is so easy. No question, no doubt. What published RPG do I wish I was playing right now? Nights Black Agents, and more specifically, … 380 more words